This Week’s Coronation Street Spoilers – 25th to 30th December

This week on Coronation Street, Tyrone’s wedding plans are disrupted when Fiz breaks down, Todd makes a move, and things in the Platt household reach breaking point.

As Christmas Day dawns on Coronation Street, the time has finally arrived for Tyrone (Alan Halsall) and Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) to walk down the aisle… not that Fiz knows it!

After proposing a few short weeks ago, Tyrone has been planning a secret wedding for the two of them, with the knowledge that Fiz was dreading having to organise another ceremony only six months after her last one.


Whilst Tyrone, their daughters Hope (Isabella Flanagan) and Ruby (Macy Alabi), and various friends and family have all pitched in to help, Tyrone has purposely been playing down any mention of Christmas.

So Fiz is planning the perfect Christmas,” Jennie revealed to EverySoap and other media at a recent press event. “Their first Christmas back as a family unit after all the things we won’t mention (i.e. Phill), and she just wants a day like those you see in those supermarket adverts.

Then Tyrone says ‘Maybe we won’t have Christmas dinner, why don’t we just get a pizza?’ So that’s not good.


Things take a further downward turn when the family open their gifts on Christmas morning. Whilst Fiz is unimpressed, Tyrone plays it cool and shares a secret grin with the girls as they play on their new console.

Fiz gets him a really special Weatherfield County present, which she’s thought really carefully about. And he gets her… well…” Jen trails off. “It’s not about the money you know, it’s the thought that counts… but there’s literally no thought that goes into this present!


This is one of those moments,” Alan adds, “where I read the script of what Tyrone bought Fiz on Christmas day, and I must admit I burst out laughing. Then we tried to film it… and we burst out laughing again. It’s horrendous really, it’s a terrible present!

The present in question consists of a box of discounted chocolates, with the half-price sale sticker left on, and a keyring!


Determined to salvage the day, Fiz then decides to head out, unbeknownst to Tyrone and the girls. When they descend the stairs in their wedding outfits ready to spring the surprise on Fiz, they find a note on the table to say she’s gone to fetch the more traditional Christmas fare.

She storms off, thinking if you want pizza you can have pizza, but I’m having a turkey!” Jen explains, “So she goes off to find one in the middle of nowhere…

Panicking, Tyrone rings Fiz’s mobile only to find that she’s left it at home.

So what is Tyrone thinking at this point?

Well of course, he hasn’t thought about this… that’s the point,” Alan laughs. “He clearly thought that everything was going to go really smoothly, and we all know that’s not the case.

So he’s thinking ‘What do I do next… I’ve got people giving up their Christmas days to spend it with us at our wedding… I can’t get hold of Fiz… are we going to get married in time?‘”

Everything’s rushing through his head, because he hasn’t thought of any eventuality other than it all going exactly how he wanted it to!


Chesney (Sam Brown) and Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) tell Tyrone to head off to the wedding venue, the Chariot Square Hotel, whilst Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) and Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) wait for Fiz’s return at Number 9.

In the meantime, Fiz finds herself in a pickle, when her car breaks down on a remote country road. With no phone, she’s forced to set off on foot to seek help.


As time goes on, Tyrone is forced to tell the waiting guests that it looks like the wedding is cancelled, and as everyone heads over to the Rovers for the buffet, it seems as though Tyrone’s grand gesture has failed miserably.




But when Fiz comes across a lone walker, the curiously named Chris Pringle (Kenneth Hadley)—who’s dressed in a red coat, with specs, a white beard and some Nordic walking poles—she explains her predicament.


Will Chris be Fiz’s saviour?


Elsewhere on the street, the Platt household reaches breaking point, as Max (Paddy Bever) has enough of David (Jack P Shepherd) and Shona’s (Julia Goulding) disapproval of right-wing activist Griff (Michael Condron).

