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  1. Just a general question .... does anyone ever get the feeling they are being watched?
  2. Des'ree - Kissing You (Romeo and Juliet soundtrack)
  3. I know that .... Mod edit: Are you still a little unsure about how to use spoiler tags properly?
  4. I read that aswell but I found this article and thought I would post it to see what other members thought of this particular storyline.
  5. Is that spoiler true. I thought it was just a rumour?
  6. It's great to see that Jake and Grant will be working together at Scarlets.
  7. My first ever post in here. The title 'General Chat' puts me off posting in here.
  8. I'm trying to find an Eastenders topic. I have searched General Chat for it but can only find Inside Soap topics. Is there a Eastenders topic where I can just post general comments?
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