Greg West

Greg West (2002)
Dane Carson
Episodes: 3217

Children: Josh West
Marital Status: Jackie Turner
Occupation: CEO Pacific Bank

After numerous phone calls to the caravan park, Greg finally managed to talk Josh round into going to universtity. However, on the way back to the his family Josh decided that Summer Bay was for him and headed “back to the bay”. Groan

Greg noticed his sons non-appearance and headed down to the bay to see what it was all about and to get his son to go to Uni. His appearance failed to make Josh leave, but it did cause a minor disruption in Josh’s relationship with Dani, who was a bit perturbed that Josh hadn’t told her that his father was a city high-flyer. Greg left the bay after his quest proved fruitless.

He had an accident in 2003 that then required Josh to leave the bay.