Brian Lawler

Brian Lawler (2008-2009)
Ric Herbert

Episodes: 47444781
Occupation: Professional Con Artist

Brian first arrived in town looking for Bridget Simmons and left a message for her with Tony before finally catching up with her and demanding back the money she owed him. Brain suggested that Bridget was running a scam and insisted that she didn’t know how to go straight. She later borrowed the money to pay him from Alf, claiming it was for cancer treatment but Brian still wasn’t convinced that she was going straight. Bridget later proved him rignht by phoning him to ask for his help with a scam she had going.

Brian provided Bridget with some medication, labelled to look as if it had been prescribed by Doctor Casio, the Doctor Bridget lied was treating her. They discuss a plan she has and she told him that it would be worth his while. He returned to Noah’s at three and asked about how her cancer treatment was going, claiming that her friend Karen had sent him. Alf stepped in to say that he was looking after Bridget now and Brian left.

After discovering that Leah was due a payout from Dan’s death, Brian told Bridget that they needed to open an account in Leah’s name and pushed her to get hold of the relevent forms of ID. In the bank she ran into a problem though and Brian wasn’t impressed to hear that she failed the security question on Leah’s account. When Bridget told him it would be too hard to obtain the information Brian suggested leaving Leah and targeting Alf as he owned half the town but Bridget wasn’t keen on that idea. He convinced her though that she needed to hold a charity fundraiser to raise money for cancer and then they’d run away with the funds.

When Bridget got cold feet and tried to put him off Brian threatened her. When she told him that due to Rachel’s interference, she was leaving town, Brian threatened that if she did the police would receive an anonymous tip off. Bridget though insisted it was over and Brian warned her that he desperately needed $30,000. He overheard Leah discussing her money with Rachel and Colleen and later saw VJ playing with Jai and decided to take matters into his own hands.

He kidnapped VJ and phoned Leah demanding $30,000 dollars as a ransom. VJ attempted an escape whilst Brian tried to placate the people wanting money from him but Brian caught him and threatened him into staying put. Brian met Leah and got the money but heard the police on the radio, having received an anonymous tip off from Bridget. He drove off with VJ in the car but the police had his car details from Bridget and gave chase. He was stopped by a police roadblock and arrested.He gave a full confession and implicated Bridget leading to her arrest also.

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