Joy Foxton

Joy Foxton (2005)
Elaine Lee
Episodes: 39203947

Children: Ben & Pauline Foxton, plus one other

When Colleen decided to revive the Miss Groper pageant, she didn’t expect it to bring Joy Foxton—one of the other entrants when Colleen won the contest in 1959—out of the woodwork. Colleen bore a grudge, since Joy had sabotaged her and also made a play for her future husband Les. Joy, who now lived in Reefton Lakes, suggested a fundraising fete and also used Matilda’s disappointment at being too young to have the age requirement lowered from sixteen to fifteen, with the majority voting in favour.

Joy competed against Colleen making muffins at the fundraiser, with Barry declaring Joy had raised the most. Joy’s reason for changing the age became clear when she signed up her granddaughter Cassie Turner—who had lived with her since being left there by her mother and was about to start at Summer Bay High—as an entrant. Joy was coaching Cassie to win, while Colleen adopted Tasha as her own proxy contestant.

Joy managed to annoy Colleen further by spelling the pageant “Miss Grouper” on the banner, prompting the teens to make an alteration. Joy coached Cassie during the contest but she finished second behind Tasha. During the after event party, Joy ended up in an argument with Colleen, claiming Colleen had only won because the judges took pity on her, before collapsing from a stroke.

Joy was rushed to hospital, where she suffered a second stroke and was placed on life support, with little chance of recovery. Her son Ben was contacted as next of kin and he and Cassie were informed that Joy was brain dead. Ben was arrested not long after when it was revealed he had abused his nieces, so Cassie was left with the job of sitting with Joy as the machines were turned off.

It was unclear whether Joy was Cassie’s maternal or paternal grandmother, but Cassie was not the child of either of Joy’s children seen on screen.

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