Alan Henderson

Peter Phelps

Alan Henderson (2012)
Peter Phelps
Episodes: 54365495

Marital Status: Margaret Henderson (separated)
Child: Stu Henderson (deceased)

The father of Stu Henderson, Alan seemed to have a bad reputation among Stu’s fellow River Boys, with Brax and Heath making no attempt to contact him in 2011 when Stu was attacked by Hammer Pirovic and declaring themselves his only family. Despite this, Alan was at the hospital at the start of the following year, after Stu had been beaten up by Sid in retaliation for him hitting Sasha. Alan had a run-in with Sid at the hospital, then distributed a topless photo that Sasha had sent Stu around town. When Sasha and Dexter confronted him about it by Stu’s bedside, he ended up turning on them. Sid stepped in but was sacked as a result.

Alan tried to blackmail Sid into dropping the assault charge against Stu, threatening to report him for breaking his bail conditions by being in Stu’s room at the hospital, and was frustrated when Sid refused to be intimidated. Sasha then tricked Stu into meeting her in public, meaning he had also broken his bail conditions. Alan was furious with Stu and beat him up. When Xavier and Dexter turned up at the house looking for Stu, Alan told them he was gone.

Stu was then found dead and Alan was interviewed by Georgina Watson about the beating. Alan denied it, instead putting her on to Xavier and Dexter. He attacked Sid, also pushing Xavier when he intervened. He was arrested but Sid declined to press charges, having realised Alan wasn’t the one who killed Stu and was grieving in his own way. Alan got drunk in the restaurant, then collapsed, with Sid resuscitating him until help could arrive. Alan found it a sobering experience, apologising to Sid and Dexter and withdrawing his complaint against Sid, who was reinstated.

Alan was treated for suspected heart trouble and his relationship with the Walkers soured again when Sasha admitted to killing Stu in self-defence. He was readmittted to hospital even though his medication should have worked. Sid and Dexter began to suspect he was being poisoned with oleander, readily available at his house. Alan was stunned to be informed by Georgie that his wife Margaret had admitted to poisoning him and was in custody for attempted murder, having declined to apply for bail. She had also accused Alan of domestic violence, meaning he was being investigated for assault. Alan discharged himself and pushed Nurse Julie to the ground, resulting in her making a statement against him.

Alan attended Sasha’s trial, still in a weakened state from the poisoning, and warned her she was going to pay. He gave evidence about having to identify Stu’s body. Morag cross-examined him and caused him to lose his temper by mentioning Margaret’s long history of injures. When Sasha was found not guilty, Alan angrily told her she was the reason Stu was dead and should watch herself, but was escorted from the room by court officers and not seen again.

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