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The answers can be found with lots of bitching, back stabbing, partner swapping and the usual teenage angst in Summer Bay High..

And fans of Dallas and Dynasty are strongly advised to tune in ^^^^ . :P

Great idea, Kat! :D

Breaking Point

Just as she’s beginning to recover at last from her horrific ordeal, Dani Sutherland is shocked when her attacker Kane Phillips returns to look after his elderly aunt. Although she still loves Kane, Kirsty desperately fights her feelings for the sake of her sister but Rhys Sutherland’s anger knows no bounds. A link with the past, a long-hidden Phillips family secret, a town full of hatred...so many emotions building sky high means something HAS to give...

Sally Called!

Orphan Sally Keating, who witnessed her parents' death in a tragic boating accident, is fostered by Pippa and Tom Fletcher but eight-year-old Sally still has a lot of emotional baggage. Mum and Dad, Gran, friends Isabel and Rico, neighbour Mrs Bellamy and her two funny cats...everybody leaves her in the end. To compensate, she has created an imaginary friend, Milko, who can never be taken from her...Or can he?

When the notorious Phillips brothers (who have their own dark secrets in their homelife) “kidnap” Milko and hold him to ransom, Sally’s problems really begin. Bullied by foster brother Steven, losing Lynn, her only friend from the Home, to foster sister Carly, frightened by her hot-tempered eldest foster brother Frank, Sally is all alone in a hostile world.

But Sally isn’t the only one who’s life is about to be changed. Summer Bay and the Fletcher family will never quite be the same again...

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New fanfic, feedback wanted.

Such an original name!!!

This one was quite short, and so's the summary:

After their honeymoon, Kim and Rachel come back, expecting their lives to be perfect, but all don't go to plan. Kit turns up, pregnant to Kit, and trouble begins. Eventually, when the baby girl is born, Kit promises to give the baby to Kim and Rachel, as a sorry for all the trouble she's caused....but can she go through with it?

If you're thinking "Love triangle", kim and Kit aren't interested in eachother.

etc, and here's the link: Fan Fiction here

the sequel is a little bit better, as it includes more characters, including J&M, Leah and Dan, and etc. It's called One Thing Leads To Another.

It continues off from where we left off, with kit having doubts. From then, more storylines come into it, with the NEW Summer Bay stalker, who causes much disruption at a particular wedding, up and downs in all sorts of relationships, and other things too....a still going fic, almost at the end.

One Thing Leads To Another

hope you enjoy if you decide to read! :D I think this is a great idea to advertise fics!

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Living in a small seaside town, where your feelings are buried six feet under, and where your actions take over your heart… Out for revenge, or out for lust… When your hopes, dreams and fantasies are crushed by nightmares and the impossible… Where the drama, the tragedy, the romance, the hope, the anger and the love take place… Where life and death is an option in this world… Living in Summer Bay… This is Bay Crush…

Focuses on all characters in Summer Bay, past and present and also the future :o The story begins during November 2006 (The finale of H&A)

Full episode summaries on pages 41, 43 and 46

Click here and read as the drama unfolds

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Hi here's my other one:

THe liar, the lies, and more lies:

Mainly about The Hunter's with a bit more involved as well. It's when they first come to the bay, and how everyone interacts and stuff. Most people that were around then are in it as well, and more characters WILL be included soon...

The fic, have a read, PLEASE!


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These two go together because I love my sequels.

Journey to Self Discovery (AU with Gay Themes)

That night left one person dead, one person in a coma and one person tainted for life. When the siege is over Noah is left scarred, physically and emotionally. His friends do everything they can to bring back the old Noah but nothing works. That is until Kane offers Noah, and Kit, an opportunity.

Stay in Summer Bay to sink further down or spend a few months in America with the one person who helped Kane when he needed help?

Together Kit & Noah embark on a journey, Kit finding out secrets about her best friend that no one knew, except for one certain comatosed patient. It's a secret that turns out to be the one thing that brings back the Noah they all know and love.

But how will everyone else react?


