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  1. Vile. Min 5 Max 10 Snow down to 600m.
  2. If you would read through my previous post carefully you would see my acknowledgement of this misunderstanding: Why is it that more than one post in admiration of the Braxtons is acceptable, whereas more than one post critical of the Braxtons is considered repetitive? That's called double standards. It's a shame that some members have been personally offended by my dislike of some television show characters. Please provide me with some specific examples where my posts have been 'agressive and intimidatory'. Sorry about the delay in my replying to your post. My apologies in tha
  3. I agree that it would be good to learn more about Roo's early life in the Bay. I must confess, as someone who hasn't watched the show right from the beginning, I have wondered a bit about her back story. I have recorded all the early years episodes perhaps I need to start watching them to catch up.
  4. Very well said. I've highlighted the main points I agree with above. This is the major gripe I have about the show at the moment, really its the problem I've had with the show since 2005 to varying degrees. The major lack of consistency. But its got terrible since the Braxtons arrived and since they are the current obsession, I see their introduction and the focus on trivialising their crime and irritating behaviour as the main culprit in 2011-2012. It makes the writers come up with tacky plots that are very repetitive and difficult to invest in. See I also agree with Coral about drama bein
  5. You were not "called out" because of your dislike of the Braxtons or their criminal activities and involvement with drug dealings. If you look back through the threads you will find numerous occasions where you and others have presented those views. There is no problem with this in fact it is what the Forum is about. You were "called out" because of the long and repetitive nature of your posts which were seen as stating the same opinion over and over again often in the same words. They were also perceived to be aggressive and intimidatory.
  6. I have to agree with you. People are entitled to their opinions and certainly entitled to express them on the Forum but it is almost as if some people are trying to drown out any different opinion in long, repetitive posts which pretty much say the same thing over and over again. Personally I believe that the show has in the past overdone the drug and crime storylines but I do think in recent times we have begun to see more of the back stories of the characters and why they behave as they do. For me this makes interesting character focussed television. Personally I am not looking to
  7. Interesting post RR1. I really do think they have lost track of April's character. Early in the piece she had a degree of sophistication due to her travel and upbringing and could be quite idealistic if at times misguided. Somehow that sophistication has deserted her and so has her idealism. The transformation to "nympho" as you so rightly describe it seems to have been without a real explanation on screen anyway as to why that had happened. I don't buy that an encounter with Heath would be the entire explanation for this. To me April's journey in recent time s has been quite random an
  8. I couldn't find a thread for the discussion of this relationship/marriage. If someone can set me straight I'll be happy to merge. I just have a different view of this relationship and it's difficulties. Indi is seen by many as the responsible one in the relationship with "responsible" being seen as conservative, low risk etc. I don't see it like that. I see Indi as "safe". Not being able to function away from her family, not being able to contemplate life away from the safety and security of her well off life with her father generally providing a steady, more than adequate income
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Mmmm. I don't necessarily like or dislike Brax but I do find him a worthwhile and complex character. He's not all black or all white, like most people. There are times you can like him and at other times you will loathe him. I'd say I appreciate his character as a study rather than like or dislike him.
  12. What a thought provoking post and just the sort I was hoping would be part of this discussion. That's not to say I agree with it all. Just to clarify my thoughts; 1. I agree that Brax has been involved in criminal activity and that the River Boys are a gang involved in criminal activity. 2. I know that not all people from poor socio economic backgrounds resort to criminal behaviour but statistically, in Australia anyway, people from those poor backgrounds are over represented in our jail population. 3. I am not trying to promote Brax as some sort of Robin Hood figure who should be ex
  13. I have no problem with the recognition that the gang lifestyle and it's associated activities are criminal and can and do have tragic consequences. But I believe that if our appreciation of Brax as a character and his efforts to look after his family stop there we have missed a lot of the point of the storyline.
  14. I'd like to widen the discussion of the character of Daryl Braxton. At times discussion has been focussed entirely on his criminal dealings, real and assumed, and the tragic consequences of those both for him, his family and his friends. I certainly acknowledge that and I think that a large part of the point of the River Boys storylines has been the tragic consequences which can come from association with gangs and their culture and criminal associations. This is particularly the case when drugs are involved. These have been graphically portrayed in the death of Charlie and the various
  15. I think the relationship has possibilities. April certainly isn't intimidated by Heath and has the ability to make him think. Heath certainly seems to care for April on some level. He wasn't prepared to provide her with drugs and has showed at least some concern for her welfare at times. It will be interesting to see how it develops. For it to last fairly substantial character changes by both of them. I'd like to see it.
  16. Has it really been that long? I've been here since 2004. It's been a wild ride but fun. May it continue.
  17. Windy and wet. Would blow your dog off the chain!!
  18. I'd like to see the storylines with Casey go in another direction. I think without the influence of Ruby and the adults that back her Casey will drift back into the life he knows from the example of his family. Rememeber that Irene has had a substantial influence on Ruby so had Leah. In that sense I think Casey's relationship with Ruby is important to his eeking another direction for his life. A lot will depend on where Ruby turns to for wiser counsel. If Ruby turns to Irene, Leah and perhaps Roo then both she and Casey could become a stable and mutually supportive couple who would help
  19. Most Forums don't require Mod preview. I have PMed a Mod on your behalf as I am not able to deal with this as a Forum Mod
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