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What was the last Movie you watched?

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One Direction This is Us

I watched Divergent last night.

Sharknado 3

On DVD: Jaws. No matter how many times I see it, as soon as that tune starts playing I sink into my blanket.


I actually love that tune. I find it rather amusing :lol: The Jaws movies are so unlikely that they are not scary, even though I guess no one wants to end their lives in the mouth of a shark :unsure: At least I know I wouldn't :ph34r:

The last movie I saw was... um... The Omen I think it was :unsure:

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Haven't been in here for a while so...

The Golden Compass - pretty good. Nothing I'm too invested in, but if they make a second movie I'll watch it.

Enchanted - very nice. I had a blast watching it, and I don't think I stopped smiling with girlish Disney-fan glee. Except for the dragon. I was hoping for Maleficent, but it was much too cutesie for my liking.

Alien Resurrection - It just wouldn't end... How long can a group of people run around screaming at random piles of teeth and goo? If it was a choice between sitting through that again and a handful of cyanide pills, I'd really have to consider taking the pills...

Aliens - a much better movie than Resurrection, but I still had little to no interest. Space-based sci-fi... eh.

Dead Silence - will probably give me nightmares :P. Not bad for a generic horror. I liked the classic haunting vibe. I appreciated that the gore was specific to the story they were telling, and not just for the sake of "oooh blood! AWESOME!!!!!" :rolleyes:. And Ryan Kwanton was in it, so it was fun to nitpick his American accent :P

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