New Home and Away return week spoilers released

The first synopses have been revealed for Home and Away’s Australian return week, promising plenty of drama as Felicity and Eden speed towards disaster, and a new arrival takes one Summer Bay resident by surprise.

The final moments of the 2022 season saw Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) driving to Felicity and Tane’s (Ethan Browne) wedding, which was taking place at a rural farm after a last-minute change of venue.

The pair were heading there in Felicity’s dad’s old ute, which Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Justin (James Stewart) had been lovingly restoring for the final few weeks as Cash’s wedding gift to his sister.

What they didn’t know was that one of Tex’s (Lucas Lineham) gang members had tampered with the ute’s brakes the night before the wedding.

What Summer Bay seems to have forgotten is that the Death Adders bikie gang had placed a bounty on Cash’s head after he shot and killed their leader Marty (Ben Wood). As the original plan was for Cash to drive his sister to her wedding, it seems he was the gang’s target when they sent one of their lackeys to mess with the ute’s brakes.

In the season return, which airs in Australia on Monday 9th January at 7pm, Felicity and Eden will realise that they’re unable to brake as the car hurtles at speed through the country roads.

When they find themselves on a collision course with Leah and Justin, Justin swerves to avoid them, causing his and Leah’s car to leave the road, flip and fly through the air.

Flick and Justin eventually come to a stop after crashing through the barrier of a petrol station.

Promos for the return week show that Eden is unconscious after the crash, her fate unknown. The alarm is eventually raised and Tane and Gary (Peter Phelps) make their way to the crash site, where the firemen are attempting to get Felicity out of the car.

In a dramatic turn of events, a spark ignites petrol which is leaking from the ute, engulfing the vehicle in a huge fireball with Flick still trapped inside.

Now, new synopses for the return week give us further details of what we can expect in the show’s return week.

Monday 9th January (7946)

2023 Season Opener

Felicity and Tane’s wedding day ends in disaster. Justin has blood on his hands. Has Cash lost his chance to be with Eden?

Tuesday 10th January (7947)

Remi’s world caves in. Cash faces a painful realisation. Justin blames himself for the crash.

Wednesday 11th January (7948)

Remi takes matters into his own hands. Bree is trapped. Dean is surprised by a face from his past.

Thursday 12th January (7949)

Mackenzie’s nursery masterpiece is revealed. Bree stands her ground. Remi’s reunion is bittersweet.

As Justin was charged with restoring the old ute, and with everyone oblivious to the Death Adders gang’s actions, he looks set to blame himself for the ute’s brakes failing.

Not only will he blame himself for Eden and Felicity’s fate, but he’ll believe that he’s responsible for his girlfriend’s injuries too – with a promo showing that Leah gets impaled by a metal pole which smashes through their windscreen.

Cash also faces the prospect of losing his chance to be with Eden; maybe even losing her from his life for good.

The pair have been tiptoeing around each other for months – Cash used to like Eden and now Eden likes him back, but he was left broken when Jasmine (Sam Frost) skipped town, and he’s fearful of getting his heart broken again.

Now that he’s come to his senses and realised that he does want Eden after all, will it be too late? She’s unconscious after the crash – will she make it through?

Remi faces challenges of his own after Jacob (Alex Williams) kidnapped Bree (Juliet Godwin) in the final week of the 2022 season.

When the show returns, there’s still no sign of either of them, causing Remi to take matters into his own hands once again.

Thankfully it seems that Remi finds her, with the synopses telling us that “Bree is trapped” in Wednesday’s episode and that, in Thursday’s ep, she “stands her ground.”

However, while Remi finds her, it seems that she may not be too happy to see him, with a “bittersweet” reunion between the pair.

Is Bree bitter that Remi didn’t try harder to stop Jacob from taking her away, or have Jacob’s actions left her broken?

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“Dean is surprised by a face from his past” in the episode airing on Wednesday 11th January.

This blast from the past seems likely to be new character Mali Hudson (Kyle Shilling), who has been touted as a “fun and cheeky” surfer with links to an existing Summer Bay favourite.

Kyle Shilling has been spotted filming a number of scenes alongside Kristy Marillier (Rose Delaney), leading many fans to believe there’ll be romance for Rose and Mali later in the year.

Mali isn’t the only face from Dean’s past who’ll be turning up in Summer Bay in 2023, as we’ll also see the return of Dean’s mum Karen Thompson (Georgia Adamson).

Karen was last seen in March when Dean introduced her to his son Jai (River Jarvis). Her return has been expected for a while, after Lynne McGranger (Irene) posted an Instagram photo of actress Georgia Adamson along with other members of the cast at Palm Beach.

We’re expecting Ziggy and Dean’s baby to be born early in the new year, with a new promo giving us our first glimpse of the newborn.

In recent years, Seven have usually aired three episodes of Home and Away on Thursday evenings. At least for the first week, there will only be one episode on Thursday evening at 7pm, with Big Bash cricket instead airing from 7:30pm.

Home and Away is also returning to Australian screens much earlier than in previous years. In 2022, the first episode back was on Monday 31st January.

2023 sees the show celebrate its 35th anniversary on Tuesday 17th January, and there’s no word yet on whether there’s anything special planned for the episode airing on that date, Episode 7951.

Home and Away returns to Australian screens Monday 9th January at 7pm on Seven.