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  1. I've never trusted him , then comes his sweet daughter. is she it i dont think so. Title from magazine i read, she's been through so much..
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BTTB. I just cant see where the time has flown.
  3. Although Tanya has admitted to attemted murder ... I seriously think it's still not all it shows.. Tanya will do anything for her kids she's no Suzy in that sence.. I bet she's covering for Lauren. i still think it was her.. She says to Max how mad she was about him making peter break up with her on several times. the car was a free ride for any one with the keys intacct. Why would Tanya after their littlle chat- kiss-bye i dunno??
  4. I just read this, posted as spoiler cause was'nt sure if ok just to post artical as it is a slight spoiler. its nice though.
  5. Hi you see im looking I might be awile but i'll look forward to your updates ..i love music. ok
  6. Morag Belligham was the two faced evil witch back in her day, she made cruellia look bad. She was the mother of Bobby hated her daughter, lets put it simpley she was one dislikable woman. Show how in life has changed she's shred her skin i would never thought capable back then. i cant remeber much since Bobby all i remeber is that scene, i actually love her now.. so im gonna try and start this thread off for for the woman and character we thought we knew and the one we know now...
  7. After Max was hit, i thought hey not Jacks car, it would be to obvious to be him, then Bradders i dont think so, im really pulling for Lauren after her rant of her feelings of anger and jelesouy around her dad and Abbis relationship, and the car was just left there, i doubt peter would have it in him to do it if she asked, no this was a moment of anger and oppertunity.
  8. Why do you under estimate yourself? no reason cause you have no reason to worry!. I'll pop in just to look here for updates it may be awile till i do but i come on to BTTb to look for you story if it's been updated. Your last piece was woderfulley written i could feel every emotion Kim was feeling, and for Gypsy, you see thats the thing of a good author is to make your readers feel, every emotion that is going on.
  9. I've just re capped a lot here so it goes, its a great fic the way you interally introve the storylines is great, you have the gift.. Giving a piece for Frankie was, no is a woderful thing to do, she will be looking down and smiling cause you done this dedicated to her, she'll proberly say you daft sod but with a laugh of affection.
  10. That was a brilliant story Kat. I hope you are going to carry on with this. I felt the realistic portrayal of emotions of someone who had dreams and has been cornered by the love of a man, the slow slip and the need for alcohol to numb everything, it becomes your center of life. As Bareen said you caught those emotions well as with the despair, she sounds at rock bottom, and is thinking of Daman, so is this were she at some point brings herself up again? This is great because it gives a realistic idea of Irene's past, which is good to have a insight into cause no matter how much we love the Irene we know. She's got a past and not a nice one, but that's our admiration of her isn't it?
  11. I had a memory flash, re-back to when Bianca's and Dan's affair was revealed, somewhere there Carol said you'll end up just like me, and you'll be phoning me when you want something. I thought of that firstly when she called Carol, b- said No im not ringing for something, seeing all her kids i thought of what Carol said. Her judgement of her daughter has turned out right.
  12. The previous reviewer hit the nail on the head as they say. Nothing I can say will add to this. Your writing is exceptional, and your characterisation is exquisite. I do hope it isn't to long before we get to enjoy another chapter. I'm sorry i've only just read this story, and can't say anymore than Maggie has said!
  13. Hi can you tell me exactly what happen to Jacks daughter, i missed that. Please I agree with Dannifan tomorrow with June Brown will be a moving episode.
  14. Thankyou, for that Carmelle. See i've only been cacting up on the show wondered where Jim was, i tried the offical EastEnders site could'nt get info. hope John gonna recover.
  15. Hi, im happy to find this thread, could you tell me what's happened to John Bardon aka Jim Branning, o know is character has a stroke. Im asking if John has left the show
  16. Watching and listening to different songs from csi-gsr
  17. Yep Liz you are right another teen pregnancy, but Brad carreer is taking off the last thing he needs or ready for is the patter of tiny feet, maybe they'll tackle abortion here as he's suggested it.
  18. Thats a good point, i mean there's only 24hrs in a day anyway that means your working 6 days a week, i'm assuming 7hr shifts, when do juggle the time for uni or is it just part time?
  19. What did he feed you with Cal.. hope you feel better soon. Where's you off too?
  20. Hi people, hows you all Haven't been here for a few days.
  21. Hey Everyone i'm now afficially a oldie , one whole year on the BttB yesterday!
  22. Well going to phone my freind whom haven't spoken to for ages, at tenish (am) good old girls catch up time . Then got a bit of paperwork to do then hopefully free for the rest of today. " one live's in hope of that" What are the rest of you up too?
  23. I'm here for a few minutes.
  24. Thats a understatement me too hopefully sleep better tonight. You now what us uker's are never satisified we moan it's cold same when it's hot, but in saying that thihas been the hottest for bloomin years.
  25. I'm fine Hayley, hows you?
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