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Fan Fic Challenge Entries 2006/07

Guest AngelRose

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Challenge officially up.

Entry 1 - Summer Obsession, a one parter.

Entry 2 - Summer Secret, a four parter.

Entry 3 - That Night, a two parter.

Entry 4 - Empty, a one parter.

Enjoy the entries guys, review on there or on here. Please be nice and review them all, as opposed to just one. Also, just vote for your favourite in this thread too. You don't have to give a reason as to why you voted, but feedback is always good for ALL FOUR stories.

Also, I retire from creating the challenge. If I did the next one, I'd end up making it as restrictive, and apparently that causes people not to enter. So the winner, or Nicole, I'm handing it over to you.

Voting ends Sunday night (Northern Hemisphere time) so Monday morning here. Have fun reading the stories guys, they are really great :)



To the authors, I added a disclaimer at the beginning. Don't freak out. Its just something I do on ff.net.

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Okay, after ALOT of zoning out in Physics (thanks to this damn competition I know nothing about galaxy formation and ramble about stars...) I have figured out which fic I'm voting for.

It took me flipping ages, and I have to post before I change my mind again!!

My favourite has to be "Empty." I shall give my reasons. And I PROMISE, it's not because J&M are in it, as there is another J&M fic that I am not voting for.

Right, Empty -

1. The title. It's just so.. you know. Brill. :)

2. The content. It's sad, there's drama - i love it. lol.

3. I love the ending bit. Very smashing. It was just so sudden, so effective. How could she just end it with a letter!? How could you do this to me Martha!?! *crys* lol

4. Funny, sweet J&M bits. (I'm sure if it was Alf and Colleen I'd feel the same! Nothing about characters guys!)

That Night - Brilliant. Really was amazing. I was sat there glued to the damn screen. Loved it. You described it so well, it was just.. cool. lol You're obviously a great writer, and I SOO need to find out who wrote this and stalk all their fics. You're incredible who ever you are!! Lol. Well done, and you came SOOO close. lol. Starting to wonder if maybe I should vote for this one instead... no nicole!! Just leave it woman!!

I've already made it clear that I was stuck with these two fics, and I guess the only way I could seperate you two was because of the storyline. Now, "That Night" was the best at writing. You really described it well, and you sound very clever. But as my Physics teacher rambled on about clusters of galaxies, I suddenly realised that this fic is on Stories, not on writing. You might be REALLY clever, and then that'd be an unfair advantage on Empty author (if they're not as clever.) If you get me... Now, anyone can think of a storyline, you neither have to be thick or intelligent, but to write in such detail, you definitely have to have some English skill. Now, I'm not saying that I didn't like "That Night"'s storyline, it's just I preferred "Empty."

I rambled. I apologize. I just hope I've made clear why I voted for which. :)

Summer Secret - I loved the fact that there was loads. I'm guessing you are a rambler. Lol. I need to make a club.. you could totally join!! :D I just hope you haven't caught the disease off myself.. I'd feel awfully guilty!

I think my favourite line was... "Don't start your victory dance yet fairy boy; I'm going in." I can imagine her saying it.. don't know why. lol.

That Jack and Martha... tsk. Always getting up to mischeif *shakes head*

Well done Mr/Ms Rambler person, you've made the rambling club!! (But please, don't take this as an offence. Rambling CAN be a good thing!)

Summer Obsession - God I wish I was you. You don't ramble! It's like amazing! lol.

Well, when I saw the name Alfred in it I just giggled with excitement. But, i have to admit, I did get slightly confused when reading this fic. It was slightly random, but I like random. lol. Well done for actually making a story to fit the outrageous restrictions (just joking sevenpudd's!! :P) You have come up with something original, and it's great. You also came up with characters that weren't in other fics, which is very bravo. :)

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ok well i have read all the fics and i just wanted to say they were all so good, but i voted for

Summer Secret, here are my reviews

1. Summer Secret - ok this fic was soo good, this person whoever it is, is a really good writer i was so glad to see there was 4 parts of this fic and also it was described well. i also think the idea was original for this fic, and it was typical Martha and Jack, so well done

2. Empty- Wow another great fic, this was such a good fic and the way you desribed it made you feel like you could feel like what the charecters are going through (if that makes any sense :P ). i was suprised by the ending (which is good) i like suprise ending, but it was sad :( i couldn't believe she just left like that, excellent story good job :D

3. That Night- Wow what an amazing fic, i like how you did part one with Ric and Cassie and then part 2 with Lucas and Matilda, i think this fic had alot of detail and you could really imagine what it would be like (once again don't know if i make any sense, sorry) and you're writing skills are so good, i hope you write more fics, (well you probably have i just don't know who you are :P )

4. Summer Obsession- Ok well this fic was good aswell, i just wished it was longer than it would have been better, but i like the idea to you're story and as Nicole said you used charecters that other people didn't in their fics well done

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First up, I'll review them:

Summer Obsession

This is good, but for me it's a bit short and boring. (No offence to the writer) Although, I do like the end sentence lol.

Summer Secret

Again good, but I think there's too much speech in it. I don't really like reading things with lots of speech in it. I do think Jack and Martha were sweet though, but I'd say that no matter what and I can't choose one just because it's them, so I won't.

That Night

I was torn between these last two lol. This one is soo good because it's NOT j/m. I love how it focuses on two relationships, it was so beautifully written and came so close, but my over all vote goes too:


Never in my life have I ever read a fanfic that's put me through the emotional ringer as much as this one did. As silly as that sounds, it really did. How it just switched from pure happiness and bliss to brutal sadness was so interesting, and to me, superb. A very well written fic. So that's my winner.

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Right, after much deliberation, I have FINALLY made a decision. For me it was really close between two of the fics, but of course I will review them all.

First off... Summer Obsession:

Well I saw the title and got all excited, because it sounded really good but I was a bit dissapointed with the fact that it was so short. :( It was slightly confusing, but to the writer's credit there were also some great lines in there. Whoever wrote this definitely has potential, but they need to think out the plot a bit more and I think that if it had been longer, the story would have naturally been clearer.

To the author: My advice would be to write in a bit more detail and re-read your fic to make sure it makes complete sense before posting! :) Great effort!


When I read fics, it is to enjoy myself, and this was too sad! I also thought that the pace was a bit too quick for the situation. Was good but not quite to the standard of Summer Secrets and That Night!

To the author: Work into it a bit more! :) Well done for entering!

That Night

Absolutely fantastic writing! Whoever wrote this has real talent, the emotions evoked were beautiful an dI loved the use of one couple for each chapter. This really cam so close to getting my vote, teh only thing that stopped me is that it was more of a descriptive piece than a story. I really want to congratulate thsi fic though because it was truly brilliant and a joy to read!

To the author: Apply your sensational writing skills to a proerly structured plot and then you'd be perfect!

BUT my vote goes to....SUMMER SECRETS! [/b]

This fic had everything! The writing was great - I don't think it was quite to the standard of That Night but it was still fantastic! This author has the real potential to write the most amazing fics. Basically, what won it for me was...

1) It made me laugh out loud and that's always a good thing!

2) The story was light and not too serious, but at the same time it had a structure and there was a point to it.

3) I liked the way that the story switched between present and past.

4) The idea was original and the scenes creative.

Only thing I would change about this fic is the title as a I think that the writer could have invented something a bit more fitting and creative for the name.

To the author: Congratulations on a brilliant fic. My advice is to just keep writing and blessing us with your stories! I would like to see how you would deal with a more serious storyline as well! :)

Seriously, this was a really difficult choice - I was about to give my vote to That Night when I decided to read Summer Secrets and That Night once more and that just clinched the vote for Summer Secrets! But everyone's fics entertained me! Every one of the authors should definitely keep writing!

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Reviews... Please don't be insulted, as these are my own personal views. You do not need to feel as if any of this should be taken on board, basically because I have my own writing style, and it differs from each of yours.


Summer Obsession

Its short and too the point, which I enjoy. However I guess if you had given it the time, you could have added details which would have allowed the story to develop more. And while you didn't need to create an entire story in 5000 words, with a beginning, middle and end. More detail, or a more flowing story may have been easier to understand.

I'd love to see this fic developed more, because it includes some of my favourite characters. I do commend you for breaking the mould and including characters that aren't seen in every day fics though!


Summer Secret

Okay, so I'm not a huge Jack and Martha fan, but I'll give it my best shot.

To me, this fic is well written from the sense that it captured the banter that stems from their relationship on TV. Basically, I could picture Jack and Martha acting out this scene. That either shows how little attention I pay, or how well you write these characters. But it all seemed a little too, together.

I love stories, the really long ones that take many chapters to sort out a story like this. I have a feeling that you'd rather have written a long story than cram it all into one short piece. And I guess I feel that it's crammed with lots of good moments that needed to be more detailed. Sometimes it's okay to have a little vagueness in stories… to leave it with an ambiguous ending, which leaves the readers wanting more.

My advice - Just try writing 500 word pieces about a moment in time. Like, two people sharing a sun set together. Its still a story. Hopefully you'll see where I'm coming from then, and understand that things don't need to be complete to still work.


That Night

While this story centred on some of my favourite pairings, I'm not going to up and say that it was the best. I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would come next. It was strangely unique from the rest, but then again, each piece was unique in its own right. What got me was the level of description you placed throughout it. There is a completeness to it, which is complimented by its incompleteness. You didn't feel the need to add things to the story in the belief that it would make it whole. And Summer, and the relevance of summer is very clear throughout it. It was like I was there.

Blue against blue, desire and need written on both of them.

Or maybe it's just written in my eyes…

Descriptions such at that. It caught my attention. They made me feel the characters emotions. You left the ending as is. No need to go further. To give it some finality. And for that I praise you, because I thoroughly enjoyed it. My advice - Maybe it could be the opposite to those about. Try writing a story that is defined, and see if you can maintain that wonderful descriptive nature you write with.



