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  1. Has anybody any ideas for my fic Christmas Day as i have lost ideas! If you have any speak up!
  2. can you do a They 2 Please That was Fab. How is it Tracey is a smoker and is Eve one?
  3. Anything you want! I thought something was wrong!
  4. I'm going to advertise a new one! When Due Out:18/11/06 - 22/11/06 Called What: Christmas Day Summary: A special present arrives to alll the bay members. What Is It?? Kind: Mystery.
  5. THREAD TEMPORARILY PINNED TO REMIND PEOPLE IT EXISTS I came up with this idea. For example this is not a real story When Due out:`7/11/06 Called What:Christmas Day Summary: ________________________ _______________________ _________________________ Is it a good idea?
  6. Will it get finished? Great story! I like the story and it flows nicely EDIT: Wheres Zoe/Eve?
  7. Can someone please make like a Murder/Mystery story with Kit And Eve working together?
  8. Naa i won't kill Beth. Thanks for the Comment :-D
  9. You will be happy to know that the story will be returning soon. I will start the story up again from a short summary. Filling in on all boring things and giving me a chance to start at a easier part. The short summary shall be up in a short while.
  10. I don't think it should as long as it is sticking to what you want the story to include. Understand me?
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