Sam Kennedy

Sam Kennedy (2014, 2015)
Wade Briggs
Episodes: 61086110, 6133, 61476148
Occupation: Barman

Sam was the barman at a town in the outback where Brax and Ash stayed while looking for Ash’s sister Billie. When they mentioned seeing Billie’s car around town, Sam told them the car was now being used by Billie’s ex-boyfriend Dean Sanderson and gave them directions to where he lived.

Next morning, after Brax had gone out on his own, Ash and Sam got talking and compared their histories with Dean. Ash explained he and Dean had done a robbery together and Dean had walked with the money, leaving Ash to serve five years. Sam revealed that Billie used to work at the bar and he had tried to protect her from Dean the day she’d left town, only for Dean to hit him with a cricket bat, leaving him deaf in one ear and ruining his dream of becoming a pilot. After Brax and Ash had left town, with Brax leaving Dean unconscious at an old mine, Sam tracked Dean down and killed him by hitting him on the head with a spade.

Early the following year, Dean’s murder was discovered and Brax was quickly arrested after his fingerprints were found on the murder weapon. Brax and Ash went looking for Sam, and Brax threatened him, trying to get him to admit the truth. Sam took refuge in his house where Ash tried to reason with him, telling him not to let Brax be blamed, but Sam called the police, forcing them to flee.

When Brax’s trial started, Sam gave evidence for the prosecution about Brax turning up looking for Dean. Brax’s lawyer, Craig Stanley, brought up his altercation with Dean, arguing that Sam had a motive and Brax didn’t. Sam replied that Brax and Ash had been looking for money, triggering a police search that found the money Brax had taken from Dean. To stop Ash being charged as well, Brax changed his plea to guilty and announced he had worked alone. Sam watched as Brax was taken away to jail.

The following year, Brax revealed that Sam had confessed, resulting in Brax’s conviction being overturned.