Another wonderfully written Jack and Martha piece. Again, you have a knack for writing this couple together, I could see them being played out on the page.

I did love the ending, as it wasn't typical, and they didn't live happily every after (and I'm all for angst) but again, it appeared as if you tried to fit everything into one fic, when the tale needed to be spread out more. There needed to be more of everything before it reached that conclusion.

My advice - once more, just have a go at writing about one moment in time. Watching the rain on a cold winters day. Just to see how you go describing everything without needed to have a beginning, middle and an end. I think you and the author of Summer Secret will both be pleasantly surprised with yourselves when you realise what skills you actually have outside set plots.

But maybe that's just me, and my love for things that are undefined.


After writing all that, I choose not to pick a favourite. For two reason. A) I know the authors of the stories, and that gives me an unfair advantage and B) I fear that I could, and probably would, be biased against other stories because I enjoyed the pairing chosen in some more than others. And that just doesn't seem fair. I do wish to say however, that the standard of fics in this comp are wonderful, and I hope that (if we have another one) we'll get more wonderful fics!

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There was some really great writing in all of those fics! Lots of fun to read! I am no professinal so I won't expand too much! :D Alrightey then, I'll just write down some stuff about what I thought of each of them first;

Summer Obsession

I didn't really understand this fic. Like some others have said, it would probaly have been helpful to have more structure in the writing. But you had some great ideas that had good potential.


I was impressed in the way that so many emotions could fit into one story. A very interesting storyline that had just the right amount of detail, but I think it could have been spread out a bit longer. But I think the emotions that a person would feel in that situation was brought to life excellently! A brilliant piece of writing!

That Night

I really enjoyed reading this fic! There was a lot of beautiful lines and the whole story was very romantic! The writing style is very professinal, which I really enjoyed! Another entertaing story.

Summer Secret

There was humor, romance, cheekiness, drama and lots more. :D The storyline was very original, interesting and unique and the whole story kept me on my toes, leaving me eager to keep reading!

In my opinion, the winner is Summer Secret!!!! This style of writing really suited me! :P But all the stories were magnificent!

Annie xx

PS - ALthough I am a JM fan, my decision was not just based on the characters. "That Night" and "Empty" came a very close second!

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Voting over.

Thank you to those who entered.

I'm happy to announce that the winnner is

Summer Secret - xxNicolexx

Followed by

Empty - jackandmartha!!!

Congratulations guys :) They were lovely stories.


As for the next contest, patience is a virtue, so please wait, and it should be up soonish :)

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Ok, well I decided to post the comeptition entries here, because it occured to me that some people have not even realised there was a competition going on or where to find the entries.

I will post the entries below. Could people please read and then review every story (praise & constructive criticism) in this thread and then vote for their favourite using the following poll:


Here are the entries:

Entry #1: A Tale of Sinners

Rating: M


“You greedy little…” I squealed as I tacked him over the couch and we both fell towards the floor. “You know how much I was dying for that last slice of chocolate cake!” I continued, wrestling him down. “So much so, that I’m willing to take you for it.” I said firmly, pinning him down and snatching the cake from his hand.

“No fair” He pouted from underneath me “I really wanted that piece too.”

“On top of the three pieces you’ve had already?” I asked, raising an eyebrow as he grinned sheepishly. “You better watch it, the girls would go nuts if you lost this figure.” I mumbled as the cake crumbled softly into my mouth.

“Oh lord.” He replied mockingly, his voice turning into a high-pitched screechy girly screech “Heaven forbid losing this figure. Quick, must exercise,” He continued, pushing me off him as he pulled himself up quickly “I can’t let the boys see me looking like this. Must diet, must slim down, must be beautiful.”

My smile fell, and he looked down on me, and instantly, his mockery stopped.

“Hey,” he said gently, bending down in front of me “What’s wrong?”

I swallowed in a deep breath of air, before meeting his hazel eyes.

“You…” I began, fiddling with my jacket, a little unsure of myself “You don’t want me, to be like that, do you?”

He could only look at me, which caused my bottom lip to quiver, my eyes beginning to sting with salty tears. Finally, when I could take it no more, I pushed him off me and ran towards the door.

Only, I’d taken five steps, before he grabbed my arm and pulled be into him, his toned arms enveloping me into a hug. I pounded his chest with my small fists, letting all the anger, frustration, and fear out.

“You know,” He said finally, as his hands fiddled with strands of my untamed hair “There are a million little reasons why I love you. And that’s one of them, because you never know how beautiful you truly are Cassie.” He said, pulling me closer to him, wrapping his arms tightly, protectively, around my waist.

“And my greedy little self” He continued, mumbling into my shoulder, causing vibrations throughout my body “wants to keep you all to himself.” He said finally, kissing me gently on the lips.

“Well,” I sniffed finally, smiling up at him. “I don’t think that will be much of a problem. Because I’m a little greedy when it comes to you too.” I finished, kissing him back

“Is that so?” He asked, pushing me backwards towards the wall, until it had my full support, and I was boxed in by his strong arms.

“Yeah Henry Hunter,” I said seductively “It is.”


“One, two, three…” I counted out loud, as he looked on, all in all, rather amused by the situation. “Four, five, six…” I continued, rolling my eyes as he stood up and began to walk towards me. “Seven, eight, nine…” I groaned, my calf muscles beginning to ache, and reluctantly giving in. “T…e…n” I managed to get out in a raspy breath, before I collapsed on the floor, my body aching from head to toe.

All the while, he was smirking at me, sipping his little PowerAde, his wife beater clinging tightly to his body, looking so much better than mine did, even while it was dripping with sweat.

“You’re a glutton for punishment, you know that, right?” He sighed, extending a hand, which I gratefully accepted. Throwing his full weight into it, he pulled me up in one swift movement, as I glared at him.

“How is it,” I groaned, holding my back as I reached for my water bottle “that we can come in here week after week, and all that happens is that I get worse, and you get better… and better looking too…” I mumbled, as he grinned back at me.

“I can get better looking?” He asked, checking himself out in the mirror “Here I was thinking I was some kind of Adonis, but better looking?” He continued, smirking at me.

“And the ego has gone global.” I muttered, easing myself into my seat as I continued to glare.

He broke his gaze from the mirror to look at me “Like I said, you’re a glutton for punishment.” He said, shrugging “I come in here and give it one hundred percent, you come in here and give it two hundred. It’s like, you have a fear of failing, so you give it more than you’re all, guaranteeing you don’t.” He said, his eyes flicking back towards the mirror. “God, this whole ‘worked out and sweaty’ look really works for me, doesn’t it?”

Just like that, the brawn replaced the brain. And I could only laugh quietly to myself, because of him, and how he was around other people. More importantly, how he was around me. Sometimes, it scared me, how well he knew me. How he understood my unvoiced fears, how he looked beyond the protective mask that had formed years ago.

How he saw me for who I was: a neurotic child from a loveless marriage, from a shattered home. How he loved me for me.

Finally, I sighed, before standing up and walking over to the ballet bar, and beginning my calf raises once more.

“A glutton for punishment.” I heard him laugh. This time, I couldn’t help but smile.


“****” I swore, slamming my locker door shut angrily, and throwing my books haphazardly into my bag. “Holy mother of…”

“Hey, hey, hey” He said, covering my mouth and gently pulling me back against him. “There will be none of that language here, in the sacred halls of St. Teresa’s.”

My silent fuming calmed at his mockery, and eventually he eased his hand off me, and spun me around to face him.

“What’s wrong with you today?” He said, taking my hand and gently stroking it. “Ever since you arrived, you’ve been slamming doors and muttering unmentionable words under your breath. Its not…” He said, trailing off when he caught that look in my eyes.

That ‘say it and die’ look that I’d perfected.

“Its not what?” I snapped at him, preparing for a showdown.

He looked at me and sighed, before taking my hand and pulling me down the deserted hallways, and shoving me into a… broom closet?

We shuffled around for a couple of minutes, pushing one another aside until he finally flicked on a light switch, giving the tiny space a dim light.

I glared at him, while he sighed again, and said finally “It’s not you’re parents again, is it?” He said, avoiding my angry stare.

“No, it’s that fricking time of the month again.” I snarled at him, causing his eyes to snap to mine in surprise.

“Prepare to face the wrath of a woman scorned,” he said, in a somewhat shocked voice. “I, uh, um…” He said, stumbling along his words as my eyes continued to bore holes in his head. “Would you like me to get you anything?” He said finally, settling with the ‘suck up’ comment.

After all, it was best to avoid all topics that included, in any minute way, a girl and her monthlies.

“How about some painkillers, and then a gun, so I can shoot myself, because the cramps are bloody killing me.” I cried finally, falling into his arms.

So much for the tough and strong act, I thought, as he pulled me into a hug. Can women do nothing without the assistance of a male?

“Only if you promise me never to go all ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ again, okay? I don’t much like the Butch ness that it brought out, nor did I like the way you…” He began, before I stomped on his foot and glared at him.

“You better believe there is so much more of the wrath where that came from, and it will be coming very, very soon, to delicate parts of your anatomy unless you get me some painkillers very, very quickly. And yeah, I don’t mind if we can never reproduce, I pity the kid who has us for parents.” I groaned, as he continued to gawk at me.

“HENRY!” I screamed finally, as he practically dropped me on the floor on his way out of the closet.

What was it they said? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


I trudged slowly, cautiously; across the bomb site that he claimed was his room. Claimed being the chosen word there. Scattered on the top layer of rubble were numerous magazines, some sporting, some unmentionable, and the last weeks worth of clothing, I assumed that was left there to grow mould on it, for his science project.

My right foot faltered between a day old sandwich, and a week old banana, flung carelessly from a school bag onto the floor. And underneath that layer, was the layer of schoolbooks from last term; some even, from this term.

The hidden depths of a males mind was something I swore, at that moment, to never try to understand. Because if this room was anything to go by, they were neither deep, nor full of any kind of knowledge, other than how to litter a room in one simple step; dump everything, and never pick it up.

