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Fan Fic Challenge Entries 2006/07

Guest AngelRose

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I have an idea brewing that I thought I'd put out there to see what kind of response I'd get.

It goes like this:

To write a piece of fanfic (Max 1000 words) giving 1 characters thoughts/feelings on a storyline. I'm thinking monologue style. It might be best as a missing scene.

For example:

How did Jack feel (considering his secret) the night of Tasha & Robbie's party after seeing Martha for the first time?

What are Alf's thoughts on the walk from the beach after talking to Flynn to Summer Bay to see Sally?

How did Frank react on his first night in the Bay?

Get the idea? What do you think?

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They wouldn't be 'judged' per se; people could just respond to them like normal fanfics - no prizes just the usual praise or constructive criticism.

My idea was to just really get inside a character's head, see what truly makes them tick. People can be freer in thought than they ever can in speech or action.

For example only:

in her head Mattie is perfectly free to THINK: "Colleen is a daft old bat, someone should tell her she's a nightmare who gets on everyone's nerves & the Bay would be a much better place without her!"

But as a reasonably nice character even if those WERE her thoughts, I doubt she'd ever dare say them aloud.

or again

Irene might THINK:

"Damn, I'd rather be sleeping with Kim than Barry!"

but she could never SAY that because of character situation & tv pc laws.

Get my meaning?

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... You mean a ficlet?

I've done fics like this before and I wouldn't mind having a go again. Just need to figure out which storyline and character.

I find that, when doing stories like this, you really need to pick a character that you feel comfortable writing about. I guess you need to study to try and keep it in character.

I find it real easy to do fics like this based on Kit.

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It's a good idea and I look forward to reading them. doubt I'll write one though, I'm useless at thoughts and feelings and awful at ending things, anything I write just tends to run and run, I have major hassles with word limits!

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...Chemistry.....it feels right.....comfortable ...words and phrases of that genre began to loosen and roll towards her like an inspirational landslide -...yet she needed to resist and push them back ...didn't she...? ....shouldn't she....? ...mustn't she...?

Hayley was being given the pre-wedding walk around the top-secret venue chosen for the wedding reception ...but the clear, persistent voice kept coming "I'm doing this with the man I should be marrying. Why else would Scott happen to be here at this moment above all others ? It's a sign....a sign of just how stupid I've been...."

Scott's voice was chatting, easily reassuringly - as it always had, about the gardens - the view...Oh, the view...the old feelings were steadily heading back towards the central meeting point of her heart.."Just look at him - he has no idea I still feel this way - and that's harmful - harmful all round ! A guy like him ending up with a manipulative reptile like Amanda...and me with Kim..."

Poor Kim ..

That had been a square Hayley had been attempting to circle since day one.."I keep thinking back to after that plane crash -- how could any of us judge how we were feeling...it was like...like nothing I've ever felt before or want to again - we were all...well, just...different...look I NEEDED somebody -- but I DIDN'T need a relationship - just a hug, a cuddle, someone to hold me and tell me it would be ok....Mum not there, Dad dead- Will and NIck far gone - No Irene--- and Noah...."

Noah ?? Wow, where had THAT come from all of a sudden...?

She'd paused, but a warm playful smile from her guide was ruling out any rest yet...

"Yes - that's it, that smile - how likely did I EVER think it was another smile would ever do that to me after Noah ? But it did - oh yes it did -and its not Kim -- look I CAN'T be thinking like this....but I am.."

Scott was pointing out an imaginary archway - you see - he'd thought of one too - KIm had frowned..

"Look no-one can say I haven't TRIED with Kim, can they....but isn't that just IT ? Noah I didn't HAVE to try - and Scott i DIDN'T HAVE to try...Oh Kim brings me drinks and snacks and is adorable and Kisses me and hugs me but it just isn't the SAME !!..."

She turned eyes again on Scott, still enjoying his showman role...

"You know, I could have SWORN that baby was his ... he was growing into being a father --- Kim was a mate I slept with......but Scott was making me SO mad - that Lisa was playing him for a fool...and that made two of us...WHY wasn't I honest...? Soul-mates ...and Kim and I ---mates..."

She realized only scraps of the venue's outlook had registered in her mind....she wouldn't be marrying Kim here- or anywhere--- this would be hard - but look at him - this is Scott - my second chance -- this is no game...

They'd reached the end of the "tour"...he was asking her if he'd helped at all ..., Oh yes he'd helped alright...and just in time, too....

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