Home and Away Spoilers – Marilyn leaves Summer Bay behind

Tonight’s episode of Home and Away in Australia saw Marilyn leave town, just days after her friends discovered the truth about her connection to newcomer Heather.

Last week’s Australian episodes saw the crescendo of Heather (Sofia Nolan) and Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) huge storyline, with new character Heather – who was recently revealed to be Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) long-lost daughter – take Alf (Ray Meagher), Roo (Georgie Parker), Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) hostage in a remote country manor.

It has recently transpired that Marilyn had an affair with her boss, a man named Timothy, in the mid-1990s, which resulted in her falling pregnant with Heather.

She handed the baby girl to Timothy and his wife, who wished to look after her as their own. She genuinely believed it was the right thing to do, thinking that the baby would have a better life with them. Tragically, it appears that Timothy’s wife made life hell for Marilyn’s daughter, and, some 27 years later, Heather tracked her birth mum down to Summer Bay.

Unhappy with just how loved Marilyn was by her friends in the bay, Heather decided to seek revenge on the woman she believed abandoned her at birth. She almost succeeded at ruining Maz’s friendships with Roo and ex-husband John (Shane Withington), but that was just the start.

In last week’s episodes, she invited Marilyn and her loved ones to brunch at a large country retreat – which turned out to be Heather’s old boarding school – under the guise of making amends. However, she took the five captive, hitting Marilyn over the head and drugging the others with sleeping pills.

Heather’s drastic actions led to Alf being hospitalised, after the powder she slipped into his champagne enflamed his existing heart condition.

Back in Summer Bay, and Justin (James Stewart) raised the alarm when none of the Diner ladies turned up for their shift. When Rose (Kirsty Marillier) got word that a body had been discovered in Heather’s freezer – that of her adopted mother – they realised that Maz and her friends were in serious danger.

Shortly after, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) raced into the large homestead in which Heather was keeping Maz and the other Summer Bay stalwarts captive.

With Rose tending to the others, Cash chased Heather and Marilyn up to one of the house’s balconies, where Heather dragged Marilyn onto a ledge.

Cash tried to talk her down, but Heather eventually lost her footing when part of the balcony collapsed. She fell to the ground below, leaving Marilyn safely on the balcony.

Remarkably, Heather survived her fall with only superficial injuries. At Northern Districts Hospital, Maz visited her daughter, where she told her that she couldn’t play any further part in her life. Although she had wanted to form a connection with her, it was clear that Heather had too many issues, and that they wouldn’t be able to have a healthy relationship.

Despite Marilyn being deeply ashamed, both of hiding the truth about her daughter for decades, and for what Heather had put her friends through, none of her loved ones harbour any negative feelings towards her.

Talking to TV Week, Ray Meagher explains, “Alf’s disappointment in the whole thing was that Marilyn didn’t tell him the truth right from the start. When the truth comes out, obviously he would forgive Marilyn in a heartbeat. He sees her as another daughter.”

In tonight’s Australian episode, Marilyn decided she couldn’t face her friends any longer, despite their apparent forgiveness. She left Alf and Roo a note, thanking them for their years of friendship and telling them that they have been like family to her.

“Dearest Roo and Mr Stewart,” the note read. “I haven’t told you enough that you’re not only the best friends I’ve ever had, you’re family. You gave me a home and I don’t deserve you.

“I’m sorry for the trouble that I’ve caused – and for that I think it’s best if I move on. So this is goodbye from me. I’ll treasure our time together always. Marilyn.”

The note contained no clues as to where she had fled to, leaving them in the dark.

Marilyn and Alf share decades of friendship

Of Marilyn’s decision to leave, Ray told TV Week, “it’s devastating for Alf that Marilyn feels so bad about this whole mess that she has to leave the bay. She’s been through hell with this daughter and he can’t believe that she’s left and he can no longer help her.”

Later this week, Roo and Alf get nowhere as they try to get hold of Marilyn – she clearly doesn’t want to speak to them.

Thankfully, Cash is able to help, and he sets about trying to track her down.

ust a couple of days later and he’s done just that… but it’s not good news. While Marilyn is safe, Cash is forced to tell her friends that she doesn’t want to be found.

The news infuriates Alf – but it’s Cash who he’s angry with, especially as he doesn’t know for sure that Marilyn isn’t in danger.

“Sure, [Cash is] a copper,” Ray explains. “But he’s also a citizen of the bay. Why wouldn’t he help get these two people back together.”

However, Cash isn’t backing down. Marilyn has made herself clear, and Cash has to respect that. Marilyn’s location will remain a mystery to them.

Marilyn first arrived in Summer Bay in 1989, and this is far from the first time she has left our screens. In fact, it was during one of her many breaks, between 1992 and 1995, that we now know her to have given birth to Heather.

She has been a regular face in the bay since she returned in 2010 after nearly a decade away. Now, with Marilyn believing that she’s betrayed her friends with such a huge bombshell, is she really gone for good?

UK viewers will see these scenes in early 2023.

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