Neighbours Spoilers – Mackenzie and Hendrix are engaged!

Coming up on Neighbours in the UK, Hendrix and Mackenzie return to Erinsborough with some big news – they’re engaged! But the good news doesn’t end there…

These scenes air in the UK from Monday 23rd May, and in Australia from Monday 20th June.

Hendrix has recently been hit with some terrible news – he has pulmonary fibrosis as a result of the fire at Erinsborough High, and he needs a lung transplant.

The news has been made worse by the Rodwells moving into Ramsay Street, as it was their daughter Sadie (Emerald Chan) who started the fire, so he’s now living on the same street as the person who ultimately caused his health issues.

In scenes airing later this week (UK: Friday 20th May / Aus: Thursday 16th June), Hendrix and Mackenzie head to Sydney to visit Hendrix’s parents – father Pierce (Tim Robards), mother Lisa (Jane Allsop) and sister Alana (Molly Broadstock).

Unusually for Neighbours, the whole episode takes place away from Erinsborough, as it focusses on the young couple’s visit to the New South Wales city, with Hendrix taking Mackenzie to a number of places that played a big part in his childhood.

Hendrix initially doesn’t plan to tell his parents about his diagnosis, but his sister Alana quickly senses that something’s wrong, and he’s forced to admit the truth – he needs a lung transplant within three years or he’ll die.

His family are stunned by the news, but they’re loving and supportive.

Suddenly Hendrix’s fears of telling them are forgotten, and he’s feeling much more positive about the battle ahead.

Feeling loved and supported Hendrix decides to take a huge step forward… in a spur of the moment decision, he proposes to Mackenzie!

Talking to Inside Soap about the decision to propose, Ben Turland said: “It’s very much spur of the moment. Mackenzie has opened Hendrix’s eyes to a different way of thinking.”

“Hendrix starts to wonder what he wants in life and who he wants to be a round. It makes sense to him, so he proposes! He doesn’t even have a ring.” 

Stunned but excited, Mackenzie accepts Hendrix’s proposal.

The news leaves his family ecstatic, and Hendrix leaves Sydney feeling closer to them than ever – it finally seems as if there’s a silver lining to his medical diagnosis.


Back on Ramsay Street, the two lovers share their engagement news with the Kennedys and those closest to them, and bask in the love.

As if the engagement wasn’t good news enough, Hendrix is about to get the gift of a lifetime.

Just a few days after returning to Erinsborough and announcing their engagement, the street comes together to celebrate Hendrix and Mackenzie’s young love at their engagement party.

As Hendrix is enjoying himself, and not thinking about his illness for the first time in weeks, he gets the phone call of a lifetime…

Has a transplant donor been found already?

Here are the spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

8852 – Monday 23rd May (UK) / Monday 20th June (Aus)

Hendrix and Mackenzie celebrate happy news.

Freya goes looking for Harlow and finds trouble.

8853 – Tuesday 24th May (UK) / Monday 20th June (Aus)

With Freya unconscious, Corey whisks Harlow to a new location.

Seeing Chloe and Kiri’s closeness, Nicolette decides to start again.

Chloe realises she’s crossed a line and puts boundaries in place.

8854 – Wednesday 25th May (UK) / Tuesday 21st June (Aus)

Will Harlow’s tormentors be brought down?

Have Freya’s heroic actions earned her a second chance with Levi?

Glen suffers an accident at the vineyard.

8855 – Thursday 26th May (UK) / Tuesday 21st June (Aus)

Chloe snaps when Paul makes her deal with another work issue above her pay grade.

Glen is brought into hospital, fearing he’s suffered permanent damage.

Terese is furious to discover Paul has been hiding assets.

8856 – Friday 27th May (UK) / Wednesday 22nd June (Aus)

Hendrix gets a gift of a lifetime at his engagement party.

Terese is rocked by a blast from her past.