“Was it this bad when we came here two weeks ago?” I asked, finally finding a few centimeters of clear space to stand in. “It’s like revenge of the sloth in here!” I said. “Wait…” I continued quietly “ekkkk! I swear, something is alive in here.” I yelped, jumping onto his bed “Something was crawling under my foot.” I said, still reeling from the squeamish feeling I was getting from being surrounded by so much… junk.

He just laughed at me, before pushing a large pile of papers that were stacked neatly on the end of his bed towards the floor, and taking his place on the bed.

“Now you’ve gone and hurt their feelings.” I said, pointing to the papers “They had a lovely place on that bed, high up, far away from the evil crawly creatures that lurk within the depths of the rubbish in your room.” I finished, poking my tongue out at him.

“Hey, now you’ve gone and hurt the room’s feelings.” He retaliated, poking his tongue out at me “The room might enjoy being this way?”

“What self respecting room would want to be degraded to… this?” I asked motioning around the cluttered room.

“The Sloth lord.” He boomed, pulling out an imaginary light saber “Welcome to the dark side.” He said, jumping up on the bed and breathing heavily.

“Well, you certainly are the Sloth Lord.” I said, pulling him down towards me. “But I wonder if you’re mother knows anything about this.” I said, wriggling my eyebrows at him.

“You wouldn’t dare…” He said, pinning me down on his bed and tickling me gently.

“Oh wouldn’t I?” I gasped between breaths, finally leaning up to kiss him gently, before pushing him off me, and making a hasty exit towards the door.

I paused in the doorway, turning to see his saddened expression, his puppy dog eyes pleading for me to join him.

“Don’t worry Sloth Lord,” I said, “I’ll be back. And I won’t even tell your mum…” I said, smirking at him “… unless it’s tidy within the hour.” I heard him groan, and smiled to myself. “Have fun on the dark side.” I finished, shutting the door behind me.


I smiled as I watched his face become red with anger, twisted and tormented as he watched on. My eyes flicked between the guy (I didn’t quite know his name) and him, so very amused by the state of possessiveness.

A pause in conversation. I smiled a little, and touched his hand gently. Then mentioned that I really should be getting back to my party. He smiled back, sadly, and told me he wished we’d had longer together.

Then, he pulled out the business card, and scribbled a number down on it, telling me to call him if I ever felt I needed to be treated like a lady for a night. I smiled, and graciously accepted the card, leaving him with a shy grin, as I sauntered away, well aware that it was not the length of my hair he was watching.

He’d been so attentive throughout the entire exchange. His eyes at never left mine. They’d never wondered down my body, tracing out my assets in his mind. Unlike the other man’s, who card I threw away the instant he was out of sight.

I felt his hand on my arms; pull me towards him, angrily, demandingly. He needed reassurance. He needed proof. He needed to know I belonged to him. That I was his possession, that he had my heart locked away, and only he held the key.

He needed to know everything he should have known. But still, he had watched on, the jealously burning green in his eyes.

“Jealous much?” I asked, stroking feather light touches up and down his arms as he fumed silently to himself.

“Aren’t I always?” Came his gruff reply, his hazel eyes laced with a raw desire, as if he yearned for something more than my words. As if he wanted the physical proof that I was his.

“Right… here.” I said, pointing to my hipbone, sticking it out towards him. “That’s where it is.” I said, licking my lips, watching his eyes trail down my body towards my flesh. “That…” I mumbled, taking his hand in mine and tracing the pattern “That is where you branded me. Where I branded myself. Where I made claim that I was yours. Now and forever.” I said firmly, my own eyes now full of fire.

“Mmm” he replied, as he continued to trace the pattern, over and over.

“I’m yours.” I said finally, as he looked up into my eyes. “I always have been. And I promise, I always will be.”

He took my hand in his, and interlocked our fingers together. He pulled me close to him, and leant my head on his chest, and I was able to hear his heart racing faster than his usual steady beat.

“That’s what it does to me.” He confided “That’s what seeing you with them does. It turns me into the green-eyed monster. The jealously, it almost kills me.”

We stayed like that for a while. Lost in one another. Lost in the moment. Remembering that jealously will drive you mad.


“God, what is it, a million degrees in here?” I asked, fanning myself, as I slumped down in the chair, attempting to cool myself, even a little.

Don’t let it fool you. Heatwaves in the middle of autumn, they really suck deep down. Just as you were preparing yourself for a love affair with winter, with all its rainy nights, and brisk cold mornings, it hits you. And then you can’t move, because the heat is so unbearable.

I picked another melting ice-cube up from the bucket and ran it down my belly. The ice cold melted against my hot skin, sending an uncomfortable, yet thrilling sensation across my body. I watched, as tiny water droplets formed at the base of my belly, and took pleasure in swirling the cool water around in circles across my body, bringing me some relief from the heat… for now.

I felt him hovering behind me, lurking in the shadows, watching me. More often than not, I would feel him behind me before I saw him. His strong arms would pull me towards him and our bodies would connect before my eyes fell upon his angelic form.

Today, he stalked towards me, our eyes met, and he looked at me with that lustful gaze. I knew that he’d lost it, and that I’d lose it as soon as his hands were on my naked skin. He stood above me, enjoying his position of power, as I became more helpless every time I looked at his toned body, every time my eyes flicked over his strong arms, wanting them to just take me, carry me, and pin me down as he had his way with me.

Finally, when I couldn’t stand it any longer, I pushed myself up from the chair and hurtled myself into his body, causing us to crash into one another, and fall backwards onto the lounge that was situated so conveniently behind us. His arms gripped at my hips as he pulled me to him, my hands frantically ran up and down his chest, feeling his strong muscles flex every time they touched a soft spot.

His lips were on mine, biting, gnawing at me, kissing me hard and fast. His tongue was trailing across my bottom lip, begging for entrance, which I gladly gave. His hands ran up and down my sides, his light touch burning my skin wherever it went. I sucked in a breath as his hand moved over the waist of my short shorts, and he pulled away from me, his eyes meeting mine, thick with desire.

“If you say stop,” He said, breathing heavily above me “I’ll stop.”

I shifted a little underneath him, causing an illicit groan to escape his lips. He glared down at me, and rearranged himself, as I giggled a little. His look was serious, and in that moment, I knew that no matter what happened today, it would all be all right, because he loved me, and would never hurt me. Behind his lust, there was something deeper, something almost indescribable, something I would try to figure out on another day. Today, I just wanted to feel him inside me. I just wanted skin on skin.

“Did you hear me tell you to stop?” I murmured up at him.

He smiled down at me, and cupped my chin gently, lifting it upwards as I met his lips with a tender kiss. Suddenly, the heatwave, the unbearable sitting around, feeling lethargic, feeling hot… it all disappeared.



“I’ve been a proud man my entire life.” Darcy said, as he walked along next to Elizabeth. I sighed a little; as Henry played with lose strands of my hair.

“You’re a little like him.” I said, nudging Henry as we both turned to look at the screen.

“What, devastatingly handsome and superior in all other ways?” He asked, a smile playing on his lips.

“No.” I replied, as I elbowed him “You’re proud. And you’re pride always gets in the way of you seeing the full picture.” I said, as he made a face at me.

“Cass, I am not proud. I just know what’s right and what’s wrong. I stick to my convictions, and don’t ever let anyone tell me what to do. That’s not being proud, that’s being self assured.” Henry replied, easing me off him as he stood up to turn off the TV.

“What about all those times you’ve been wrong, but haven’t had the guts to admit it?” I replied, as he collected the plates and walked towards the sink with them. “There’s nothing wrong with admitting every once in a while that your pride has been a little wounded, you know?” I said, as he turned to glare at me.

“Do you really want to have this discussion with me Cass?” He asked, throwing the dishes violently into the sink.

“I think I do.” I replied, standing up and walking over to him. “First of all,” I said, standing a little away from him “You’ve got to not get all hot headed about this. While nothing turns me on more than when you’re angry and passionate about something, violence is never the answer.” I said, as he stared at me.

“Thank you Dr. Phil.” He replied, a snarky bite to his tone. “But the last thing I need is a lecture, thanks all the same.” He snapped at me, moving past me gently as he walked back into the living room.

“I’m not giving you a lecture,” I said relentlessly, as I followed him. “I just find it all kinds of amazing how you always manage to psycho analyse me, but whenever I try to put a word in, you cut me off, and then sulk until I let it blow over. Well not this time Henry Hunter,” I said decisively, pushing him back down onto the lounge “This time, we’re going to psycho analyse you.”

“What’s to analyse?” He asked, shrugging “I’m me. And I’m hot headed, and proud, and stubborn, and I wouldn’t change a thing about myself.” He said nonchalantly “Session over.”

“But why are you all these things Henry? What the hell happened to make you so angry? I mean, the root of all my problems can be traced back to my upbringing, my parents, and the too and fro game they’ve been playing with me my entire life. But you’re family, they are the sweetest people ever.” I sighed “So, what happened?”

“Somewhere along the line, I didn’t want to be that sweet kid that got trodden on any more. I used to be that quiet kid in the corner, who did everything right, and never, got in trouble. You know, that kid that got picked on by the bullies, who was never left alone by anyone. Then, one summer, I decided enough was enough. And I changed. I became the proud man you know today. I didn’t want to be pushed down to the bottom any more.”

“Oh…” I said softly, as Henry nodded his head. “I…” I began, unsure of what to say.

“Cass,” He said gently “It’s okay. I mean you know those ten million things I love about you?” He asked me, as he took my hand in his, and I nodded gently.

“Well, that’s another one of them.” He said, as he kissed the palm of my hand. “The fact that you want to know me inside and out, and you refuse to give in until I open up to you.”

I smiled, as he pulled me close to him.

“You know what I’m proudest about?” He whispered into my ear later on.

