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    Home and Away, Neighbours, Casualty.

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    xxLovesxx<br /><br />Music<br />Brendon Urie<br />Mikey Way<br />My Friends<br />Cool People [^^]<br />Books<br />The Computer<br />Stripy Socks<br /><br />xxHatesxx<br /><br />Nasty People<br />Plain Socks<br />Lack Of Sleep<br />TV... except a few programmes<br />Most Sports<br />Other Things I Can't Think Of Now...<br /><br />xxIsScaredOfxx<br /><br />Lizards<br />Marylon Manson<br />Big Spiders<br />The Dark -blushes like mad-<br />Nasty People

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  1. Oh my god. I just came across your profile and realized I haven't spoken to you since... like... ages? i hope your okay, your never on msn anymore. I miss our old little chats, theres not many people to talk to anymore... :( If you ever have the chance, I'd love to talk to you again, Chewer Girl :P

  2. OMG. BELLE! I don't think you'll remember me, but oh well. =P. It's Eden. =D. I hope you're okay. We haven't spoken in YONKS. =(. You're never on MSN or Bebo anymore. Well, you haven't been for months and months!

    Take care! xoxox

  3. Heyyy you :P Msn?

    Oh, look at my new CMT: Original, aint we?

  4. Belle.You.Must...


    I misspelt 'on' 20 times...

  5. Mr Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra.
  6. Bang The Doldrums - Fall Out Boy
  7. I haven't spoken to you in too long! I blame you... it's all your fault =P

  8. Come on msn...NOW lol jk

  9. -Mwhahaha- You are one of us now, Kat. Map Of The Problematique - Muse
  10. -nods- But I'll get laughed at something rotten if my friends find out that I like 'em... Pinball Wizard - McFly
  11. Yeah but you listened to Star Girl... then I did... and now I can't stop! I'll Be Okay - McFly. Emma, looks like we're going to have something else in common, eh?
  12. Oh don't worry, I won't be doing that any time soon Room On The Third Floor - McFly. Emma - It was you who turned ME into the obsessor, so you deserve it!
  13. -nods- I'll say that I do love you. It's only for the sake of my wreched little brother though... Obviously - McFly. -cries- I don't even LIKE McFly!
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