Jackie Turner

Jackie Turner (2002, 2003)
Julieanne Newbould
Episodes: 3250; 3369-3373; Secrets and the City; 3497-3498

Children: Josh West
Marital Status: Greg West
Occupation: Journalist

Josh’s mother regularly called Josh to get him to reconsider his plans throughout his first few months in the bay and sending him expensive hampers following him receiving his HSE results.

Jackie then surprised Josh when she turned up to report on the student sleepover at Summer Bay High regarding the imminent closure of Summer Bay High. Jackie then returned later in the year where she discovered that Flynn Saunders had done nude modelling and she was about to run a story that could have finished Flynn’s career. However after Shelley and Josh had talked to Jackie, she changed her mind and left Summer Bay.

A few months later, Jackie appeared in the Secrets and the City episode, using her contacts in Sydney to help Josh and Dani look for Rhys Sutherland, who had ran away from the bay following recent revelations about his private life.

Jackie returned to the bay in 2003 to see Josh, and he left with her.