“What?” I answered sleepily.

“Having you in my life.” He replied, kissing my head as I smiled, drifting of into a content slumber.

Entry #2: That

Rating: PG

“That’ll be $1.40 please.” The bus driver said. With a smile I held out my tightly gripped hand, and gently released the coins into the tray.

“$1.40 exactly,” I smiled politely. “Thanks Mr Hallam.” I said whilst carefully taking my ticket and turning around to the seating area of the bus.

There it was; my seat. Every morning that seat was there, lonely and waiting for me to arrive. It looked so open and peaceful as the gorgeous early morning sun shone through the window and hazily rested on the felt. I carefully slipped my bag off my shoulder and sat on the seat, shuffling myself sideways towards the window. I clung to my heavy, black bag, pulling it close to me, and sat rigidly straight against the padding of the chair.

I was now into the 15th minute of my journey, when I just couldn’t continue the hoax that I was indeed reading the soppy novel before me. I’d been looking at the words for the majority of the ride, as they begged to be read. But I couldn’t read them, not with everything on my mind. With a sigh I closed the book and rested it on my lap. Closing my eyes, I thought of what it was, and what it should still be like now.


“I mean, common, that top, them pants, so last year!!” I giggled, talking loudly to my friend. I was in a great crowd. Great in size and great in value. I was in the ‘it’ crowd. Every teenage girl’s biggest dream was to be amongst the people I was stood with, amongst the guys; amongst Billy. He was just… dreamy. I swear that whenever he flashed that cute Billy charm I’d buckle at the knees. His golden locks, which had a slight kink in them as they fell near his ear, reflected his handsome features. His rigid, strong bone structure emphasised his gorgeous blue eyes, and his chin, oh his chin, beautiful. I was in love, completely and utterly devoted to the boy called Billy. I couldn’t help myself but wander over to him, and place my arm around his side.

“I can’t wait till the prom.” I whispered in his ear. He just smiled; his classic gorgeous smile. I held myself up for a moment, trying not to melt with his grin, and leant up close to his face. “I love you.” I smiled, leaning in for a kiss. However, it wasn’t long until my best friend interrupted, and broke us two apart.

“Sorry love birds,” She began, “my friend and I have some very important shopping to do.” She smiled, before pulling me out of the cafeteria. I turned around quickly before my exit, and managed to share a brief wave with my love.


“Is she asleep?” I heard one of them giggle.

“I don’t know, but I think we should still poke her, just for the hell of it.” The other whispered loudly in between cackling. I say the other, when I mean the main one. I could tell just by her voice who she was, what girl she was. Even though they all looked extremely similar, she always stood out, and she made sure of it. She was by far the worst, she was ‘the girl.’ My eyes shot open, but I didn’t make eye contact. Instead I pulled myself up and looked forward as I tried to ignore them.

“Awww, she’s not even saying hi.” She laughed. “That’s a bit rude.” I could feel her walking closer to my seat. I prayed for the seat behind me to be vacant, but of course there were no seats occupied within a seat radius of myself. Why would there be? Who’d want to even sit near me? “Boo.” She whispered in my ear. “How’s my Smartie?” She laughed, flicking my ear. “Oh, what do we have here…” She said, reaching over the back of my seat and grasping the novel. My hands flew down as I raced her for the book, but it was too late, she’d already got her slimey hands on it. “Awww, Smartie here reads love novels.” She laughed, waving the book to her friends. “What will Jane Clarice do when John, her late husband, makes a surprise return? Will she break off the engagement with new fiancé Craig, or choose to stand by her new lover? Will a freak accident show who really loves her, and the others true motives behind their fake passion.” She read allowed from the blurb, her voice dipping and rising as she attempted to read it with feeling. I spun around and glared at her.

“Having fun?” I asked as she flicked through the pages.

“Not as much fun as these are having!!” She laughed, pointing at the page. “John grabbed my arms, and swung me over-” She began, before I quickly snatched the book away. I could feel myself illuminate as heat flooded to my cheeks. Everyone was looking at me, everyone was laughing. Even Mr Hallam the bus driver was having a good old chuckle at the front of the bus, and had a fair few glances through his mirror. I shoved my book into my bag angrily, zipped it up tightly, and then held it close to me as I stared out the window, praying for any familiar signs of my destination.


The girl’s POV:

What a freak. She is a perfect example of a stereotype. Every detail about her fits into the same category. Her delicate round glasses that constantly roll down her small button nose. The stupid gold framework on her glasses entwines around them thick goggle lens’, it’s enough to make you heave. Her gruesomely dark hair is bundled up by a felt maroon scrunchie, which creates a frizzy bushy effect at the back. I mean, she used to look half decent when she was with me, but now… I cringe at the thought of actually going shopping with her. I do hope no one thinks I encouraged her to wear them… things. What did she do, get dressed in the dark? I mean common, who wears scrunchies nowadays anyway? Apart from my grandma, who can pull them off way better than her. I looked at her for a moment. ‘Dang, she put the book away.’ I realised. ‘Aww, now there’s nothing I can tease her with.’ I thought, drumming my fingers on my seat. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. I spun around to face my friends at the back of the bus. I mouthed ‘come here’ and waved them over. I moved to the seat on the other side of the bus to the freak, and pulled Billy beside me as he walked close.

“Hey, Smartie.” I smiled. “Oi, don’t be rude.” I said louder, leaning over and hitting her arm. She slowly turned her head; I could see the fear in her eyes. I smiled.


Smartie’s POV:

Great, what does she want now? I dread to think, I just want to get off the bus. Why won’t she just leave me alone? She’s already made my life hell, why does she have to continue? I’m sure I didn’t act like this, sure I was a cow, but I wasn’t this bad. Not to her anyway. So why is she so determined to make my life a misery? I knew I shouldn’t have got up this morning, I knew that leaving the house was a big mistake. I wish I hadn’t bothered getting dressed.

“Oi!” She repeated as I stared blankly at her.

“What?” I answered, frustrated at her annoyance.

“Oh my God.” She gasped. “We’re finally blessed with an answer.” I rolled my eyes and sighed, looking back to the front of the bus.

“So, Smartie. Nice scrunchie.” She laughed, influencing her followers to join in giggling. I shot a look of disgust. How dare she talk to me about what I’m wearing?

“I could say the same about your skirt. I mean… that pink… it’s… original.” I smiled smugly. I watched as her eyes shifted around the bus, making sure no one was laughing.

“Well, you’re glasses! They’re like.. old women glasses!!” She exclaimed, forcing a loud fake laugh afterwards. I just smiled again, looking her up and down.

“You’re an expert on old women clothes, aren’t you?” I commented. She sat there, stunned. I don’t blame her really, she normally has such an easy task of humiliating and upsetting me, but now I was giving her a fight. I watched as her eyebrows waved and a look of concentration came across her face. “Too thick to think of a come back?” I asked. “Oh my God! Are they wrinkles!?” I laughed, pointing towards her forehead. Her hand slapped to her skin as she panicked. I snorted to myself as I looked out my window, spotting the school. With a smile I picked up my bag and hooked it on my shoulder. I side stepped out of my seat and left the bus, feeling totally refreshed and happy with my revenge.

“Hang on Smartie!” She called, running off the bus. ‘What does she want now?’ I thought, continue walking. I could hear the echoing sound of her 3-inch heels power walking behind me, and her repetitive sighs as she grew closer. I managed to reach inside the gates before I felt her hand on my shoulder, swinging me around. “Did you think that was funny!?” She demanded.

“Yea, actually.” I smiled, turning around.

“You’re not going anywhere Smartie.” She said, pulling me to face her again. “I want to show you something.” She said. I stood there, completely uninterested.

“What, another wrinkle?” I smirked. She forced a smile as she spun around, placing her hand on the back of Billy’s neck. She pulled him into a long, passionate kiss. I stood rooted to the ground, my eyes filled with water. That was my Billy, with her! How could he do this to me, I thought he still loved me? She finally broke away, and they both looked at me, smiles on their faces.

“Oh, what’s up Smartie? You didn’t really think that he still liked you, did you?” She laughed. I cleared my throat and stood up straight.

“No…” I mumbled.

“Yes you did!” She exclaimed. “You poor, deluded freak. I mean, who’d like you? Apart from Geeky Gerald over there.” She giggled, pointing towards Gerald Hashton who was behind me, turning red. It was now that I noticed the huge crowd gathering around us, witnessing myself being humiliated. I couldn’t help but feel that they were probably enjoying it a bit, and I don’t blame them. I deserve it. Most of them have faced this kind of thing before, except I was on the evil side. I was the bully. “Don’t you think they’d make a cute couple though?” She asked everyone, her head tilted. “Aww, Geek and Freak.” She laughed. I stared at her, getting angrier by the second. It was bad enough when she was humiliating me, but Gerald? He’d done nothing, and she had begun to pick on him.

“Shut up.” I mumbled.

“What happened to you, Smartie? I mean you were fine up until.. oh, the prom.” She said with a smirk. “Ahh, the prom. What a wonderful night.” She smiled, wrapping her arm around Billy’s waste. “We had fun, didn’t we?” She laughed. I could feel myself burning with anger, reminiscing about that night.


“Where’s my prom king?” I called out, wandering outside. “Billy!?” I gasped, turning around a corner. He suddenly broke away from her and fell backwards, revealing her evil smirk.

“Oh, Smartie, can you come back a bit later, we’re kind of busy.” She said, before pulling Billy back into a kiss. My eyes filled and I choked on my tears. I ran away crying, through the hall, through the corridors and into the toilet. I slipped down the wall, sobbing. I was heartbroken.


“Awww, I’ve upset her now.” She laughed. “At least you’ve got them romantic books to dream about.” She smirked, turning around and beginning to walk off. “Oh, and one more thing Smartie, Billy never liked you, he just hung around with you because I asked him to. It was always me he wanted, he thought you were a bit of a freak really… but who can blame him. Look at you. That’s who you are, you were never one of us, just someone we could copy off in Maths.” That was it. That was when she had crossed the line. She’d gone too far this time, and my anger had reached a penetrating high point. She was getting it.

