Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity’s panic as Tane proposes

Coming up in Home and Away‘s UK season finale week, Felicity is put under pressure after Tane’s public proposal, whilst Bree is in danger when she gets an unexpected visitor…

In the beginning of a dramatic week in Summer Bay, Tane (Ethan Browne) is finally ready to propose to girlfriend Felicity (Jacqui Purvis).

Tane first made known his intentions earlier this week, when he told nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) of his plans, and when Flick’s brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) gives him the go ahead, their loved ones join forces to make it a day to remember.

Tane takes Flick up to the lighthouse, special to them both for being the place where they first professed their love for one another.

Flick is so engrossed in the beautiful view that she doesn’t even see the special picnic laid out at first, and she’s shocked when she realises that it’s all for them.

Tane opens the bubbly, and makes a toast to the two of them, as they reminisce about their declaration.

You’re a pretty lucky guy” Felicity says. “I don’t just say that to anyone.

The moment is suddenly interrupted when Cash arrives, much to Felicity’s surprise, alongside the entirety of the band—Theo (Matt Evans), Kirby (Angelina Thomson, Remi (Adam Rowland) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo)—as well as Nik, who is filming the proceedings on his phone.

Flick is stunned as the band start singing an acoustic version of a brand new love song—what is going on?

When the song eventually comes to a close, Flick turns around and gasps, as she finds Tane down on one knee!

Felicity Newman… will you marry me?

Flick freezes for a moment, completely overwhelmed by the moment. The couple had overcome a blip earlier this year when Tane had talked about his plans to settle down with a family, with Flick not seeing herself ready to do that anytime soon.

Whilst Flick was concerned that it could end up being a dealbreaker for their relationship, Tane eventually conceded that if Ari’s death had taught him anything, it was to live in the here and now.

With Ziggy recently revealing her pregnancy to Tane, the thought of a family has been at the forefront of his mind again. As he tried to broach the subject of their future once again, Flick told Tane that she didn’t know what was ahead, but whatever it was, they were going to face it together.

But now, as Flick looks down at an expectant Tane, who’s wishing to cement their commitment to each other, it all becomes too much for her, and she has to walk away to take a moment to herself.

Wondering if he’s misread things, Tane follows Flick and admits that a surprise proposal was probably a bad idea, but she assures him that it was romantic.

Tane tells Flick that there’s no pressure for her to make a decision now, she can take time to think about it—but as she looks across at all their friends waiting for her answer, she feels like there’s only one thing she can say…

I don’t need to think about it, because yes… I will marry you!

Everyone is quick to congratulate the happy couple and the celebrations begin in earnest.

But as Cash speaks with his sister, she berates him for not warning her about the proposal. When Cash points out that she said yes, she tells him that she didn’t think she could say anything else with everyone watching them!

Is Flick having second thoughts already?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Bree (Juliet Godwin) is surprised when her husband Jacob (Alex Williams) turns up in Summer Bay unexpectedly, but it soon becomes apparent that things are far from perfect between the pair.

It was only after several weeks of flirtation from new friend Remi that Bree finally admitted that she was married, explaining that her husband worked as a FIFO mechanical supervisor in the mines. His job means they can be apart for several months at a time, but Bree said that they manage to make it work.

Bree is having a chat with Remi on Salt’s balcony following a night-shift when Jacob comes across the two of them, having returned from his job early.

Remi introduces himself but notices a coldness from Jacob, who is already suspicious of him.

As Jacob and Bree leaves, he asks if she was on a date with Remi, since she was clearly flirting with him. Bree assures him that she wasn’t, considering she’s a married woman, but Jacob is pertubed further when Xander (Luke Van Os) walks by and says hello.

Are you on a first name basis with all the men around town?” Jacob asks. Bree tries to explain that she works with Xander, but Jacob isn’t interested in her explanation as they had back to the motel.

Once behind closed doors, Bree is forced to face Jacob’s interrogating. He twists her every word in an attempt to catch her out, as she calmly tries to reassure him that she’s not cheating.

Back at the surf club, Remi is feeling concerned for Bree. He explains to Xander that he feels like Jacob misread the situation, and as a result Bree seemed to be freaked out by his arrival. Having not heard from her, Remi decides to send a text to make sure everything is okay.

Unfortunately, Jacob is the one who picks up the text, and he immediately confronts Bree. Forcing her to look him in the eye, Jacob asks Bree to once again confirm that nothing is going on between her and Remi…

Remi continues to be concerned by the lack of response, but eventually Bree calls him after Jacob leaves the motel, explaining that Jacob was just feeling tired after his long trip.

When Jacob comes across Remi at the surf club, he can’t help but goad him, but when Remi accidentally lets slip that he’s spoke to Bree, Jacob storms back to the motel…

After accusing her of lying to him, Jacob subjects Bree to a vicious beating.

Seemingly scared to speak out, will Bree be able to free herself from her abusive husband?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 14th November (Episode 7896)

Felicity is shocked by Tane’s proposal. Marilyn blames Leah for losing her daughter.

Tuesday 15th November (Episode 7897)

Felicity crumbles under engagement pressure. Eden bares her heart for Cash. Bree welcomes a surprise visitor.

Wednesday 16th November (Episode 7898)

Roo wants answers from Marilyn. Remi fears for Bree’s safety. Dean learns Ziggy has cancelled her ultrasound.

Thursday 17th November (Episode 7899)

Ziggy’s baby fears keep the doctor away. Are Marilyn’s friends walking into a trap?

Friday 18th November (Episode 7900) – 2022 UK SEASON FINALE

Ziggy and Dean announce their big news. Lyrik’s new song is a hit, but could it be bigger? Unhinged Heather holds Marilyn’s friends hostage.