This Week’s Coronation Street Spoilers – 23rd and 24th November

Next week on Coronation Street, Sam grills Harvey as he finally visits him in prison, while Hope cashes in on the John Stape book.

There are just two trips to Coronation Street this week, with the World Cup affecting schedules for the next few weeks. There will be two hour-long episodes on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th November, from 8–9pm.

Sam’s words hit Harvey hard

ITVIn Tuesday’s episode, Sam prepares to finally come face to face with Harvey, after weeks spent convincing Nick to let him visit his mother’s murderer in prison.


Nick and Sam meet with Karis, the facilitator, before they head into the prison. There, in the waiting room, Sam finally gets the chance to ask Harvey all the questions that have been plaguing him since his mother’s death a year ago, and he doesn’t hold back.


Harvey is put out by Sam’s questioning, as he concedes that he intended to murder Leanne on the night that he mistook Natasha for her.

Harvey reveals that his own mum died when he was just 14, and Sam comments that it must have caused him to go off the rails.


When Sam asks Harvey some awkward questions about his mum, Harvey gets up and leaves the visiting room.

It seems Sam’s words have had a big impact on him, and back in his cell, he picks up Sam’s most recent letter and sets about reading his questions.

Now that Sam has visited Harvey in prison, will he finally get the closure he needs, or has Harvey’s storming out just left Sam with even more loose ends?

Hope’s killer business idea proves lucrative

When Tyrone and Fiz failed to stop the publication of the John Stape book, Tyrone bought up every copy of the book from the local bookstore. 

He knew that its release would only mean John and Fiz’s daughter Hope would be subjected to more bullying, and buying up the copies was  the only way he could think of to stop the residents of Weatherfield from getting their hands on it.

Yet it seems he didn’t need to worry – the book’s publication has brought out the entrepreneurial side in Hope.


When Tyrone heads to the outhouse and discovers that the books have vanished, he and Fiz confront Hope about where they’ve gone. Hope makes out that she lobbed them all in a bin on Tile Street, but shortly after she calls Sam, telling him that she made £75 flogging the books.

Soon after, she joins a group chat named ‘Legacy of Evil,’ and types out a message to her classmates letting them know that she’s planned a special John Stape tribute for the following day.


Okay, maybe Tyrone does need to worry!

In Thursday’s episode, things take a sinister turn as Hope steals a hammer from Tyrone’s tool box. Heading to school, she approaches a couple of Year 11 girls and lets them know she’ll be giving a reading from the book later on.


However, she soon overhears the two girls calling her a nut job. Pulling the hammer from the bag, she heads towards them… is Hope really following in her father’s footsteps?

Back on Coronation Street, at Underworld, Beth shows Sally the chapter in the John Stape book about his affair with Rosie. Fiz is furious to find that Sally is reading the book, and a row ensues.

However, there’s more important things to worry about, when Tyrone discovers that his hammer is missing. When he and Fiz discover a stash of cash in a tin in the cupboard, they work out that something strange is going on.


Will they get to Hope before she does something she regrets?

A blast from the past for Ken

In our first trip to Coronation Street next week, Brian and Mary attend rehearsals at the Community Centre with Ken and Nigel.


Nobody is happy with Mary’s acting, and Nigel tells Ken that he’s going to approach an actress friend of his, with the plan of replacing Mary. This leads Ken, Brian and Wendy to nerviously suggest to Mary that she tone down her performance, with the trio hoping she’ll take the hint.

Sadly, Mary won’t be deterred. In a last-ditch attempt, Ken and Brian suggest to Nigel that he asks his actress friend to give Mary some coaching rather than replace her, as they know just how upset she’d be to lose the part.


In Thursday’s episode, Ken is in for the shock of his life when Nigel introduces his actress friend to Brian, Ken and Mary.


Ken is stunned to come face to face with his former fling Martha, who almost ended his marriage to Dierdre!

Read more on Martha’s return to Coronation Street.

Eliza settles into life in Weatherfield

Stu panics about getting Eliza to school on time, but soon realises he’s not alone in caring for her, as he discovers Yasmeen has already made her breakfast and Alya has plaited her hair for her.


Stu pins a timetable of Eliza’s hobbies to the kitchen cupboard door, announcing that his granddaughter is not to miss out on anything as she’s had enough upheaval. However, Yasmeen looks at the list of activities with concern – is it all a bit much?

Spider’s undercover work makes him more enemies

In his flat, Griff announces to Ollie, David and Spider that Maria is planning to turn the community centre into a place for refugees.

Soon after, Maria is furious to find Griff and Spider handing out leaflets which claim that refugees will be taking over the community centre at the expense of local people.  

Also, at the Beastro, Debbie shows around a potential buyer, while Leanne does her best to sabotage the sale. When Debbie realises what’s going on, she tells Nick and Leanne that she’ll force the sale of the whole bistro… has their plan backfired?