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The Girls Room has now re-opened!

As some of you will know, this thread was temporarily removed while we worked through some issues about explicit content on the Forum, and in particular in our Fan Fics. The issue with Fan Fics has now been resolved, with a separate Adult sub-forum created, strict guidelines put in place about what is acceptable in that Forum, and the difference explained between adult content and pornography.

As for this thread, we believe there are ample warnings in the title to alert readers that they may read frank discussions about adult and sexual issues. We will be closely monitoring the thread and if any posts are believed to 'cross the line' we will politely and respectfully inform the person who made the post. We do, of course, reserve the right to edit or delete any such posts.

That said, please don't worry too much about it or let it deter you from posting here. There have been very few issues in the past regarding the content of The Girls Room and we don't foresee any serious problems arising in the future.

Si-Co (Moderator) - 12 August 2007

Right, this thread is for girls ONLY!!! lol, its just I think us girls deserve to have a thread all to ourselves, don't you agree, with just us posting and no boys. :P So girls, whats on your minds at the mo??? :rolleyes:

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This is a grand idea just a thread for the girlie chat :P .

What's on me mind at the mo, well sounds depressing for now, just spoke to mum and as a family we going up to see my sister's headstone which was put down a week ago. i just would like to see what it's like and then i'll leave it to that, i'm one of those sort of people that believes you dont have to visit a grave to remember who you've lost.

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Love is in my mind at the moment :lol:

Me too....and the person lives like 150 miles away! GRRRR! :lol:

But I guess this thread is also where we can talk about a girl's OTHER favourite pastime.....SHOPPING! What are your favourite shops, brands, designers etc?


I love this little random boutique called Alcatraz, it's in n.Wales/UK, no-one's ever heard of it but it rocks and it sells all my favourite clothes! What about anyone else?

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