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Okay this thread has been set up after a suggestion by Drew in the Northern Districts Library Thread.

The idea is that there are many people on here writing long stories with many pages and new readers might be put off starting to read by the length. So this thread is for authors to summarise their stories and readers can then decide, on the strength of the summary, whether they want to read any more of the story.

These should be merely summaries of the basic outline of a story. Like what you get on the back of a book. The idea is not to re-tell the story or to encourage people to read with comments like 'please read it's great' etc. I would suggest that a single paragraph, up to around 20 lines maximum would be sufficient to summarise a story without giving too much away.

You may post a link to your story alongside your summary.

Just a couple of housekeeping things:

* Only authors to post summaries in here. No replies, no other posts. We want to keep this thread uncluttered.

* Anyone posting excessively long, off the subject or irrelevent summaries will be asked to change them by the Librarians.

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Kit Hunter is an individual, currently going out with Noah Lawson. Noah’s ex girlfriend Hayley Smith is the prettiest, most popular girl at school and despises Kit. Along with her two best friends Martha McKenzie and Cassie Tuner, they make Kit’s life a total misery. Hayley’s sole aim is to steal Noah back. Martha has her own troubles though; she and Jack Holden were the school’s golden couple until he got drunk and slept with ‘the school bike’ Gypsy Nash. Jack and Martha are currently back together but with Gypsy still stirring things up, who knows how long they’ll last. Gypsy has recently been casually seeing Kim Hyde, no strings attached except that Kim has long harboured a secret love for Hayley. Hayley despises Gypsy because of the way Gypsy treated her brother Will. Will has now moved on from Gypsy to new girl in town Dani Sutherland but does he still have feelings for Gypsy? With their united hatred of Hayley, Martha and Cassie; Gypsy and Kit are natural allies and as the new girl in town, which side will Dani choose to join? Will Hayley’s attitude succeed in driving the ever loyal Cassie and Martha from her side? Or will the boys manage to get their respective girlfriends to get along with each other? There’s a new boy in town, Kane Phillips has a dark and nasty side but is there more to him than meets the eye and just which Bay girl has he set his sights on? The answers can be found with lots of bitching, back stabbing, partner swapping and the usual teenage angst in Summer Bay High..

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Sally Fletcher is in mourning for her dead husband and nothing, not even her foster mother Pippa can get through to her. Her children, also dealing with their grief, are starting to go off the rails. Ric has teamed up with the troublesome Belle Taylor and Cassie is an emotional time bomb waiting to explode. Sally’s foster brother Steven has decided to return to the Bay with his pregnant wife Selina, to be there for Sally but Steven and Selina are dealing with their own grief. Angel Parrish has just divorced her second husband Simon Broardhurst after a messy split and after a chance meeting with Steven in England she decides to join him and Selina in returning to the Bay along with her children, Dylan and Shane. Things in the Bay are not all happiness and sunshine though. Leah and Dan Baker are suffering marriage troubles as she struggles to fight her growing attraction to his brother Peter. Amanda Vale and Josh West have combined and are causing no end of trouble for Morag and other town members, particularly Beth Hunter, who’s father Graham, Amanda has married for his money. Can Morag and the Hunters manage to bring the terrible twosome down? Lucas and Matilda seem happily settled but will their relationship and Matilda’s friendship with Cassie be threatened by newcomer Dylan? Robbie Hunter is trying desperately to convince his wife Tasha that the Believers are bad news but there are things even Robbie doesn’t know. Like just who the Believers are controlled by and why exactly they’re so interested in Tasha…Kirsty and Kane, freed from a life on the run are happy awaiting the imminent birth of their baby but a blast from the past could be soon to shatter their happiness.

Return to the Bay

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Love Bites

Love Bites is about a group of friends who would do anything for each other, there's laughter, tears, anger and lots of fighting and bitchyness. It follows the lifes of Gypsy, Will, Vinnie, Leah, Sally, Flynn, Hayley, Noah, Irene, Barry, Alf, Colleen, Nick, Jade, Morag, Bobby, Sophie, Blake, Matilda, Beth, Tony, Jack, Lucas, Kit, Robbie, Kim, Jonathon, Tiegan and Joey. They all have one enemy though Dani Sutherland, will they deafeat her, or will she win? Will Nick lose everything? Will Gypsy forgive Will? Is Colleen and Alf's romance doomed? Will Morag find out the truth about the baby?

Love Bites

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In 2004 the truth about the Sutherland "twins" was revealed, and Jade left the bay. Have you ever wondered what wold have happened if Jade was Rhys and Shelley's real daughter, Kirsty wasn't, and there wasn't just swap with three babies involved? What if there had been born two couples of twin girls at the hospital November 27th 1986?

"Sisters" starts at the party for Robbie and Hayley, at the beginning of the long storyline that ended tin the Olympic Cliffhanger later the same year.

Find out how much that would have been different if Jade was the real Sutherland!


A lot has changed, and a lot is the same in Summer Bay in 2026.

The story begins when Sally and her family decides to return to the Bay after living in Brisbane for several years.

Today's babies and children are tomorrow's main characters, and in this fic you will meet Pippa Saunders, VJ Patterson, Kirsty and Kane's daughter, and many more...

Links for both fics in my signature, enjoy! :D

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