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Returning Emotions (by Nicom) - comments


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:o Hmmm well firstly brilliant chapter as always...:) secondly I will slap Eamon, tie a chain round his neck and hang him up to let him die...Well as for Richard I'm just going to kill him (much to Sian's disappointment!!) Now that my threat is over...Update soon....xx
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Ooooh those two chapters were so good Nicole! Poor Martha! Glad she finally stood up to the evil Richard though! Cant wait for the next update because i cant believe you left it there! Hope Jack comforts her and they talk! Update soon tis brilliant! :)

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I have now read chapter 44 three times! The first two times i couldn't comment because the internet connection kept dying on me. So, it's third time lucky *fingers crossed*.

The chapter was brilliant; all three times :lol: Bless Martha :( I really want Jack to comfort her; please make it happen Nicole- as a birthday gift :D

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Sorry guys for the lack of updates. I don't think I'll be updating anytime soon... but then again, everytime I say that I seem to update shortly afterwards. So you never know...

Anyway, here's a post to explain. Mainly ramble, but.. hey, it is 25 past 11 - on a school night! :o


Rambly post with myexcuses reasons

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Guess what!?

Nicole's going to update.

Tee hee hee!

I was speaking to Amber earlier, and I decided "Come on Nicole, today's the day you write that next chapter!" And I did. Oh yes. So tomorrow, after the lovely Jadeth has proofed, I shall post! :D

Exciting, isn't it?

Okay, maybe exciting isn't the word.. but I'm just happy that I wrote it and finally finished it. Now it's much easier to write the updates. I'm half way through the next one. :)

But unfortunately because it's been so damn long, you'll have probably forgotten what the hell is going on. I would advise you go through the last chapter. :) I'll give a brief summary though.. (of what I can remember)

Once upon a time, Jack killed/maybe put in jail (is it bad that I don't know? :P) Henry's brother. Ever since, Henry has vowed revenge! *mwa ha ha*. He stalked Jack a bit, and then finally he abducted him, after shooting Martha in the stomach of course. 18 months later, Jack came back. Seemed like Martha still loved Jack but... Uh-oh, she has a fiance! A fiance who she secretly doesn't love and is marrying only so that he and his boyfriend can have a happy life together. Unfortunately, Martha's feelings for Jack get in the way of this plan, and makes Martha and Eamon doubt it'll work. It puts strains on their relationship. As Jack is unaware that this is all a cunning plan, he thinks Martha truely loves Eamon, and is very sad. :(

That was.. wierd. My fics are quite dodgy aren't they?

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