“Oi, spotty!” I yelled, storming to her. She stood still and spun around.

“What did you just call me?” She asked, her eyes widening.

“You heard me - spotty. Or, would you rather be called tart? Both are as fitting as the other.” I smiled, still walking towards her.

“Don’t you dare call me that! You… nerd.”

“Ouch, that really hurt.” I smiled, reaching her.

“Well… go play with your geeky friends. I’m sure Geeky Gerald is DYING to snog you… or whatever happens in those romantic books.” She said, smartly. She may have been earning a few extra points in her crowd, but she was making things worse when it came to my temper.

“Prepare to feel the wrath of a woman scorned.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Wha-” She began, but was interrupted when my hand made impact with her foundation covered cheek. She flew to the ground, caressing her face.

“Err, how much foundation?” I laughed, wiping my hand on my pant leg. She looked up at me as she lay on the floor.

“I can’t believe you did that.” She grumbled, getting up. “You’re going to regret that Smartie.” She said.

“No she’s not!” I heard a voice squeak behind me. I turned around to find it belonged to Gerald. He smiled at me, and I returned the gesture. Then I heard something else, so I spun around to its direction, to find that they were clapping. An applause rolled out, steadily at first, but it grew and grew, finally resulting in a loud roar. I could here cheering and my name rang out. Not my horrible nickname, no, they all knew my name. They all knew me. Not for being horrible to them or wearing the right clothes, but for standing up for myself, for doing something I should have done a long time ago. I looked over at that girl, that girl that I used to aspire to.

“Get off the floor, Joy.” I said, before walking off. I walked in amongst the crowd, the happy, cheerful crowd. Maybe they weren’t the ‘it’ crowd, but they were the best. As I passed through, I received pats on the back, and words of encouragement and compliments. As I walked through I could hear her weak voice pathetically screaming my name.

“Smartie! Smartie! Get back here now!!!” She squeaked. I continued walking away, my head held high as I accepted the smiles and appreciation that my new friends were giving me.

“Wait until I tell Madge Wilkins this!!” I giggled to myself.

Entry #3: Coming Home

Rating: PG

Part 1

“Oh no” Jazzie said from next to me. I looked up to see none other than Jack Holden strutting towards us.

“Here comes trouble.” I muttered to her, as she grinned a little.

As Jack came closer, I saw his face, and the evil look that gleamed in his eyes. That look was never good. Before I knew it, I had been thrown over his shoulder and we were running towards the ocean. I was squealing loudly in his ear, half because of fear, half because of the excitement it was causing. More excitement than I cared to admit, actually.

However, everything was muffled when my body was thrown, dumped into the cold waves. I spent a few moments struggling under the water before surfacing, spluttering and clawing my way into a standing position.

“JACK HOLDEN” I screamed as I faced the man responsible for my current state of distress.

“Yes?” He answered innocently, pausing his laughter momentarily.

Our eyes locked and our gaze held strong as I moved through the water to stand in front of him. His face was serious, but in the depths of his soulful eyes, he was laughing. That was possibly the one thing that I never grew tired of with Jack. His laughing eyes. The ones that sparkled magically, that lit up every time I entered a room, because in me, he saw a challenge. And in him, I saw, those wonderful, beautiful, captivating eyes. Amongst many, many other things.

One of my hands moved to rest on his cheek, as my thumb gently caressed his soft skin. The other fell to his chest, stroking his muscled chest, and I had to wonder, how someone so strikingly handsome was still single? Then, as his hands moved to my waist, sending tingles all over my body, I remembered.

In one swift movement my hands moved to his shoulders and sent him flying backwards into the water. He floated momentarily before he emerged spluttering, much like I had done moments before.

“You’re a glutton for punishment, you know that, right?” I smirked at him as he glared at me, before running and tackling me back into the water. We both came up short of breath, and I growled at him before stalking out of the water. He followed quickly and ran out in front of me, smiling with those damn eyes again.

“Awww come on Mackenzie, I was only having a little fun.”

“It’s always only a ‘little fun’ with you Holden.” I mimicked “But is it you that ever trudges home in their underwear?” I asked heatedly as he shook his head, smiling a little. “ I thought not.” I huffed, walking off.

“That was one time Mackenzie.” He said, almost pleadingly “And to my credit, it was your idea in the…”

“Prepare to face the wrath of a woman scorned Jack Holden.” I snapped at him, my eyes narrowing. “Next time it’ll be me laughing at you.” I said threateningly, which only managed to egg him on.

“Bring it on.” He said, stepping up to me.

“Oh, you better believe I will.” I promised, turning on my heels and stalking over to Jazzie, who had watched the exchange and now had an amused look on her face.

“What?” I snapped at her as she handed me a towel.

“He lurrrvvvvvesssss you” She said, in what I assumed was a joking manner. But then she added “And you’re pretty into him too.” And I knew she wasn’t kidding.

“I am not!” I replied finally, completely shocked at what she was insinuating.

“Are too.” She retorted.

“Am not.”

“Are too.”


“Okay, we’re not getting anywhere. So I propose a challenge.” Jazzie replied calmly.

“Speak it.” I said, as I groaned. “We really need to stop watching kiddie movies.”

“But Steve Phillips is so plush.” Jazzie joked, as I rolled my eyes. “Three dates with him.” She continued, as my eyes lit up.

“Three dates with Steve Phillips? I’m so there!”

“No, Holden.” Jazzie replied, rolling her eyes as I looked at her in distress. “If you realise you don’t hate him as much as you claim to, I’ll clean the house for a month. If you do realise you like him…” She said “ You clean for a month.”

She held out her hand, and I reached out, shaking it firmly.

“Prepare to get cleaning.” I said, so very sure of myself. How could I possibly be wrong?

Part 2

Okay, just breathe. You can do this Martha; you can go on three dates with the most annoying guy in the world. You just have to remember that bride. The month’s worth of house cleaning. Focus, and ignore, ignore, ignore any remarks that Jack Holden may happen to make. No matter how… amazingly sexy he may look, I thought as my eyes caught his, and they glimmered a little as they swept over me.

‘No. Stay strong. Do not give into his charms, that you’ve seen him flaunt every other weekend’, I said to myself while I rolled my eyes and watched him prey on another innocent girl.

‘Because there really isn’t an ounce of jealously in your body. And when someone says “Jealous much?” you roll your eyes, don’t you? Because that would be fiction, and not fact.’

“I see you finally gave into my charms.” Jack commented, as he approached my side.

Funnily enough, that same eye roll appeared immediately after the words had left his mouth.

“Nup, just going to drink till you’re cute.” I retorted, taking his hand off my elbow and strutting ahead of him. “And I’ll be passed out long before we get there.” I said, smirking, as Jack grabbed at his heart, and said “Ouch” sarcastically.

“Hey, let’s not kid ourselves,” I said, as he tried to keep up with me. “You and I both know why I’m doing this.”

“Because I’m great in bed and you so want that opportunity!” Jack said suggestively, as he pulled me close and began to move seductively against my body.

“AS IF!” I replied, shoving him away as I groaned. “It’s because I hate laundry. And I want to prove people wrong once and for all.”

“Wrong about what?” He replied, wiggling his eyebrows at me as he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the club.

“Wrong about us.” I yelled, yanking my hand out of his grip and ignoring the tingles that were left from where his hand had briefly held my own.


“Okay, date one is officially over.” I snapped at Jack as I walked briskly out of the club.

“But why?” He whined next to me.

“I don’t know, maybe because you made out with some random while I was RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!” I screamed in his face, but he just stood back smirking at me.

“What?” I asked, exasperated.

“Oh, nothing.” He said, as he continued to smirk at me.

“You are trying my patience.” I said, as he scoffed a little, attempting to turn it into a cough.

“What?” I growled at him.

“Firstly, you aren’t the most patient person in the world…” He began, as I snarled “Not helping your cause Holden.”

“Point proven” He continued, undeterred. “Secondly, you wouldn’t care about the girl if…” He paused, and I could feel my face turn red with anger.

“If… what…” I said slowly.

“If you didn’t like me.” He replied, doing a little dance.

I glared at him as I spun on my heels and stormed off into the dark night.

I did not, under any circumstances, like Jack Holden.


Date two. His choice. Why I ever trusted Jack Holden to make a choice about a date, I’ll never know. But he messaged me saying he had this “Really great idea.”

Who was I to say no? Even though I really hate the fact that I’m still even going through with this. Because I didn’t like the boy… man… whatever he was. He riled me up, annoyed me to the extreme, and knew how to push all the wrong buttons. Not the right ones… the so far from right it wasn’t funny ones. He knew exactly how to make me scream in anger and frustration, and want to hit a brick wall.

“Glad thee could join me sweet Maiden.” I thought Jack’s voice said from behind me… but no… Jack, isn’t that clever. Nor can he speak that sweetly. But, much to my horror, I spun on my heels to find Jack grinning at me, dressed in some kind of medieval ensemble, complete with sword and tights.

As soon as my eyes scanned downwards, I immediately regretted it, as I felt my face begin to heat up.

“See something you like, Mackenzie?” He smirked as he walked over to me, handing me a dress bag, which obviously contained my costume.

“Yeah.” I replied “That cow. Think it will date me?”

“Not on you’re life.” He replied, thrusting the bag towards me. “Hurry up, we’re going to miss the main event.”

“What’s that? Everyone dropping dead from the plague?” I said snarkily at him, as he just glared before pointing towards the change rooms.


“How did they walk around with this much clothing on, and still manage to feel attractive?” I complained, to myself more than him, but he still smiled at me all the same.

“Feeling a little self conscious?” He said, moving closer to me, and whispering in my ear “Don’t worry, you look gorgeous.”

