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  1. Interesting. I feel the same way about Andy and Evie as I did about Heath and April. I did initially think that Heath and April had possibilities if the writers really ran with it. I thought there were signs that April would quickly develop to be able to hold her own with Heath and it would be an unusual and therefore interesting relationship. However the writers decided not to go down that path. Andy and Evie do hold the same possibility but as you say I suspect that this is just a blip on the way back to Josh for Evie.
  2. I decided some time ago to willingly forget history and just treat him as a new character. I actually still think that as a new character he's still finding his way.
  3. I don't think so. I think people are forgetting that Maddy, Oscar and Matt are teenagers. Their relationships will often be very intense but not lasting. I actually think Maddy has behaved mostly well in this recent storyline.
  4. I've become one in recent times after initially thinking she was a bit of a waste of space. She has matured a lot after her cancer scare.
  5. I'd be happy just to get capitals for sentence beginnings and character and cast names!!!! John H Moderator
  6. I think for him ever to be redeemed in my eyes that would have to be dealt with in some way.
  7. I do think that the characterisation of Matt as an idiot boyfriend is a bit unfair. He is a product of his past but he's not still stuck in it. He's growing as is Maddy. I guess your reference to thrillseeking needs a bit of definition. I didn't have in mind an irresponsible pursuit of risky, stupid activities. More an adventurous part to life which occasionally pushes the boundaries in the best possible way. I don't think a relationship with Matt would in any way preclude her pursuing a career in nursing and I hope she does. I also hope that Matt makes a decision to pursue his education
  8. I have been reading this discussion with interest. It has been intriguing to see people's differing views of the relationship. I don't know how others feel but I feel that the writers have decided to do something a little different with Maddy from the other teens. I'm not sure of Kassandra's contract status but I'm wondering whether the writers have decided that she may possibly be staying around longer than some of the others. Because of that they have decided they can write Maddy with a longer time frame in mind. That may just be wishful thinking and it is certainly just speculation on my
  9. Mmm. Interesting discussion. It shows how people can see the same character development and draw different impressions and feelings from it. The thing we all seem to agree on is that Maddy isn't the spoilt, self centred brat she was when we first met her. The brush with cancer and the influence, particularly of Alf, has matured her even a little beyond her years. I agree with others that this whole arc has been very well and subtly written. In some ways Matt has gone through a similar maturing arc. I think Sasha was good for him and while he still has lapses he is in a different place. I
  10. Actually I'd like Matt and Maddie to get together and both of them share their interest in music. I'm wondering whether Matt's gift of the violin is the start of that.
  11. I'm no expert either but I know my sister has a monthly chemo treatment for cancer and hasn't lost her hair. It may depend on the type of chemo.
  12. Mod Comment: No problem with the discussion of Maddy as a character. I'm a bit concerned about the personal references creeping in. Can people please take care.
  13. I'm hopeful for the character of Maddy. People who survive a bout of cancer often emerge with a fresh appreciation of what's important in life. They become more grateful for the opportunities they have been given realising how easily they can be snatched away. I hope that if Maddy gets together with Matt that she will devote herself at least a little toward supporting him. There have been signs of this change in her concern for Alf during his current issues.
  14. I agree with the part in bold. I am a fan of the River Boys as a "band of brothers" and what they brought to the show. As far as I am concerned that era ended with the death of Casey and the departure of Heath. What is going on now with Brax doesn't interest me. The part not in bold I don't agree with. I think the show is in a transition similar to what happens after any iconic character or group of characters leaves. Aden and Belle, Shane and Angel, etc It's happened many times before. My interest is in how this transition is handled and where they transition to.
  15. I think your thoughts on Brax and the River Boys era have been made very plain repeatedly and fair enough if that is your view. However your assertion that Neighbours was not given adequate coverage on Logies night is simply not accurate. Both Jacqie Woodburn and Alan Fletcher were interviewed at length on the night. In fact it could be argued that Neighbours received more coverage than Home and Away despite it supposedly being Home and Away's big night. The Logies were screened on Channel 9 and sponsored by TV Week and I doubt that Channel 9 can be seen as biased toward Channel 7 pr
  16. While I understand that you are not a fan of Brax's character and that is your right, I hope you also understand that your opinion is not universally shared. In fact many viewers do like the character of Brax as indicated by Steve recently winning a Logie for the most popular character. I would say that is the reason the show has held open the possibility of a return.
  17. I'm afraid I really find Chris annoying as well. He constantly pushes into situations where he has no place and stays in people's faces long after he should get the hint and simply go away. I don't find him either lovable or endearing. In fact I'm always surprised he doesn't get his nose punched much more often.
  18. She is 45, born on August 10th, 1969... She looks much younger in real life than as Marilyn. The styling and how Marilyn acts make her 20 years older... You have got to be kidding!! I'm 69 and if Marilyn looks 20 years older than Emily's real age of 45 that would make her comparable in age to me. Let me assure you that she looks nowhere near my age.
  19. I agree with you about Denny RR1. I think she still has the potential to be a valuable character long term but the side excursion into a forced, random relationship with Casey just seemed to be a pointless detour. I'll wait and see what happens in 2015.
  20. I think people need to take a deep breath. Obviously people have differing views on this event and that is understandable. It's also quite acceptable to disagree with someone's view even strongly. However in my opinion sarcasm almost never leads to a good outcome in an argument. Please be careful when expressing views.
  21. A great piece of writing Tele. As a Vietnam Veteran myself and a participant in the Battle in the Binh Ba rubber it stirred some memories of those time and of mates who, like Alf, meet together each year to remember. I am impressed by your research which gives great authenticity to the first few paragraphs. Thank for the piece.
  22. Very nice work Dan. Interesting part for me was that I now figure I actually started watching the show within the first 1000 episodes.
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