Brenda Nelson

Brenda Nelson (2007)
Anni Finsterer

Episodes: 43914392, 4407

Children: Lily Nelson

Brenda Nelson arrived on Sally’s doorstep to take her abused daughter Lily home with her after she found out that she had been going there alot. Brenda didn’t believe that Lily was being abused by her boyfriend who also lived with them. She brainwashed her so much into thinking she was making it up that Lily told Cassie that she was going back home with her mum. Both Sally and Cassie gave Lily time to decide what she wanted to do but she had already made up her mind and that she was certain she wanted to go back home with her mother.

It wasn’t until after Cassie was almost attacked in public by Lily’s abusive boyfriend Kyle, that Jack Holden was called to investigate. He was sent around to Brenda’s house to see Lily and to try and get the truth out of her. Brenda and Kyle were less than pleased to see the cops involved but let them in. Jack took Lily aside while Brenda and Kyle waited in the kitchen. Once again Lily said that she wasn’t being hit and that she was fine. Jack couldn’t do anymore so he went to Sally’s place to give them the news.

Cassie wasn’t going to give up though. She headed to Brenda’s house along with Matilda to find Lily with the aim of persuading her to come back home with them. They went and were confronted by Kyle who wanted to know exactly what was going on. Matilda ran for help while Cassie and Lily ran into another room. Kyle was quick to break the door down though and got very close to hurting both of them. Fortunately he didn’t as Ric and the others arrived just in time.

Brenda was shocked that Kyle was being taken to the station and made sure that Sally knew what she thought of her before she accompanied him there. Brenda and Kyle were then taken to the police station for questioning. Brenda put up bail for Kyle and he was released.

A short while after Kyle came after Lily again, Lily was settling into the caravan park house well. Her birthday arrived and she tried calling her mum but she hung up. Lily thought that her mum completely hated her.

When Lily almost drowned after she saved Matilda from a rip, Brenda came to visit her in hospital. Lily didn’t want to see her mum and told her to get out. After a heated argument Brenda left the room. And that was the last we saw of her.

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