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Eli's artwork

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You're too good, you know that? :P I mean, the one I've quoted is just wow. I can't think of other words to describe it and I'm too tired to try :P I really didn't want to let go of my Jack av, but since I like Charlie too occasionally and because of the awesomeness of the av due to colouring, I will use it if that's okay. Of course I won't hotlink and I'll credit you and all that jazz :P

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Wow, so many amazing avatars Eli! I love the text on the first one and the stunning colouring and cropping on the second one. The cropping is really amazing on the third one too. I love that is really close up and the cropping really emphasizes Martha's expression somehow. I can't really explain it :P The Nicole one has a beautiful colouring too and i love that the background is white. The last one is stuning. The colouring, cropping, text and that the text is red and black make the avatar very beautiful. Oh, and the text! It's one of my favourite songs at the moment :D

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Thanks everyone :D

BTW, the background in the Nicole avatar is actually the ocean or the sky or something, but it turned completely white with the coloring effects I used, for some reason :P

Anyway, some Charlie icons I accidentally made while experimenting last night, trying to recreate another effect. And some H&A quote avatars. I have done something similar with Queer as Folk and Friends, and they were among the most popular icons I've ever posted at my community, so I decided to make some H&A ones as well :)




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