Emmerdale Spoilers – Bernice gets a shock diagnosis

Coming up next week on Emmerdale, Bernice visits the doctor after feeling out of sorts, but she isn’t prepared for what Liam has to tell her…

Bernice’s (Samantha Giles) emotions have been all over the place in recent weeks, as the 53-year-old beautician has suffered with a number of symptoms.

In Sunday’s episode, Bernice complains to sister Nicola (Nicola King) about her lack of sleep, her state of mind causing her to forget what day it is and miss the opening ceremony of the village’s new anaerobic digester.


Bernice is devastated when she rushed down Main Street to find that everyone had been and gone, learning from an engineer that Rishi (Bhasker Patel) was given the honour of cutting the ribbon.

The engineer is forced to scarper as Bernice takes her frustration out on him.


Next week, it’s Bear (Joshua Richards) that comes into Bernice’s firing line at PampaManda, when he makes an ill-advised joke at her expense.

Already flustered, Bernice takes her revenge by spraying him with the hose… only it’s not Bear that she hits, but rather a new potential client of Mandy’s (Lisa Riley) that’s just walked into the salon!



Bear and Mandy can only look on in horror as Bernice rushes to switch the water off, leaving the care home manager soaked.

Unable to keep her emotions in check, Bernice then storms out, leaving Bear and Mandy confused as to what has got into her lately.



It’s Bob (Tony Audenshaw) who ends up providing Bernice with a shoulder to cry on, as she opens up about how she’s been feeling. Bob urges her to book an appointment at the surgery, and whilst Bernice can be a drama queen at the best of times, he’s concerned when she then breaks down.

When daughter Gabby (Rosie Bentham) inadvertently brings up dementia, which she saw her late father Ashley (John Middleton) go through, the seeds are firmly planted in Bernice’s mind, and she becomes convinced that it explains all her symptoms.

When Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) instead offers an alternative suggestion, Bernice is instantly in denial… but she’s not happy when doctor Liam (Jonny McPherson) later gives the same diagnosis.

He doesn’t believe that she’s got dementia, but is instead going through the menopause!


Fuming, Bernice storms out. If the suggestion wasn’t embarrassing enough, it’s only made worse by the fact that it was delivered to her by her ex!

The warning signs have all been there though, with it being particularly obvious when Bernice was attending court to support her sister Nicola earlier this month.


Thirsty, and having to run to the bathroom frequently, Bernice caused much frustration with Laurel and brother-in-law Jimmy (Nick Miles) as she waved a battery-operated fan around whilst sat in the public gallery, bemoaning the high temperature. The next day she came prepared with a quieter hand fan.


Will Bernice be able to admit to herself that she’s now reached this milestone in her life, or will she seek an alternative diagnosis?

Elsewhere in the village, Marlon (Mark Charnock) is overwhelmed when he’s offered his job back at The Woolpack by Ryan (James Moore).


Concerned after seeing that an advert has been placed for a full-time chef, with agency workers having taken on Marlon’s old role until now, Marlon isn’t able to get any answers from a distracted Charity (Emma Atkins).

When he later sees Ryan, who hears that Marlon has been helping out Victoria, Ryan points out that his job is always open for it when he wants it back.


Whilst he’s been making good progress in recent weeks, as he continues to rehabilitate following his stroke last year, Marlon admits that the day with Victoria had wiped him out and he wouldn’t be able to manage it full time.

But he’s touched when Ryan then suggests he could return part time, perhaps with an assistant to help out—they want him back, and are prepared to do anything it takes to make that happen.


Here are next week’s Emmerdale Spoilers:

Sunday 27th November 2022 (Episode 9531–9532)

Marlon is overwhelmed when Ryan offers him a job at the Woolpack.

Vanessa is left unimpressed when Rhona tells her about buying Jamie’s share, before telling her she’s accepting a job in Canada.

David finds Victoria moving her things out of the house.

Tuesday 29th November 2022 (Episode 9533–9534)

Bernice goes to squirt Bear with the hose, but hits Mandy’s new potential client instead.

Everybody is surprised when Chloe reveals that she’s pregnant.

With Suzy missing, Vanessa’s anxieties surrounding her absence begin to resurface.

Wednesday 30th November 2022 (Episodes 9535–9536)

When David breaks down in front of Bear, he offers some wise words of advice.

After some positive feedback, Kim offers Gabby the chance to work at Home Farm.

Bernice is angry when Liam reveals that she doesn’t have dementia, but is likely going through the menopause.

Cain is relieved to have put Matty’s suspicions to bed, but Matty doesn’t believe a word of it…

Everyone says their emotional goodbyes to Vanessa.