Journey to Self Destruction (AU with gay themes & drug references)

Together again, Noah & Casey begin their life together as a couple. All of Noah's friends are all for it... except one. And she will do whatever it takes to split the happy couple up, even if it means making Noah unhappy. Question is, how low is she capable of going to make this happen? Spread lies? Alert Jude to Noah's new life? Make Casey go back to his old ways?

Meanwhile Kit is embarking on her own little mission in life; terrorize and snap at Peter Baker any chance she gets. Or so Dan & Leah think. Do Kit & Peter really not get on? Or is it something else?

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The Alias/Home & Away Saga. Completely AU and you don't need full knowledge of Alias to read this. Just read about a few of the main characters (Syd, Vaughn, Jack, Sark & Irina). Here is a summary of all of the fics, in order. Please read & review :P

1. Project Raven

The beginning of the Saga. Kane & Dylan arrive back in the bay together, bringing along Shane. As the days go by secrets begin to unravel. And as each piece begins to fall, lives are put in danger. What is Project Raven? Who is the strange girl found on the rocks? What is Jade's new English boyfriend hiding? And just why are Shane and the strange girl so familiar to Noah?

When it all becomes clear certain people are going to wish they had never bothered to ask questions.

2. Dark Secret

A few months have passed since Noah learnt that he wasn't exactly normal. The bond between Shane, Leighton & Noah is a strong one but it is about to be tested. When Leighton is pulled in for one last mission, to finish off what was started in Shane's first year as an agent, tragedy is just round the corner. A tragedy that is about to set something in motion that will change more than one life.

What is Shane hiding from Noah? Who is Matthew(Aaron)? And just how is he tied to Noah?

3. Turning Tricks

Training with Shane is over and now it is time for Noah to finish off his basic trainng. When he heads off for two weeks he had no idea that it would lead to so much pain and suffering. As the torture goes on all Noah can do is pray that his friends will find him in time. But why search for someone who is not missing?

Matthew begins on his path of destruction, using the only advantage he really has: his likeness to Noah. Can he trick everyone long enough to cause chaos in Summer Bay and get revenge on Shane for putting him in a four year coma?

And Detective Baker begins his investigation on who brutally attacked Felix Walters. But Baker isn't the only person interested in Felix. Someone else begins to see something that no one else does. Is Felix out to harm them or is he in fact the help that they all need?

4. Blood Ties

A few months have passed since Matthew's reign of terror left lives shattered and one life hanging in the balance. Everyone but a few think that Noah turned psychotic and ended his own life, taking Shane down with him. With just Felix there to actually help them, the group are still on edge but that won't stop them from celebrating Hayley & Robbie's birthdays with a party.

And it is going to be one party that everyone will remember. Casey & Matthew decide to gatecrash, both looking for revenge, but someone is about to show them that they aren't the only ones who can gatecrash a party in style.

Why does Casey hate Felix so much? Who is lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect time to take back what is his? And just what is Matthew's true intentions?

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Kit had returned twelve years ago, baby in tummy. With only telling two people she was pregnant, kit disappeared the same night. She lost all contact, and no one had seen her for twelve years. What happened? No one knows. But twelve year old Isabel is curious about her mothers past, and what Kim Hyde has to do with her life at all. Moving to the bay for christmas, Isabel digs deeper into her real story. The results consequence in tears, pain and broken hearts.



Just Like Heaven

With all of your old favourites that have passed onto the next world above, they all meet again. Same as the Bay, with secrets, love, life, and the usual villians, Heaven is the Bay re-make above...

Just Like Heaven

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Where do you go...?

Jade's life is falling apart. Her boyfriend Nick might be moving to the city for a new job, and she has just found out she's not the person she thought she was.

Every day the Sutherlands tell Jade she will always be a part of the family, even though she's not their biological daughter, but Jade isn't so sure.

Repeated panic attacks, constant wondering about who she is and new dark side in herself appears for her, and Jade is about to be dragged into a new addiction that will change her life forever...

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You'll never be alone.

Matilda has graduated University but is very confused. She has no idea what to do for the rest of her life. She returns to Summer Bay to try and figure things out but all of her family are elsewhere in the world. She feels more alone than she has ever felt before. But then things change. An unexpected kiss from someone she thought was just a friend makes her think and turns her life around.

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