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Phoenix Reborn:(1)

12 Year-old Eve Jacobsen has had a Tragic life. Stuck in a Children's Home when she was Four, she hadn't had a single Foster Parent. But that changes on her Birthday, for when Pippa Fletcher appears, offering Eve a Home. After persuasion, she accepts. But what Secret lies behind Summer Bay House? Will Eve accept her new Family? What made her so Driven?

Find out in Phoenix Reborn-What twists occur along the rocky Road of Trust?


A Zoe in disguise turns up back in Summer Bay, and teams up with a desperate Kit. Kit doesn't realise that she is using her simply for Cover and doesn't Plan to help her get what she really wants. Will Kit choose to Team up with the enemy-or Rely on her Friends?

Find out in Nameless-A Twist, A Shock and A Psycho-But isnt it normal for Summer Bay?

The Real Incident:(1 Oneshot)

Dani was too late to Save Noah-this focus's on the Moment Sarah Shot.

Tick...One shot Fired

Tock...Another One followed

And it was all her fault...

The little Psycho's of Summer Bay:(1)

Little Pippa, Ryan and VJ think its Time for Revenge on their Families. Written in each of their POVs, this weird Twist will have you out of your Seat!

What happens when Seven,Five and Twelve Year olds need Revenge?

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Dark tunnels

A day of studying suddenly develops into a deeper conversation between Ric and Mattie, and Ric starts thinking back, and remembering how he felt when he lost both his dads.

Thinking of all the anger he had built up inside him he wonders if people ever really change, and if he'll ever be able to truly move on.

Maybe his past have scarred him for life?

Rated T/A, VD/(L) because of scenes from Ric's past where he was beaten up by his father.

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Silent Night (The Christmas No One Expected)


Everyone is enjoying Christmas Eve in Noah's Bar when suddenly Christmas comes again and it is one they will never ever forget, especially a heavily pregant Martha. If you think they are in for a fantastic Christmas, think again...

Out In The Rain


Alcohol, Sex and... Regret. :P

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The Meeting

Kit is a recovering alcoholic and to combat her problem she attends therapy regulary. The thing about therapy though is that immediately after it, Kit feels the need for a drink worse than ever. It is after one such session and in the middle of one such crisis that Kit runs into a person she least expects but someone who actually has a lot more in common with her than she thinks. - One-shot.

The Healing Power of Coffee

The second one-shot following on from The Meeting. Peter is feeling emotionally drained after a therapy session to combat his addiction to Prescription pills. He runs into Kit, a person at the same time, same place, same state as him and just maybe the only person who can understand him.

Follows on from The Meeting but is a one-shot in it's own right therefore reading The Meeting is unnecessary, unless of course you want to. :P

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Funny you should ask that I've just started writing it while I'm lying here in bed with the Sound of Music on in the background. Probably going to concentrate on it tomorrow so it should be up at some point soon. I'm in a real writing mood at the moment.

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Seeing as I have now Completed all of my Fics, here's Updated Summary's of all my Fics:


The Little Psycho's of Summer Bay 1: The Start of an Incomplete Twist

So, why do they want Revenge? What have they done? Its the start of the Triology on Little Psycho's. Pippa, Ryan and VJ are driven-but who's gonna Stop Them?

The Little Psycho's of Summer Bay 2: The Full Incomplete Story

Have you read TLPOSB1 and Pippa left you wondering how they got their Revenge? What's stopping them from taking Summer Bay down this time?

The Real Incident:

Poor Dani. Breaking total speed limit to save Noah Lawson, and still being to late? Focusing on the moment 'Psycho' Sarah Lewis shot, see what Dani felt and thought when she saw the light leave Noah's Eyes.

Lost in Insanity 1: A Day of Revenge:

Twisting Zoe's Revenge, she is a bad Luck Charm. Three Accomplice, One Dangerous Woman on the loose. One dies in his Part of the Triology. Another will in part Two. But which loyal Accomplice will still be standing at Zoe's side aftwer Three exiting, Twisted days?


Shannon Reed was one of many Foster Children to be taken in by Pippa Ross. Shannon goes through Anorexia-This is my Version of the Storyline.

Nameless(11 Chapters, Complete):

Kit longs to be back with Kim. She didnt expect that Eve Jacobsen of all People could help her? Twists, Shocks and Deaths will await you.

More to be added

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Closer each day

"Closer each day" picks up where "The next moves..." left off, but because of new storylines and an introduction there's no need to have read TNM (Even though I would recommend it to understand more of the details).

DeAnna Phillips is back in the Bay, and VJ and Pippa are still not talking to each other after a bad break up.

Sally is still worried about what secrets DeAnna might be hiding, did she have anything to do with Kirsty and Kane being shot?

And who is the mysterious man who has been calling VJ? On new years eve he left a message for VJ; he's coming back to the Bay. VJ fears this will cause even more trouble in a Bay already full of drama.

Follow the life in the Bay in 2027, where today's children are the main characters!

Link in my signature.

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Moving on the past is in the past

30th of September 2004, Noah Lawson fell to his dead.......

Or did he??????????

What didn't you see that could of changed everything? What happened that could of made you think differently? Who was working from the inside? What did they do? And why did they do it? 31st of September 2004, what you didn't see.....

Noah finds himself locked in a shed only to meet Eve Jacobson, then one day he escapes and finds himself back in reality and reunited with old friend Dani Sutherland. But he never thought that after she helps him through his problems, that he'd be the one helping her.

link: http://backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=14790

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