I felt the heat rise to my face, and knew I needed to say something… otherwise, well, there was a clear possibility that I’d be falling for his charms soon enough. And I could just not have that.

“Oh my god.” I squealed, pushing past a disappointed Jack and walking towards the sword-fighting arena. “They have fairy floss here.” I said, taking out my wallet and buying my own bag.

“And yet you fail to notice to display of pure masculinity right next door.” Jack said, shaking his head in vain.

“Fairy floss or guys bashing one another with a sword…” I said, weighing up the options. “Nah, this little pink piece of heaven wins every time.” I finished, popping a piece into my mouth, as Jack snatched a handful.

“Hey! You greedy little…” I said, taking a step closer to him.

“You’re date, you pay.” He smirked at me, as he pulled his sword out and walked towards the arena.

“Where are you going?” I asked, trying to mask my fear.

“To fight. I’m going to show you what a real man looks like in the ring.” He said, “Wanna come be my damsel in distress?” He asked, taking my hand once more and pulling me with him.

“Yeah, distressed about spending so much time with you.” I muttered, and Jack pretended not to hear.

This was not good.


“THAT STINGS” He cried aloud, as I placed the ice tenderly on his bruised eye.

“Some display of masculinity.” I said, laughing at the face he was pulling, attempting to mask the pain he was feeling.

“Do you think I knew he was going to bash me like that? It’s supposed to be fake fighting!” He cried, as the ice fell from his eye.

“Oh, so you were going to pretend to be a man?” I said, smirking at him “I guess that comes second nature to you.” I laughed, as he pouted.

“Gee Mackenzie, you’re sympathy for me is really touching.” He said sarcastically “Besides, I’m a man.” He muttered as an afterthought, causing me to laugh a little.

“You’re just a big sook.” I said softly to him, as I attempted to gently put the ice on his eye again.

“And are guys not allowed to be sensitive?” He asked, as he looked at me with that lustful gaze, and I knew that if I didn’t have the strength to break this eye contact, I’d never be able to again.

“Nah, I like them rough and tough.” I joked finally, turning away from him quickly, pretending not to notice his crestfallen expression.

“One more to go.” I said softly to myself, as I heard him move behind me.

“You’re right to get home?” He asked coldly, abruptly, unwilling to meet my eyes.

“Yeah.” I sighed softly, looking away from his hurt expression as he stormed off.

What had I done? And what had I just realised?

Part 3

You're kicking tires I'm sitting on the fence

Loves falling all around us and it don't make sense


“I’m coming,” I said, as the shrill ring of the doorbell sounded through the house. I walked quickly to the door, and smiled largely when I found Jack shuffling awkwardly on my doorstep.

“You going to invite me in Mackenzie or just laugh at me all night?” He asked coldly, as the smile was wiped from my face.

“Sure” I said softly “Come on in.”

As he walked in, he made sure to stay well away from me. He surveyed the lounge room then turned to me. “It’s like revenge of the sloth in here.” He snarked at me, as I rolled my eyes. “So, does this qualify as the third date, because I actually have somewhere to be.” He said shortly, looking at his watch.

God, was I really that much of a cow?

“No, actually, I’ve got something planned.” I said, taking his hand myself this time. He flinched a little at our touch, but I linked out fingers together, and soon I felt him relax a little into the hold.


How long can the two of us beat around the bush

Were right on the edge but we need a little push


“Welcome to the third date.” I said, pushing the door to the dining room open to reveal an elaborately decorated table, complete with three-course meal already made. But Jack, despite the intricate decorations, the beautifully lit dining room and the home cooked meal, remained unmoved.

“Okay, Mackenzie, where’s the hidden camera? Where’s the part when you sit down and tell me how much you really hate my guts, capture my humiliation on film and then continue to laugh at it for years to come?” He asked, getting a little red in the face.

“When comes the part when you tell me that I’m the last person in the world you’d want to be with, huh?” He said, as he dropped my hand and stormed out of the room.


Dancing on the tightrope wearing it thin

Instead of closing our eyes and jumping in


“Jack” I called out after him, running to catch up with his fast movements. “Jack.” I repeated, grabbing his hand and turning him to face me.

“What?” He said harshly, his smiling eyes now cold as ice.


You're dodging the moon and I'm playing it safe

Look what were not doing oh boy what a waste


“Would you just please hear me out?” I pleaded with him, my eyes finally locking with his, as I searched those deep pools of soulful expression for something more than this hatred and disgust he obviously felt towards me.

I reached out towards his hand again. He pulled it away from me, but I was too quick, and I took it gently in my own, locking our fingers together, pulling him towards me.

That was when I saw it in his eyes. Something so much more than the obvious lust I’d believed he felt.

Something that I knew I’d been waiting for all along.


And what could be worse than never saying it at all

Is never knowing the feeling never feeling the fall


“You and I, we’ve known each other for a while.” I stated, as he rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, since year 7, I mean, you practically beat the crap out of me when I mentioned your boobs.” He said, a hint of a smile coming to his face.

“Exactly.” I said to him. “You always knew, from day one, how to get to me. All throughout high school you and I tortured one another. And then you followed me here, to Uni, in Sydney, and I just wanted to beat the living daylights out of you once more. Because you know, I finally believed I’d be rid of you.”

I took a step closer to him, and took his other hand, pulling him a little closer to me.

“But I can’t deny it any more, I can’t deny us. It’s who we are Jack. Where one goes, the other follows. We could never be without one another? And I thought that was just us. Those annoying people who have the love/hate/annoy friendship… but we’re not. We’re so much more than that.”


What’s it gonna take to get us both there

Cant you see what I'm suggesting it's a double dare


I took another step towards him, and I began to feel his body heat radiating against my own. His eyes remained locked in mind, and I saw everything he’d ever felt for me, and knew that these feelings ran deeper than I would ever really know.

“Martha.” My name escaped his lips, as he pulled me into him, his arms wrapping around my waist, my body falling, colliding into his.

It felt like coming home.


You start is you have the nerve

I’ll trust my heart but you go first


I looked up at him, and felt his heart beating hard in his chest. His hand reached up under my chin and tilted my head towards his.

“I’ve been wanting to do this since the first punch you threw back in year seven.” He said huskily as his lips crashed against mine. It was heaven and even then some. My skin burned wherever he touched me, and my body melted into his. His arms pulled tight around me, and suddenly, we just fit.

Suddenly, everything hit me at once. And I never wanted to not be in his arms again.


Do you want to kiss

You go first


Entry #4: Greed

Rating: G (General Audience)

Martha, Casssie, Matilda and Belle all got asked to do a job with a pair. Martha picked Belle and Cassie chose Matilda. Alf asked them to paint a house for his new friend Alan who was arriving in the bay soon. Martha wanted pink paint, Belle wanted blue paint, Matilda wanted yellow paint and Cassie wanted green paint. Alf let them paint the house different colours. They all started painting once they had bought the paint, looking forward to getting stuck into the decorating.

However, Belle just sat back and watched Martha doing all the work. Martha stood painting when looked back to see Belle brushing her hair.

“Are you just going to sit there and not do anything?” Martha said angrily. “Pretty much.” Belle replied while reading a magazine.

1 hour later

Martha had been painting now for 3 hours non-stop. Belle turned the TV on and turned on Sky. She then put the Television on Smash Hits. It was now 11.55 am. Martha said:

“Get 3 cans of Cola.”

“Who they for?” Belle asked.

“Me, Matilda and Cassie.”

Belle went to get the drinks but when she returned she was eating crisps. Martha stole the remote and turned the TV on to BBC News. The reporter said

“We are live here today at this house in Australia.” The press tried getting pictures inside but the blinds were closed. Martha turned around again and Belle was saying:

“This is my room and I painted it myself. It took 3 hours to do!” Martha looked furious and said


Belle prayed for them to come back but they never did. Belle was angry with Martha. Martha said

“You Greedy little…” Martha stopped and said “I won’t continue. You take all the credit for nothing. You are completely stupid now get out!” Belle said:

“I AM STAYING HERE!” Martha then punched her and knocked her out. Martha turned away and Belle grabbed Martha’s top to get up and Martha fell down still not knowing it was Belle. She grabbed a fire extinguisher and hit her head, really knocking her unconscious. Martha was so sorry. Belle then got up and said:

“I will help as long as you don’t hurt me again.”

At the end of the day they ended up filling water guns with paint and shooting them at the walls to make a mixture of colours. Alf’s friend Alex came to the house and loved the colours and design. Martha pulled the cover off of the furniture to see multi-coloured furniture. The kitchen was yellow, one bedroom was pink the other was blue and the final bedroom was green. The living room was also all different colours. Martha, Belle, Matilda and Cassie went Home and they sat down and they saw Martha shouting at the TV cameras. Martha laughed and said:

“What an end to a fun day!”


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Entry #5: Broken Beyond Repair

Deleted as requested from author.

Entry #6: Lust

Rating: M

Last night Ric, Cassie, Matilda and Lucas went to a nightclub. They got in the over 18’s part of the nightclub fine as they used their fake id’s.

Last night Ric and Cassie realised how strong their feelings actually were for each other, they were thinking about giving up on their relationship as they thought it didn’t have that spice that they thought everyone else’s relationships had.

They soon changed their mind…

24 Hours before

“Hey Cass” Matilda says. After she knocked on the door and Cassie let her into sally’s house.

“Hey Maddie” Cassie says. Cassie is in her nightie, she has just woken up.

Ric heard someone come in, from upstairs so he came down and he has now realised it was Matilda that came in. Ric is wearing a vest and boxers. He has just woken up now too.

“Hey Maddie” Ric says.

“Hey” Matilda says.

“Have I interrupted something?” Matilda asks.

“No, I’ve just woken up and so has Cass. Don’t worry anything we did do, it was done earlier.” Ric says.

“Ok….” Matilda replies.

“So what were you going to say?’ Cassie says.

