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  1. It seems to me that they have set things up so that Nicole will be Aden's main support after Belle is gone. That could lead to anything. It quite often does in real life.
  2. Can I gently remind all posters of Forum Rule ! 1) Please use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar (capital letters, full stops, etc) when posting. This makes your posts easier to understand and readable by all. We do not allow MSN style text speak.
  3. Thers' a few of us around. Did you watch the show last night?
  4. Hi Emma. How are you enjoying the show at the moment.
  5. Cold, wet and wintery. Hope we get some decent rain.
  6. Can I just say that I have very little interest in the storylines involving Charlie and Angelo's relationship at the moment. It amazes me that so much time, energy and decriptive energy have been spent on it. Is this another "wind up"?
  7. PM me I don't care! Just tell me. I've PMed you the answer Lily. John H
  8. Recently some offensive language referring to characters has been used in posts. We define offensive language as words not commonly used on the show in its 7pm timeslot. Constant use of language not common on the show will be edited out and repeated offences will result in warnings and further sanctions." Those who thoughts immediately turn to “freedom of speech’ should note that all societies have laws governing the use of offensive language. We don’t wish to restrict what people say, just restrict the use of offensive language not suited to the multi-age demographic of the board
  9. Sorry I haven't read this earlier. It's very well written with a great command of the characters and conversations. You really have portrayed the complicated feelings involved very well. I know you'll throw something at me but you really need to expend your range of characters to include many others. Maybe when the current very emotional Belle/Aden storyline concludes??
  10. I think we need to be careful here that we don't make harsh or insensitive comments because of our own particular "one eyed' view of which relationships we like or don't like.
  11. I think there was more than a hint of desperation on both sides. I know that's no excuse but it happens. You can let it ruin a chance for real lasting happiness or you can just accept it and move on.
  12. At this stage I don't think Annie has foregiven Irene. However the fact that Irene slapped Annie has been enough to persuade Irene that she must return to rehab. I think the ongoing relationship between Irene and Annie will be the subject of a developing storyline. ( and no that isn't a spoiler, it's just me speculating.)
  13. I'm sure all the open minded board members will be watching to see how Annie handles the new storylines which are coming her way. I'm just please that the writers have remembered that she exists. Someone is paying attention to her wardrobe, she is starting to interract with other cast members such as Belle and Kirsty and we are beginning to see her beginning to "test" her beliefs in situations in the real world. If she becomes involved in the Irene storyline then she will take another step in character development.
  14. A psychiatrist probably has more knowledge than a psychologist in some fields. A psychiatrist ( I think) has to complete a full medical degree then extra study for the specialisation. A psychologist does 4 years of study and then a couple of yeras of supervised practice.
  15. Rachel was a Psychiatric Registrar. As I understand it a Psychologist can suggest strategies for behaviour modification, a Psychiatrist can do that but can also prescribe medication for Psychiatric disorders. I was an Educational Psychologist. I worked in schools.
  16. I'm assuming Lily meant psychology as distinct from psychiatry. I hope so because physiology is something entirely different Rachel was initially employed at the hospital as a Psychiatric Resident according to the cast list on the Main Site. A psychologist is a social scientist who studies behavior and mental processes, generally in a research or clinical setting. Psychiatry is in fact a branch of Medicine. Psychiatrist: A physician (an M.D.) who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness. Psychiatrists must receive additional training and serve a su
  17. I note from the Spoilers ( the official ones ) that have come out today that Annie becomes involved in the alcoholic breakdown of Irene in such a way that their relationship is "fractured". I look forward to this as it will finally give Charlotte a storyline with a bit of substance so that we can see her talent. Obviously she will frown a lot but I suspect that will be because of the nature of the storyline.
  18. A really well thought out ending. I really liked your descriptions of the feeling of love. It was also great to see that Aden and Belle's daughter actually returned to at least one of her parents. Well done. I look forward to what you are going to write about next. John H
  19. I'm not sure I'm ever going to come to like Angelo. Not in the near future anyway. But I'm certainly coming to enjoy his part in the ongoing storyline. His character has a little more depth than some others and it's going to be really enthralling to watch how he comes to terms with the consequences of his own mistakes and personality flaws. Flawed characters are always so much more dramatically interesting than those who are so straight forward as to be almost cliches.
  20. I like the really interesting death scene you have suggested with Belle dying in Aden's arms. I'm not sure about your characterisation of Geoff but then I don't think the writers are really doing a great job with Geoff in the show at the moment. I'll be really interested if you take the story on from here and explore Aden's reactions. After all he has lost quite a few people close to him. Well done Lily. John H
  21. I have to agree with the move to the Annie CAD Thread. Please see my post there.
  22. I am wondering about the current lack of understanding of the role of Annie among a lot of viewers. As I see it she has been far more realistically and consistently written than Geoff over the last few months. Both were introduced to the show from a very sheltered, strict religious background. Annie has maintained that belief structure while developing a real "christian" caring side as displayed in her interractions with both Belle and Irene. Annie is young, she is not being malicious or nasty when she makes comments which appear judgemental. She is simply re-stating what she has been
  23. You really are piling on the disasters. It will be interesting to see where you go from there. Keep writing.
  24. Another really good chapter Lily. I like the way that you captured the desperation of Liam in a real understanding of people with addictive behaviour.
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