Logan Bennett

Dr Logan Bennett (2021-2022)
Episodes: 76217811

Occupation: Doctor

Logan first encountered the residents of Summer Bay when he was one of the emergency medical response team flown in to attend Dean, Mia and Nikau’s car crash on a country road. He spoke to Mia, who had escaped mostly uninjured but was having a miscarriage, and then treated Dean, who had internal bleeding and a crushed pelvis. He accompanied him to Northern Districts where he annoyed Tori by taking over the emergency department in order to operate on Dean. He got on well with Dean’s sister Mackenzie, with whom he developed a flirtatious relationship, and renewed his acquaintance with Christian at the hospital, who he’d previously worked with overseas. Christian invited him over for dinner, although his discovery that Tori was Christian’s fiance led to a certain amount of tension.

Mackenzie turned him down when he invited her for a drink, but when Ziggy asked his help to convince Dean to have physio, he left Mackenzie his number. This resulted in him getting a text message from Mackenzie’s phone (actually sent by Ziggy) and a rambling voicemail from Mac. He wasn’t able to respond to either, since he hit his head rescuing a young woman who had fallen from a lookout and ended up in hospital with concussion. Given his inability to sit still, Christian convinced Tori to take him home for observation. He spent most of the night irritating her but she was impressed that he tidied up the house and made breakfast… less so that he ignored her instructions to rest and went out with the MRU again next day.

He set up camp in Salt to see Mackenzie and they kissed on the beach next morning before sleeping together. He counselled Dean over taking his pain medication but dodged Mackenzie’s questions about his past. He told her his unit was being moved several miles up the coast and ended up resigning to stay in Summer Bay. After a few days of pestering Mackenzie to take time off with him, he got a job as a visiting doctor at Northern Districts. He helped out with the casualties of the gas attack on the surf club, including resuscitating Tane. After initially discharging Marilyn, he had to treat her for after-effects, intubating her. After the incident, he was offered a job as head of the ED.

Although he could do little about Martha’s renal failure, he managed to revive Tane with biosculptor drugs. Marilyn came round after he reduced her sedation but was still paralysed. However, she suddenly regained the use of her legs and walked out of hospital. Her friends told Logan she was acting out of character but he was unable to convince her to return to hospital. Dean asked him about having sex again and Logan suggested he’d be ready if he could climb the stairs to Salt. He also tried to help Dean drive again but ended up handing the task over to Ziggy.

When Marilyn started up a tarot reading business, Logan tested her memory and reflexes under the guise of having a reading, but it upset her so much that she made a complaint to the hospital accusing him of discharging her too early. He was frustrated when she ended up back in hospital but refused to let him treat her, and also that Dean blamed him for not being able to surf, having decided Tori’s treatment plan might have worked. Logan ended up taking leave from the hospital but when Alf returned from the city he asked Logan to talk to Marilyn. She was initially resistant but after Logan explained the psychological effects of the poisoning she agreed to go to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. He also made things up with Dean over beer and pizza.

He visited Martha when she returned to Northern Districts, suggesting home dialysis. He began teaching Dean to go out on the water again with a flotation device, prompting Mackenzie to invite him to move in. However, he had forgotten that Bella lived there and, when she and Mackenzie began drawing up a roster to use the living room, decided he didn’t fancy living in a share house and wanted to move out again. Having been cleared over Marilyn’s complaint, he went back to the hospital as Roo was preparing to donate a kidney to Martha and saw Martha refuse it.

He looked after Ryder when he was brought in after being starved of oxygen and decided to carry on living with Mackenzie after all. He was stunned by the arrival pf Neve Spicer, his ex, who had disappeared two years ago while escorting injured soldiers and who he thought must be dead: In fact, she had deserted and Logan suspected she had PTSD. He didn’t pull away when she kissed him and was left with awkward questions when she and Mackenzie encountered each other. He refused to let Neve leave town, threatening to alert the defence force if she didn’t let him help her, with Mackenzie suggesting she stay with them. Logan had to step in when Neve saw Bella taking photos and tried to smash the camera, getting punched for his troubles, and also checked on her during the night. Neve threw them both to the ground when she heard a motorbike backfiring and Mackenzie insisted she had to leave, prompting Cash to check both him and Neve into a motel. He got punched by Dean and again let Neve kiss him, being seen by Mackenzie. He had to intervene when Neve attacked Mackenzie, believing she’d reported her, and found she had disappeared, leaving a note. After he had moved back in with Mackenzie, Neve reappeared and asked him for help. He learned she would have to serve at least seven years for desertion, prompting her to try to leave. Logan told her he would turn her in if she did and Neve surrendered to the authorities.

He treated Ari when he was brought into the hospital with abdominal pains and had to break the news to him and his family that he had an aggressive form of cancer and surgery would only delay the inevitable. He helped Ari and Mia marry before leaving Ari to spend his last moments with his family. It was only afterwards that he learned Mackenzie had been involved with Ari and he had been the father of a child she miscarried. With Mackenzie refusing to talk to him, he asked Ryder to keep an eye on her and wondered if she’d still been in love with Ari. She assured him Ari was just a friend in the end.

He advised Marilyn when she threw away her medication and was confused when a debt collector turned up looking for Mackenzie. She told him she’d forgotten to set up a direct debit and he paid the debt off. He continued to be confused by Mackenzie’s behaviour as she surprised him with a trip to Hunter Valley. He examined Martha when she decided to have the transplant after all but had to say her blood pressure was too high at the moment. He was consulted by Roo about a more healthy lifestyle for Martha. After borrowing a car from Justin while his was being serviced, he was involved in a collision with another car. Although his injuries were minor, the passenger in the other car, Jo Harding, was killed. He was disturbed to be told he was speeding and tried to question the other driver, Millie. He was stunned to be summoned to Salt and find Tane had been stabbed and Mackenzie couldn’t call an ambulance: It was the result of her trying to pay off her debts with illegal poker nights. Logan operated on him on the floor and gave him a transfusion of his own blood. Felicity filled him in on the fact Mackenzie had considered sleeping with a card player, PK King, to pay off a supposed debt. Frustrated that Mackenzie didn’t trust him, he broke up with her and ended up sleeping in his office until Jasmine gave him a bed for the night.

He was charged with dangerous driving occasioning death and turned up at the surf club drunk, arguing with Mackenzie and being ejected by Alf. He was let off with a fine for speeding when it became clear Millie had been at fault but his mood didn’t improve and he gave Roo a lecture when she reopened her stitches over-exerting. Jasmine told him to try and remember why he was a doctor. He made enquiries about re-enlisting with the army then abruptly resigned and left town, leaving Mackenzie a farewell voicemail.