Cassie says trying to change the subject.

“Oh I found this leaflet in our post.” Matilda says.

“Oh yeah, what’s it about?” Ric says.

Ric and Cassie look at the leaflet it is advertising a nightclub called “Jacko’s Club”

“I thought it looked like it would be a good night out for us four referring to her and Lucas, Cassie and Ric.” Matilda says.

“Yeah, it looks good from what I can see.” Cassie says.

“Would you want to go then?” Matilda says.

“Yeah I suppose we can give it a try.” Ric says.

“Cool.” Matilda says.

Matilda hasn’t told Lucas yet.

“I have told Lucas yet, so I don’t know whether he will want to go or not.”

“At least I can tell him you two want to go, and see what he says.” Matilda says.

“Yeah, and tell him he will be all alone as us three are going to the nightclub.” Cassie says.

Matilda Laughs.

“I’m sure that will change his mind if he doesn’t want to go at first.” Matilda says.

“So it’s tonight?” Ric asks.

“Yeah, that’s what it says on the leaflet Ric.” Cassie says.

“That’s enough of your cheek.” Ric says.

Cassie Laughs.

“Me? Cheeky. Never.” Cassie replies.

“Ok, I better leave you to it.” Matilda says.

Matilda walks off at fast pace.

“Bye…” Cassie says but Matilda is well gone by the time Cassie says that.

“I think you missed her.” Ric says.

“Oh really you do, do you?” Cassie says.

Matilda arrives back at the hunter’s house.

Lucas is lying on the sofa watching the TV.

“I’m back.” Matilda says.

“Where did you go again?” Lucas says.

He forgot.

“I went around to Ric and Cassie’s.” Matilda replies.

“In our post, I found this leaflet I was thinking about going there it’s something to do.” Matilda says.

“A night out.” Matilda adds.

Matilda turns the TV down.

“What do you think?” Matilda says.

“Yeah, it doesn’t look too bad. We have nothing planned for tonight do we?” Lucas replies.

“No, that’s why I thought it would be a good idea.” Matilda says.

“Yeah, well someone has to keep you company.” Lucas says.

“Yes, someone does.” Matilda says.

“Is it just us two going?” Lucas says.

“No, Ric and Cassie are going aswell.” Matilda replies.

“Ah, cool. This should be fun.” Matilda says.

Matilda texts Cassie.

It says:

“I can’t believe it. Lucas wants to go.”

Cassie receives the text.

She texts Matilda back.

It says:

“Cool. Can’t wait.”

The time now is 11.00 o’clock in the morning.

The nightclub “Jacko’s Club” opens at 7.30 pm.

It stays open for half an hour until 8. After 8, the entrance doors close and no more people are allowed in.

Matilda receives Cassie’s text.

She sends another.

It says:

“Do you want to meet up at Diner at 12. Tell Ric.”

“Yeah, ok that sounds like a good idea.” Cassie sends back.

“Right, Lucas you will have to get ready soon.” Matilda says.

“Ok, I will.” Lucas says.

Lucas has a shower, and comes of the bathroom in a towel and goes into his bedroom.

He slips some underwear on, and gets dressed.

His hair looks different to how it normally does so he styles it so that it gives his hair its usual look.

“We have to get dressed soon.” Cassie says.

“Ok, you can get ready first.” Ric says.

Fine I will. Cassie goes upstairs.

Cassie grabs some towels and goes into the bathroom.

She takes off her nightie, knickers and bra. She jumps in the shower.

Ric slowly walks upstairs and grabs his own towels and goes into the bathroom.

Ric takes off his vest, and boxers and jumps into the shower.

“Hey Gorgeous.” Ric says.

“Hey Handsome” Cassie says.

“We can get ready quicker this way.” Ric says.

She looked at me with that lustful gaze.

She looked me up and down.

“Like what you see?” Ric asks.

“I say.” Cassie replies.

Ric looked Cassie up and down.

“Well, I can say I do too.” Ric says.

Cassie and Ric started washing each other’s bodies.

“You put the soap on, and I’ll rinse my body myself.” Ric says.

“Ok. Do the same with me too.” Cassie replied.

After much giggling, and arousing each other Cassie and Ric are finally nice and clean after that shower visit.

Ric pulls his towel up from the floor and wraps it around him.

Cassie does the same with her towel.

They each go into their separate rooms, although they have nothing to hide from each other.

Ric gets dressed. He puts some deodorant on, and some aftershave. He quickly dries his hair.

Now he has to do his hair. He styles his hair to his normal style.

Cassie is still in her towel; she is drying her hair first before she gets ready as her clothes will get wet otherwise if she just puts them on straight away. She straightens her hair.

She takes a while, but has finally finished drying her hair. She now puts deodorant on and gets dressed. Then she puts some makeup on, and her perfume.

“Right I’m ready.” Cassie says.

“Well Done. You took 15 minutes more than me.” Ric says.

“Well had to put some make up on etc.” Cassie says.

“You don’t look bad without make up.” Ric replies.

“You looked fine in the shower to me with no make up.” Ric adds.

“Thanks Ric. It makes me feel better about myself though.” Cassie says.

“Fair enough.” Ric says.

It is 11.50.

“It only takes five minutes to get there.” Ric says.

“Let’s stay here for 5 minutes.” Ric says.

“Ok then.” Cassie replies.

Cassie and Ric sit on the sofa and cuddle.

They both say each other smell nice.

It is 11.55.

Cassie and Ric leave Sally’s house and go the diner.

Matilda and Lucas are already there. Matilda wanted to get there early, as it was her that organised it.

“Hey Guys!” Cassie says.

“Hey Maddie, Luke.” Ric says.

“Right, so it starts at 7.30. Let’s try and meet up at half six as it takes an hour to get there.” Matilda says.

“Ric, you can drive us there.” Matilda says.

“Yeah, ok.” Ric says.

“Where are we going to meet up?” Lucas says.

“At our place.” Cassie replies.

“Seeing as Ric is driving us there we might as well meet up there.” Matilda says.

“Ok, that seems logical.” Lucas says.

“Where is it again?” Cassie asks.

“Some place in Sydney.” Ric replies.

“Ok, that’s good you know Ric.” Cassie says.

Matilda laughs.

“I’m pretty sure I know how to get there, but I can go on the Internet later and find step by step directions on how to get there just so that we are on the safe side and get there alright.” Ric says.

“Yeah that sounds like a good idea Ric.” Cassie says.

“Yeah, the last thing we want is to get lost.” Lucas says.

“We won’t with me driving.” Ric says.

“Oh, yeah we will have to see about that.” Cassie says.

“Ok, you two. Enough.” Matilda says.

Ric and Cassie both giggle.

“Sorry.” They both say.

“I just want to get everything sorted first then you can continue.” Matilda says.

“Ok, sure thing.” Ric says.

“So what else is there to discuss?” Lucas asks.

“What we are going to tell our parents.” Matilda says.

“Yeah, that’s a good point they aren’t going to approve of us going out until late especially in a nightclub.” Lucas says.

“Just say we are going to visit Kane and Kirsty in the city to see how they are.” Ric says.

“That’s a great idea.” Lucas says.

“Yeah, they know that we are really good friends with them. Although we should actually do that sometime.” Cassie says.

“What about if they phone Kane and Kirsty?” Matilda asks.

“There is always a problem we will just phone Kirsty and tell her what we are doing.” Lucas says.

“Do you think that is a good idea?” Lucas asks.

“Yeah, as knowing our parents they will want to know where we are.” Ric replies.

“I feel bad though, us just phoning them out of the blue and asking them for a favour.” Cassie says.

“I feel bad too.” Matilda says.

“Ok, well then why don’t we actually go up there one time?” Lucas suggests.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.” Cassie says.

“But then we will have to think up another excuse it doesn’t matter I’m sure between the four of us we can think of one.” Matilda says.

Colleen comes along.

“Now kids, it’s all very well you coming in here and having a chat but do you want to buy something?” Colleen asks.

“Yeah, we do. We have been waiting. I will have a beef burger and chips with an OJ.” Ric says.

“I’ll have a Caesar salad and an apple juice.” Cassie says.

“I’ll have some fresh prawns and seafood sauce and lemonade.” Matilda says.

“I’m going to have a chicken burger and chips with a normal coke.” Lucas says.

“Thanks.” Colleen says.

Colleen dashes off to the kitchen.

“I thought we needed somewhere to talk, plus I am hungry as it is lunchtime we just got so carried away with talking about tonight.” Ric says.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” The rest of the group say.


Lucas & Matilda and Ric & Cassie have eaten their lunch now and are about to leave the diner.

‘Where do you want to go?” Cassie says.

“Erm, we could go to my place.” Matilda says.

“Yeah, ok.” Ric and Cassie both say.

“But first, can we stroll along the beach for a bit?” Matilda asks.

“Yeah, ok that sounds relaxing.” Cassie says.

Ric and Lucas talk together, while Cassie and Mattie have their girl talk.

“How are things going with you and Cassie?” Lucas asks.

“Ok, we are so comfortable with each other now though it has got boring.” Ric says.

“Really? I still love being with Maddie.” Lucas replies.

“I’m glad we’re going to this thing tonight.” Ric says.

“I’m not too bothered about it really just going because Maddie wants me too.” Lucas says.

Over to Matilda and Cassie’s girl’s talk;

“So what you wearing tonight then?” Cassie asks.

“Erm a new top I got and a blue sarong thing and jeans.” Matilda replies.

“Sounds nice.” Cassie says.

“I’m wearing this orange top and beige dress.” Cassie says.

“Thanks. What you are wearing sounds nice too; you look really nice in orange.” Matilda says.

“Thanks Mattie.” Cassie says.

“You and Ric still ok?” Matilda asks.

“Erm, well good question. We are too comfortable if you get what I mean. Like we think we have tried out lots of things, and there is nothing left for us to do now.” Cassie says.