The three attend a special Christmas lunch at the bistro alongside the extended family, consisting of Audrey (Sue Nicholls), Stephen (Todd Boyce), Gail (Helen Worth), Nick (Ben Price), Leanne (Jane Danson), Sam (Jude Riordan), Lily (Brooke Malonie) and Toyah (Georgia Taylor).


Max is thrilled when he opens his gift and finds a state-of-the-art video editing package, but the atmosphere soon turns sour when David cracks a joke at Griff’s expense.

Max quickly leaps to Griff’s defence before storming out, and David is left regretting his remark.



When he later sees Max being friendly with Griff at the Christmas market, David’s anger boils over and he attempts to drag Max away. But David is left shocked when Max tells him that he hates him, and that he’s going to move in with Griff!

Later in the week, Max is settling in to his new home when Griff asks him to make some further edits to their video propaganda. Meanwhile, now knowing the full truth about Griff and his cronies after Spider (Martin Hancock) revealed himself to be an undercover police officer, Toyah issues David a stark warning.

David is shaken as Toyah implores him to get Max away from Griff…he’s a very dangerous man…

Also next week, the atmosphere remains frosty at Number 11 between Todd (Gareth Pierce) and Laurence (Robert Shaw Cameron). Todd has been harbouring a secret crush towards Sean’s (Antony Cotton) dentist boyfriend, but up until now has refrained from doing anything about it.


When Sean tells the household that he, Laurence, and son Dylan (Liam McCheyne) are off to the Peaks overnight, Todd struggles to contain his jealousy, which is noticed by Eileen (Sue Cleaver) and George (Tony Maudsley).

The next day, after their return, Laurence talks with Todd alone, explaining that it’s clear he doesn’t like him, but he’d like the opportunity to change his opinion of him. The two end up sharing a bottle of wine together, during which time Todd warms towards Laurence.

When Laurence goes to leave, Todd suddenly leans in for a kiss!


The next day, Todd apologises to Sean for coming onto Laurence, but Sean is angry when Todd suggests that the flirting was mutual.

Meanwhile, Laurence reveals that it’s the anniversary of his wife Lindsey’s death. He still lives with guilt about marrying her in the first place, and feels that he needs to buy her parents some flowers.


But when Todd hears Rita (Barbara Knox) and Mary (Patti Clare) discussing Lindsey’s death, remembering how it was pretty big news at the time, Todd is intrigued and decides to investigate… what will Todd discover?

Here are next week’s Coronation Street Spoilers:

Sunday 25th December (Episode 10831-10832)

Fiz is disappointed with her Christmas presents and heads out, oblivious to Tyrone’s wedding plans.

Tyrone is forced to call the wedding off as Fiz goes missing, having left without her phone.

Will Chris, a passing walker bearing a striking resemblance to a festive gift-giver, save their big day?

The festive cheer vanishes at No. 8 when David makes a joke about Griff.

Ken and Jenny decide to help Daniel propose.

Elaine insists Stephen joins her for a glass of wine.

Monday 26th December (Episode 10833-10834)

Stephen’s lies catch up with him.

Max announces he’s moving in with Griff.

Todd can’t mask his feelings as Laurence suggests to Sean they have a trip away.

Sam finds Hope talking to her dead dad.

Wednesday 28th December (Episode 10835-10836)

Stephen masks his inner turmoil when Teddy calls from Canada with some new information regarding Leo.

Todd makes a pass at Laurence; how will he respond?

Summer hands over her wages to Mike and Esther.

Toyah warns David to get Max out of Griff’s grasp as soon as possible.

Thursday 29th December (Episode 10837)

Stephen feels Teddy may be close to the truth, but will an accident silence him?

Todd’s intrigued as he finds new information about Laurence’s wife.

Summer’s forced to face Billy; how will he react to her surrogacy decision?

Friday 30th December (Episode 10838)

Todd has his own theory about Laurence.

As Teddy lies unconscious, have all of Stephen’s problems been solved?

Nina tells Roy how much easier life would be if he’d embrace technology.