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  1. Yes, she was very good in quite a different role. A pregnant woman who became an eventual corpse.
  2. A character we can love to hate. They're always entertaining.
  3. Cold, wet and windy. Top temp today was 10 degrees.
  4. The discussion in this thread is awesome at the moment and it's great to see everyone so involved. Just a gentle reminder about using correct spelling and punctuation. This applies to Capital letters to start sentences etc. Thanks everyone John H Forum Mod
  5. Why is it that when a character, in this case Ruby, behaves badly or becomes unlikeable there are calls for them to leave or be thrown off the show. Badly behaved people or people with character flaws are a part of life and surely as such they have a place on the show
  6. This is a Dexter thread. I'm sure there's a place for Robbie comments elsewhere.
  7. Cold, wet and windy with snow in the hills. Can't complain though. The Englanders are really having it tough.
  8. Cool with drizzly rain. can't complain some members are freezing.
  9. I guess we can't be sure but then how can we discount the fact that it might be true?
  10. Just about everything I own because it's @#$% cold ...........and wet.
  11. Cold, wet and windy. Quite unpleasant.
  12. The posts above this one are a perfect illustration of why staff have decided not to do any large departure features. Apparently we have to do a departure feature on every single character who departs to avoid being accused of favoritism. Then I suppose if we make one slightly larger than another we will still be accused of favouritism. There is absolutely nothing to stop to stop members using the existing Character/Actor/Discussion threads to discuss their favourite character moments and include screen caps and opinions if they choose. I took that option just as I have with Belle, Ade
  13. Some Tony caps. I don't know if anyone remembers this.
  14. Not sure what you're getting at Jodiebirger. I've posted caps of most characters if I have them. I'm not a character or relationship hater or lover, I just cap.
  15. We are grateful for any and all offers of help but there are two remaining problems. Even if members volunteer all the material there are only a few staff with the "smarts" to present and upload it. But more importantly, the last big feature we did was for Belle's departure and we were absolutely underwhelmed by the small number of board members who actually looked at it and commented. We sort of got the impression we were talking to ourselves.
  16. I have resisted commenting on this storyline to this point because I just think it is so poorly written in its portrayal of the long term characters of Rachel and Tony. I think the biggest flaws in the writing have been in the character of Tony. I just can't see that boxing would have such a big influence in the life of the same character who was so distraught in the events surrounding his violent loss of his son Jack. The whole boxing thing just seems so trivial when judged against the other things. is going to emerge as a major influence for Tony then it needed to come out well before
  17. I understand the Adelle fan's wish for a happy ending for their favourite couple although I'm sometimes a little bemused as to the extreme lengths they will go to to pursue that wish. However I think we have to consider the fans in general. Believe it or not there are not just those who "love" Adelle and those who "hate" them. There are the vast majority of the fans who appreciate the drama and storylines surrounding all couples without singling out any one couple for their love or hate. For this large group of fans the cancer storyline which lead to Belle's death and the involvement o
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