“Oh, yeah well my Luke still makes me happy.” Matilda says.

“Yeah, it’s not that Ric doesn’t make me happy it’s just we want to do new things so that we can re-light our fire of a relationship.” Cassie says.

“It seems to have blown out recently.” Cassie says.

“I’m sure you will both try your hardest to get your relationship back on track.” Matilda says.

“That’s just it. I don’t know whether I want to try or not.” Cassie says.

“Let’s just see how tonight goes before you make any quick decisions.” Matilda says.

Ric & Lucas and Matilda & Cassie meet up again.

They want to just relax before they go to the nightclub.

Lucas and Matilda go back to theirs to get changed into their swimming costumes.

So do Ric and Cassie.

Ric quickly slips off his clothes and slips on his swimming trunks and Cassie debates over what bikini to wear then just chooses one, she then changes into her bikini.

Lucas and Matilda and Ric and Cassie all gather at the beach again like they had planned beforehand.

Lucas found a beach ball in his old house, so he brung that along with him.

“Right, try to keep the ball up.” Lucas says.

“The person that fails to keep it up will get splashed with water by all of us.

That will make you be enthusiastic.” Lucas says.

“Ok, let’s begin.” Ric says.

Lucas Ric Cassie and Matilda are all in the sea.

“Lucas you start.” Cassie says.

“Ok.” Lucas says.

Lucas punches the ball up into the air Ric knocks the ball to Cassie she knocks it to Matilda. Matilda knocks it to Ric. Ric knocks it to Lucas.

They carried on like this for 25 minutes, everyone must be eager to not have water splashed on to them.

Lucas knocks it to Cassie. Cassie had an itchy eye so she had to itch it.

“Oh, Cass.” Ric says.

“Oh no.” Cassie watches as the beach ball falls to the bottom of the water. They are in a fairly shallow part of the sea.

The inevitable happens. Cassie gets splashed big time with loads of water.

“I needed to cool down, I was boiling.” Cassie says.

“I’m going to get one of you next time.” Cassie adds.

“I don’t mind getting wet if that brings the sparkle back.” Ric says.

They play for another 20 minutes and Lucas misses. They all splash Lucas.

“It is quite nice actually Cassie isn’t it? As long as no water goes up your nose or in your mouth.” Lucas says.

“Yeah, it isn’t too bad.” Cassie says.

“Oh look at the time, that went quick!” Matilda says.

It’s 5.20 pm.

“Oh quick we need to get home Ric. We got to get changed and not a lot of time left.” Cassie says.

“Yeah, ok let’s go.” Ric says.

“We better be going too Mattie.” Lucas says.

“Yeah, okay we’ll meet out your house Cass.” Matilda says.

“Okay.” Cassie says.

Cassie and Ric go home, as do Matilda and Lucas.

It’s 6.00 pm.

Ric and Cassie quickly rush to get ready so that they have enough time to get to the nightclub.

Cassie quickly slips on her orange high heels, as Ric slips on his Nike trainers.

They both check themselves in the mirror, to check they look the business.

“You look cool” Ric thinks to himself.

He is wearing three quarter length jeans and a iron maiden t-shirt with a brown hat to go with it he decided to smooth his hair down and not gel it because that goes better with the hat he is wearing.

Cassie is wearing her orange top and beige dress just like she told maddie on the beach and orange high heels. She’s the same height as Ric now although they aren’t holding hands they are waiting for maddie and Luke to come around there. Ric and Cassie are both standing up waiting.

They see Maddie at the door first and then they see Luke.

“Hey you look nice.” Cassie says to Matilda.

“Thanks. You look great too.” Matilda says.

“Looking cool.” Lucas says.

“You look your normal self.” Ric says.

It is obvious Cassie and Ric have put more of an effort into looking better than Matilda and Lucas as they want to meet new people and give them a go.

It’s 6.10.

“Right lets go.” Ric says.

He takes his keys and gets into his car, with Lucas in the front and Cassie and Matilda at the back of the car.

They have been driving for almost half an hour now they are just under half way there.

“I’m boiling.” Cassie says.

Ric bought a sports car because he won on a small lottery he did when he went up to Yabbie Creek.

He has the rooftop open, as you can have it either open or closed.

‘”Yeah can we close the rooftop.” Lucas says.

“Yeah, ok.”

Ric quickly takes his shades off and presses a button on the control panel of the car that closes the rooftop; he puts the air-con on.

“That’s better. Thanks Ric.” Cassie says.

“No worries.” Ric says.

7.25 pm

They have now arrived at the nightclub.

They found a parking space, and Ric parked up.

They now all stood outside of Jacko’s Nightclub.

Ric could get in anyway because he is 18. The other three couldn’t though.

They had fake ids to get them in.

Cassie showed the really tall and Hench bodyguard her fake id.

You wouldn’t want to get thrown out by him.

He said “You look better in real life than in your picture.” He was trying to hit onto her.

Cassie snatched her fake id off of him and thought “what a creep”.

She met Ric.

“Ok, so I’m just going to go off and talk to new people.” Ric says.

“I’m going to do that to, meet you later.” Cassie says.

Matilda and Lucas are still trying to get into the nightclub.

The same bodyguard let them both in; he believed their fake ids.

Matilda gasped in shock for a moment when she entered the nightclub.

This must have been at the women pole dancing in the middle of the nightclub.

They were giving pole dancing to men who wanted them.

Lucas went to join the queue.

“Erm what are you doing?” Matilda said.

“I pretended to join to see what you would say.” Lucas replied.

“Yeah, sure. Get over here you.” Matilda says.

Lucas came walking back to Matilda.

Meanwhile Ric has went over to a blonde pretty girl.

“Hey” Ric says.

“Hey handsome.” The blonde pretty girl says.

You know what always comes with a pretty girl label?

“What’s your name?” Ric says.



She says.

“I’m Ric.”

“That’s a nice name, Theresa.”

Ric says.

“It sounds so sexy when you say it.”

The pretty girl says.

“Does it? Eh” Ric says.

“I think I like what I’m hearing.” Ric says.

“So Ric, what do you do for a living?” Theresa says.

“I’m a mechanic.” Ric says.

“Oh, so you like getting into all of the dirty places.” Theresa says.

“If you want to put it like that, yeah.” Ric says.

Ric goes all red.

“Why you gone all red? Was it something I said?” Theresa says.

“Yeah, it was.” Ric replies cheekily.

While Ric doesn’t actually seem to be doing all of the chatting up for once, Cassie has found someone to talk to.

“Heya.” Cassie says.

“Hey” A really deep voice says.

He is a really tall dark brown man who looks like he is twenty-one. He has styled his hair but not with gel so it sweeps across to one side of his head.

Cassie is only 17.

“You look amazing.” He said.

“Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself.” Cassie says.

“What’s your name?” he asks.

“Cassie.” Cassie says.

“Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful woman.” He says.

“You’re too nice.” Cassie says. Cassie blushes.

“I’m Tom.” He says.

“What are your hobbies?” Tom says.

“Erm, well I like going out with my mates who are around here somewhere, I like going shopping, I like going on the internet I like horse riding.” Cassie says.

“That’s cool.” Tom says.

“I like doing more or less the same things, except for the horse riding. I like surfing instead.” Tom says.

Cassie laughs.

“Yeah, surfing is a popular hobby where I live.” Cassie says.

“Is it? Cool. Yeah, it really calms me down if I need to take some time out and just sort my head out.” Tom says.

Tom and Cassie seem to be getting on well.

Ric and Theresa seem to be flirting a lot too.

“What do you work as?” Ric says.

“A beautician.” Theresa says.

“Is that any fun?” Ric asks thinking it must be with her about the place.

“Yeah, I have girly chats with all of the women that come in.” Theresa says.

“Ok, sounds like you have a nice little job there.” Theresa says.

Ric, Theresa Cassie and Tom have all been drinking cocktails.

“I just have to go to the girl’s room.” Theresa says.

“Yeah, I need to go to the Gents.” Ric says.

“I’ll come back, just got to the Gents.” Tom says.

Cassie also rushes off to the girl’s room.

Ric hasn’t met Tom, and Cassie hasn’t met Theresa.

Ric goes into the gent’s and so does Tom.

“Alright, mate.” Ric says.

“G’day.” Tom says.

Tom goes out of the gents.

Ric is still finishing up.

Cassie says “Hey” to Theresa.

Theresa blanks her because she thinks Cassie looks better than her.

Tom and Theresa bump into each other.

“Hello there.” Theresa says.

“Hey.” Tom says.

They look like they know each other.

Do they?

Cassie stays in the girl’s room because she hears Tom speaking to another girl. She can hear everything they say.

Ric stays in the gent’s for exactly the same reason. He can hear Theresa talking to Tom.

“So how many guys did you manage to chat up?”

“Five.” Theresa says.

“I managed to chat up three girls.” Tom says.

“Ha, I’m more desirable.” Theresa says.

Tom and Theresa only came to Jacko’s Nightclub to see who was the most desirable, Tom or Theresa.

“That’s why I love you.” Tom says.

“What?!” Cassie is thinking.

Tom and Theresa both leant in near each other for a kiss.

Ric can’t believe his eyes. Nor can Cassie.

Cassie comes out of the girl’s room and throws a cocktail in tom’s face.

Ric just comes out, angry. He pulls gently on Theresa’s hair some comes out because they are extensions.

“Wait for me, Cass.” Ric says. They have a big kiss.

“Oh, that felt so good Ric.” Cassie says.

“I don’t care that were predictable.” Ric says.

“Me neither.” Cassie says.

“Come on Lucas & Maddie.” Ric says.

“What?” Matilda says. She just woke up.

Lucas and Matilda both fell asleep leaning on each other.

“Huh?” Lucas says.

“Time to go.” Cassie says.

“Ok.” Matilda and Lucas both get up from where they were sitting and drag themselves out through the front door.

Cassie and Ric both leave holding hands.

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