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Do accents put you off?

Just wondering, what you guys think – If you see a hot chick or guy, does it put you off him/her when they speak with a strong accent your not keen on?

I saw a pretty hot chick in the city near a backpackers a few days ago, but when she walked passed and started talking she was from Liverpool or Newcastle couldn’t make out which one, but it really put me off! Haha Plus she sounded quite aggressive so that probably had something to do with it.

If the guys got a real Bogan accent does it put you off?

On '20-1' today some of the girls were saying how hot David Beckham was, but then they all said, as long as he doesnt open his mouth.

I’m not just talking about hot chick’s ad guys, I mean just in general – does it stop you from approaching them?

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Hmmm I see where you're coming from Alexx, some accents do sound a little...harsh. No offence to anyone, but I don't really like the Geordie or Liverpudlian accent. But I'm sure there are loads of people who don't like the Glaswegian accent.

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actually- yes! I don't like American accents AT ALL (which is funny because my father is American/ but he's from Oklahoma- and I like southern accents). Scottish and Northern Irish accents are the nicest- especially in guys...

worst accent ever?

Liverpool, Yorkshire and Dublin 4 (west brit accent) :ph34r:

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I LOVE American accents! (unless it's New York)

The worst accent for me is Glaswegian but maybe that's because it reminds me too much of the worst boss I ever had in my life. :angry:

Geordie accents sound very friendly and I love Welsh too, I think the Welsh language is very musical. Irish lilts are nice, but I can't understand stronger Irish accents like Belfast.

Spanish and Italian are nice accents too... :wub:

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wow- I think your the first person I've ever heard say that! If you dont mind me asking, why do you think American accents are so nice? I just find that they are boring and have no particular 'national' - or idenfiying sound, if you know what I mean? Just bland and droning... (again, unless they are from the deep south)- Welsh accents are beautiful- I agree with you-

accent pet peeve for me?

Americans who say " I 'axed' you a question", and British people (london?) who say 'innit' and 'somfing' argh

both drive me to be very unreasonable. :ph34r:

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