Emmerdale Spoilers – Does Chas die or will Cain and Caleb rescue her?

Chas’s life is on the line following tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, as Cain and Caleb prepare to meet with Harry to exchange money for her safety.

Harry (Robert Beck) had previously been using Caleb’s (William Ash) business, without his knowledge, to move illegal weapons, and wasn’t too happy when Caleb put a stop to it and managed to dispose of one of the deliveries.

Harry gave Caleb a severe beating after he refused to tow the line, but later turned his attention to Chas (Lucy Pargeter). Calling himself Simon, Harry introduced himself to Chas on what was the fifth anniversary of her daughter Grace’s death, and manipulated her as they bonded over ‘lost children’.

Although the pair hadn’t hooked up, Chas was firmly in the belief that she could be on the verge of a new romance, until Harry made known his true colours last night.


As Chas opened up to him about Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Caleb’s dealings with her son Aaron (Danny Millier), she pointed out that her brothers always just seem to cause more trouble.

Tell me about it,” Harry replied. As he then went on to talk about Nate also causing him issues a few weeks back, Chas realised that ‘Simon’ wasn’t who he claimed to be, and that she could be in serious danger.


I don’t know anything about that,” Chas replied nervously.

You don’t need to,” Harry replied. “You just need to keep your mouth shut, and do exactly as I say.


When we later returned to the scene, Chas was nowhere to be seen, and Harry was on the phone to an unknown person as he wiped his hands. As he picked up the now bloodied bracelet that Chas had been wearing, made by daughter Eve, Harry explained that Chas had no idea what had been coming.

“You should’ve seen the look on her face when I… well, you know. Anyway, it’s done now. So get ready. ‘Cause the rest of them, they can’t even begin to imagine what’s coming their way.”

Cain and Caleb had already worked out that Harry must have been the new fancy man in Chas’s life, as the two together with Nate frantically searched the village and surroundings.


In tonight’s episode, we saw Chas bound and gagged in the boot of Harry’s car, with Cain and Caleb finally receiving confirmation of what had happened when they received a video of Chas in distress, pleading with Cain to do as Harry says as he’s threatening to kill her.


Right on cue, Harry let himself into Mill Cottage and explained that he just wanted to return to how things were: “Life was so much simpler when I had your cars and drivers on tap.

Assuring Cain that they would get Chas back unharmed if they complied, Harry explained that he intended this to be a long-term business arrangement—there was going to be no changing their minds or losing any packages.

To hammer it home further, Harry then informed Cain that he knew where his kids, Kyle and Isaac, went to school. Caleb talked Cain down, worried he was about to lose it, but Cain then blindsided Harry by making an alternative suggestion.

We can pay you… thirty grand, in euros,” Cain explained calmly. “That’s a fair chunk of the amount, and it’s totally untraceable.

Cain is of course talking about the 30k that Aaron was revealed to have stolen from some Italian mobsters, the very reason that Cain and Caleb had gone to Italy to retrieve him before he got himself into further strife.


That money will be put to good use at some point,” Danny Miller teased when he spoke to EverySoap and other media at a press event last week. “Whether that’s through Aaron or not is a different story. But the money that he thinks is his will be put into good use somehow.


Harry seemed to be swayed by the idea, as Cain promised to send proof of the money in advance of the exchange.

Cain stipulated that Chas should be returned unharmed, and Harry would never contact them again, taking his nefarious activities elsewhere.


Returning to the abandoned Wylie’s Farm, where they’re currently holding Aaron, Aaron wasn’t best pleased when Cain started sorting through the cash.

After hearing of his mother’s plight, Aaron was more concerned about the fact that Cain appeared to be giving in rather than putting up a fight. “You should be battering him, not rolling over!” Aaron exclaimed, offering to join them.


Although Caleb wondered if Aaron was right in needing a backup plan, Cain wasn’t interested, and it was then that Aaron suggested how it would reflect on the family as a whole.

I’m just looking out for you,” he told Cain. “I don’t want you losing your reputation. It’s not just about you, it’s about the family. We should be working together, showing this little muppet that we’re not to be messed with.


As Cain counted out the cash, Aaron played a different game in the hope of joining the fight, claiming he still loved Chas despite his disowning her. Caleb was still pondering whether it would be a good idea to take some backup, but when Aaron then made a lunge for ‘his’ cash, Cain realised that it wasn’t about Chas at all. “Worth a try,” Aaron sniffed.

Cain left Aaron with a smack around the face before he and Caleb left for the meeting point, where we saw Harry was already waiting, with Chas still tied up in the boot of his car.


This whole thing better go down without any nasty surprises,” Harry warned Chas. “Trust me, I really don’t like surprises…

As we move onto Emmerdale’s final episode for this year’s Super Soap Week tomorrow evening, will Cain, Caleb and Chas make it out with their lives?

Asked at the press event last week who between Cain and Caleb would be more likely to kill Harry if it came down to it, Jeff Hordley was surprised when all eyes fell on him.

Why are you looking at me?” he laughed, before conceding.

I would probably say Cain, he’s more capable, though he’s still never done it.

Caleb is involved in that world and will operate in it,”  Will Ash added. “But he knows where the line is. I don’t think you’d ever get Caleb torturing anybody or trying to get a confession out of them, whereas Cain is more likely to do that.


Cain pulls Caleb along with this sort of stuff,” Jeff explained. “He’ll go ‘I’ve got this little road trip, will you help me out’, which we’ve seen already, and Caleb will go ‘Yeah, okay’.”

Caleb will go along with it and help Cain, but wouldn’t lead it by saying ‘Let’s do this,’” Jeff continues “Whereas sometimes Caleb will bring Cain around by telling him not to do something. I think they complement each other in different ways, and lead each other down tracks that the other wouldn’t necessarily do.

Cain’s more predisposed to being aggressive and violent, while Caleb is more considered,” Will adds. “I think there’s room for both isn’t there… well, there is in Emmerdale!

Elsewhere in the village, Mackenzie (Lawrance Robb) continued to be racked with guilt following the car accident which saw him choose to save estranged wife Charity (Emma Atkins) over his fiance, and father to his child, Chloe (Jessie Elland).


Faced with the impossible choice of grabbing onto one of the women’s arms as the car was about to plummet off a cliff, Mack chose Charity, leaving Chloe to fall to what looked to be certain death.


Miraculously, Chloe survived the fall, albeit with a serious head injury, lacerated liver and broken pelvis, and was airlifted to hospital where she underwent brain surgery before being placed into an induced coma.


Haunted by the look in Chloe’s eyes as she realised that he had chose Charity over her, Mack sat at Chloe’s bedside in tears as he told her he was sorry. Although he and Charity had explained to Chloe’s sister Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and her fiance Matty (Ash Palmisciano) that he wasn’t able to save Chloe, they remained quiet about what had really happened.



Whilst Mack continued to tell himself he was trying to get them both out, Charity still pondered about the fact that it was her he chose to save—and what that means for them…



Will Chloe survive? And if so will she remember what happened just before the fall…?

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