Home and Away’s Jacob dead in shock Bree storyline twist

Tonight’s episode of Home and Away in Australia aired the outcome of Bree’s recent kidnap drama, with her abusive husband Jacob ending up dead.

While Summer Bay reeled from Felicity and Tane’s disastrous wedding this week, Remi’s (Adam Rowland) mind was elsewhere. He was worried sick over Bree (Juliet Godwin), who was kidnapped by her abusive husband Jacob (Alex Williams) in the final few days of the 2022 season.

Bree and Jacob’s story was a key focus of the last few months. The pair had been together for years, but Jacob had become increasingly abusive and controlling during their relationship, resorting to physical violence on a regular basis.

When Bree moved to Summer Bay, she quickly struck up a friendship with Remi, and it wasn’t long before she began to develop feelings for him.

When Jacob turned up in Summer Bay unannounced, he found the two having lunch together at Salt. He noticed a spark between them, and quickly became paranoid that his wife was into the town’s charismatic muso, taking his anger out on Bree yet again and leaving her to cover up the bruises on her face.

Bree eventually decided she would leave Jacob for Remi, and the two began an affair after Jacob returned to his job on the mines in Western Australia. The only issue was how to tell him that things were over.

Unfortunately, Jacob returned to Summer Bay early and spotted a moment between Remi and his wife as they enjoyed a date together.

Shortly after, he forced his way into Bree’s motel room and demanded she pack so they could leave Summer Bay behind.

Remi, realising that Jacob had returned, rushed to the motel, but Jacob pinned him to a chair and smashed his guitar-playing hand, before forcefully leaving with Bree.

As the new season began, Jacob had Bree hidden away at a remote location, the pair camping together with just a small fire for warmth. Bree was freezing and miserable but was doing her best to appear okay, playing happy families with her abusive husband and pretending she was glad to be there with him.

In Summer Bay, Remi was getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of news from the police. When the WA police could only tell him to be patient, he ripped into them, telling that Bree may not have any time left.

Kirby (Angelina Thomson) did her best to placate him, suggesting they go see Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) in hospital, but he refused, not wanting to focus on anything else.

When Kirby told him that losing his temper wasn’t helping find Bree, he agreed, telling her: “No, you’re right. We need to find someone who can.”

At the makeshift campsite, Bree was doing her best to appear happy, but was waiting on an opportunity to make a move. When Jacob headed out of their tent to make some toast, her expression told her true feelings as she put her hand to her chin with a pained look on her face.

She asked for Jacob’s plan, and was stunned to find it involved them creating new identities before starting a new secret life together.

“We’re gonna need new names if we’re gonna stay under the radar,” Jacob explained. “A guy I used to work with can sort us out, he can get us new IDs and everything. Then no-one will find us.”

Remi, meanwhile, hired a private investigator to track down Bree. Meeting them at Salt, he explained that Bree had been missing for three nights and that the police had been useless at tracking her down.

When the PI asked if he had any photos, Remi was forced to admit that he didn’t. Neither of them had photos of the other on their social media either, as they’d been keeping their relationship secret.

However, the PI soon got the wrong idea. “Which one of you was having the affair?” he asked, before accusing Remi of being the jealous ex-lover.

He also suggested to Remi that maybe Bree went with Jacob willingly, explaining that this often happened in affair cases, with the partner deciding to stay with their original partner when they realised that the grass isn’t greener after all.

The PI told Remi he was simply trying to save him some money by explaining that Bree may have gone willingly. Opening up to Kirby and Theo (Matt Evans) afterwrds, Remi admitted that it was a possibility that Bree had done just that, and conceded that at least that would mean she was safe.

Back at the campsite later, when Bree had a brief moment alone, she jumped into Jacob’s car, trying to find the keys. They weren’t there, but she did find a pen and paper in the glove box, and started penning a letter to Remi.

When she spotted Jacob returning, she quickly hid the letter and carried on sorting the washing, but unfortunately Jacob had already seen what she was really doing.

As he pulled her in close, he picked the letter from her pocket, and opened it to find it was a loving note to Remi, confessing that she did indeed love him.

His anger returning instantly, Jacob hit Bree across the head, knocking her out.

When Bree came to, she found Jacob meters away, digging a hole. It seemed he thought he’d killed her and was digging her grave.

When Jacob briefly dropped the spade, Bree took her chance. She snuck up behind him, picked up the spade, and whacked him over the head with it!

She grabbed the car keys from his pocket, ready to make her escape. However, she quickly realised that Jacob was more than just knocked out. Putting her cheek close to his chest, she realised he wasn’t breathing – she’d killed him!

Starting to panic, Bree called for an ambulance before beginning chest compressions.

When Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Xander (Luke Van Os) – who else? – turned up shortly after, they found her still urgently performing compressions. She shouted to Xander to intubate, but it was on the paramedic to pull her away and confirm to her that Jacob was indeed dead.

Seeing the blood on his ear, it was clear to them what had happened.

Back in Summer Bay, Remi was delighted to hear that Bree had been found. He rushed to Northern Districts hospital, where Bree was sat upright on the hospital bed, arms wrapped around her legs, with Xander by her side.

When Remi went to touch her, Bree pulled away and demanded that he leave.

Xander explained to Remi that Bree was in shock, but Remi still seemed confused as to why the girl he’d fallen head over heels for suddenly wanted nothing to do with him.

With Jacob gone for good, what consequences will Bree face over the next few weeks, and will she be able to trust again?

UK viewers will see these scenes in March.

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