Coronation Street Spoilers – Will Ken leave Weatherfield with Martha?

Coming up next week on Coronation Street, Ken has a big decision to make after Martha makes a proposition…

The street’s resident studmuffin Ken Barlow (William Roache) hasn’t known whether he’s been coming or going over the past few weeks, as he’s split his time between two of his old lovers, Wendy (Roberta Kerr) and the newly returned Martha (Stephanie Beacham).

Ken and Wendy had only just rekindled their romance after 32 years when Martha made a surprise reappearance last month, having last been seen on the cobbles over 13 years ago.


He’s physically attracted to them both obviously and he did love them both but they offer two very different lifestyles“, William Roache explains. “Wendy is giving him his current lifestyle, slippers and cocoa, supper in front of the television and all that. Whereas Martha is offering him the life that he always dreamed about, the life of being with intellectuals and writers in London, the theatre and all those things that he himself wanted.

So that’s where the dichotomy for Ken is. He’s torn between two women, there’s no doubt about the fact he loves both of them, but one offers him his current comfortable lifestyle and the other offers him the life that he dreamed of.

Next week, Martha breaks the news to a gutted Ken that she’s leaving Weatherfield for Hull, in order to start rehearsals on a new play the next day.


Meanwhile, Brian (Peter Gunn) has been feeling uneasy of late as he’s watched the sparks fly between Ken and Martha, and when he lets slip to Wendy that Ken and Martha made a night of it, Wendy isn’t happy… leading to her ending things with Ken!

After letting Martha believe that he has chosen to part ways with Wendy, Ken is stunned when she suggests that he move to Hull with her!


First of all he’s absolutely surprised because it’s a repetition of before when she asked him to come away on the barge and go to London,” William reveals. “And so he’s very flattered and very surprised that she asks him to do that.”

The writers have been very clever here because you can see both sides. In the past there was Deirdre on the scene and she was the big pull to Weatherfield but now he’s free and it’s just a choice between Wendy and Martha. He doesn’t know what to do and quite honestly neither do I. If he goes with Martha I’ll leave the street and that would be a pretty big upheaval now!

The amateur drama group’s production is soon put in jeopardy when Nigel (Richard Ellis) announces that the theatre has been flooded. Determined that the show must go on, Ken is able to organise an alternative, if less conventional, venue in the bistro.


When one of the lead actors then takes the phrase too literally and manages to break a leg, Martha steps in as a last-minute replacement.

When she and Wendy later cross paths in the bistro, Martha apologises for stealing Ken away from her. Martha is a little surprised when Wendy then reveals that wasn’t the case, and she actually broke up with Ken!

Will Ken’s dishonesty lead to Martha retracting her offer?


William admits that when it comes to who Ken should choose, Wendy is probably the one that the lothario is more suited to.

I think he does want his home comforts at this stage in his life and everything that Wendy offers, that’s where his heart is now. However, although his heart may be there though his dreams are definitely with Martha.

He really does love them both,” William continues. “Years ago he was going to leave Deirdre for Martha, it was that powerful, but in the end he realised he wasn’t up to the lifestyle that he dreamed of, and I think the same situation is occurring again.

“He does really love both of them, there’s no doubt about that, and this is why he doesn’t tell either one about the other which at the end of the day is a very dangerous game.

Ken nearly left wife Deidre for Martha back in 2009 (ITV)

So is there a chance that Ken could actually make the right choice this time round?

Ken’s dreams are still there and they’re offered to him again, they don’t go away with age, so it’s a big decision to make. The only difference is Deirdre isn’t there and he’s moved on in years. The writers have done a very clever thing, they’ve brought back two very beautiful women who Ken loves very much and yet he could risk losing them both.

Whilst the reappearance of both Wendy and Martha has seen such dilemmas for Ken, William has been thrilled to be reunited with Stephanie Beacham and Robert Kerr.

I cannot tell you how delighted I was when this story came up, I thought the way the writers have handled the history has been really wonderful. To be acting again with Stephanie and Roberta has been a wonderful experience. I’ve really enjoyed the whole thing, it took me back as well.


One of the great things about Coronation Street running for 62 years is that it can draw on its own history. This is exactly what’s happening here for Ken and it’s happening in a way that’s as similar as it could have been in its day so it’s been a very interesting thing to do.

“I love working with Stephanie and Roberta, they’re both wonderful.

Here are next week’s Coronation Street Spoilers:

Due to the World Cup continuing to affect schedules, the air dates for next week’s episodes haven’t yet been confirmed.

Monday 12th December (Episode 10819-10820)

Summer and Aaron brace themselves to tell Mike the truth.

Ken’s stunned when Martha suggests he should move to Hull with her.

Alya pushes her career aspirations to the side.

Hope is spellbound as she listens to her John Stape tape, as Fiz and Tyrone remain unaware.

Abi tells Tyrone his choice of wedding dress for Fiz is hideous.

Wednesday 14th December (Episode 10821-10822)

Mike and Esther agree to forget the £10k if Summer agrees to be their surrogate.

As the truth comes out, will Martha re-think her future with Ken?

Daisy finds a lump.

Fiz finds Gemma modelling a wedding dress and wants to know what’s going on!

Friday 16th December (Episode 10823-10824)

Daisy attends her doctor’s appointment alone, until Daniel stumbles in drunk.

Billy’s determined to stop Summer’s surrogacy plan.

Nick reveals the bistro repair costs are spiralling, as he continues to deceive Leanne.

Griff presents Max with a new laptop to help him edit films and run the gang’s social media.