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Watched.......... for nineteen years

Every week night at seven the average person sits down in front of the television to watch one of Australia's favorite soap operas, Home and Away. Set in the fictional town of Summer bay, but what they don't know is that Summer bay is not at all fiction.

Welcome to Summer bay the town where every where you go your guaranteed to know someone and television is so rate that it's almost a crime to own one. But something they don't know is that for the last nineteen years Summer bay has been watched, cameras located in almost every home, office, building, fence post and even telegraph poles record hours and hours of footage of the communities every move, and the video footage is then sent to channel sevens studio located in the city of Sydney, but somewhere along the communication from the cameras to the studio, information has been changed, shuffled, deleted and added so much so that the number of times channel seven has got the lives of the community of Summer bay wrong are uncountable, and it would probably easier for me to just tell you what they did get right.

So if they've got it wrong then what really happened.............

link: http://backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=12612

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Gotta know the way

Jade Sutherland thought she was part of that Family all her life. She thought Kirsty and Dani were her Sister, Rhys and Shelley her Parents. But it revealed there was a Birthswap, Shock Shock Horror Horror! Jade left the Bay, and broke off Contact with her 'Family'. She now returns to the Bay, only to get into more Trouble than ever before...

Slightly AU, long Fic. Last Updated 21th of January 2007.

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Posting some summaries from trhe old ff summary thread. You'll need to let me know if these stories are still going.

Summary for 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face'

Maddie and Cassie were best friends, so it is only natural that their respective boyfriends, Ric and Luc, would be best friends too. But one fateful night at a party, everything changes... with disastrous consequences.


I'm so bad at writing these things! :P But I felt I'd better do one because my Fic is so infrequently updated! :P

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This would be my sumary for 'I'll wait for you':

Martha McKenzie spent her whole life dreaming of finding her Mr Right. She would imagine the life she would share with another person, never imagining it would really happen to her. Then she met Jack Holden. The spark between them is instant and they soon embark on a fairytale romance. Life seemed perfect for Martha. Until one day, she meets someone. The one person who brings her world crashing down when she discovers Jack holds plenty of secrets from her. Jack races against the clock in a desperate bid to save Martha, and their soon ailing relationship, but it appears he could be too late.....

I think that sounds right. Those of you who read I'll Wait For You will understand, hopefully.

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This one is for Maybe We Can't Turn Back:

Jack Holden and Martha McKenzie. Star crossed lovers, destined to be together. Cupid had really struck his arrow for these two. It seemed nothing could tear them apart. Except Peter Baker. Jack's workmate and Martha's one night stand.

Having held a torch for Martha since he met her, Peter seemed adamant she felt the same. He soon snaps out of his reality when Martha and Jack announce their engagement. Peter, overcome with anger and hurt, makes a startling announcement at their engagement dinner, one that puts the once fairy tale romance on rocky grounds, and it seems there really is no turning back....

I really like writing these summary/blurb things. lol.

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Summary for No Regrets:

In an alternative universe where Kane never came back to the Bay for Kirsty, they are living separate lives until a chance encounter sees them reunited. But with Kane married, and Kirsty still worried about the past, are they destined to forever be apart?

(And what's more, will any of them live to see the end of the story...? *insert evil laugh here*)

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Summary for I'm All Yours

Martha McKenzie retutrns to Summer Bay hiding a deep secret. Desperate for somewhere to go, she turns to her ex boyfriend, Jack, for comfort. Jack's thrilled to see the love of his life again, but it would appear she hides a secret not even Jack can help her with. One day, the pressure gets too much, and Martha cracks, telling Jack the chilling truth. Determined to look after her, Jack does all he can, and the ex lovers soon find themselves back in eachothers arms....

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Desire & Despair

Have you ever wanted to explore Summer Bay in ways you thought were impossible? How well do you know the folk of the Summer Bay community? As Amanda Vale launches her Fashion House- Desire, it’s only the start of a train wreck which uncovers dark secrets, sinister affairs, dangerous wars and mysterious pasts. When a love triangle between Amanda, Peter and Josie begins, everybody around them gets sucked into their wicked, evil games one way or another, so one woman comes out as a winner. It’s this story, Desire & Despair, which gives a whole new meaning to the words “Revenge, Lust and Betrayal.”

Click Here To Read The Drama!

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Secrets and Lies

ok this starts when Jack and Martha was little kids and best friends, one day Martha'a parents decide to leave the bay separating the two of them a few years later when they decide to return to the bay Martha and her brother Macca wait for their parents in the holdens house and when the police knock on their door they have life changing news for them.

Martha and Jack never really got on after that but when they finally end up in eachothers arms they don't realise what heartbreaking danger is around the corner.

Secrets and Lies can be found here if anyone is interested in reading it .


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