Home and Away Spoilers – Theo punches Dimitri as the truth comes out

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, the truth about Dimitri comes out as Theo stands up to his father…

Since Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) turned up on his aunt Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) doorstep back in September, he has been hiding a dark secret under his laidback attitude.

Declaring he had been kicked out following an argument with his father, Leah’s eldest brother Dimitri (Salvatore Coco), it took some persuading before Justin (James Stewart) agreed to Leah’s wish that Theo stay with them.

Although Theo and Dimitri’s dispute had been put down to Theo being caught defrauding customers at his father’s car dealership, it wasn’t until recent weeks that Theo revealed to John Palmer (Shane Withington) that Dimitri had been abusive towards him for many years.

Theo was a victim of both physical and mental manipulation from a young age,” Matt told TV Week. “The physical abuse started when he was 14. When his father didn’t get his way, he would lose his temper.

John insisted that Theo should call the police, but Theo didn’t want to break Leah’s heart with the truth about her brother. He begged John to keep quiet about what he had told him, which he reluctantly agreed to.

Unaware of Dimitri’s true nature, both Justin and Leah have took it upon themselves to try and repair his and Theo’s fractured relationship. Theo was angered to learn that Leah had gone to visit Dimitri in the city en-route back from Cyprus, petrified about what may come of it, but Leah’s attempts to get through to her brother were fruitless as he declared he wanted nothing to do with Theo.

That is until last week, when Dimitri turned up in Summer Bay. He insisted on surprising Theo as he, Leah and Justin made their way to the garage, and Dimitri claimed that he was just having a bad day when he told Leah he wanted nothing to do with him.

But his attitude soon changed when he and Theo were alone together, insisting that Theo show him some respect and come back to the city with him to resume work. When Theo refused, Dimitri revealed that Theo no longer had his mother to hide behind anymore, Cassandra had left him!

Whilst Theo stormed out, Justin’s suspicions grew when Dimitri mentioned how he’d had to come down hard on Theo in the past. Leah in the meantime phoned Cassandra, who told her that she had been planning to leave Dimitri for some time but wanted to ensure that Theo was settled down first, which also piqued their curiosity.

This week, the truth finally comes out about Dimitri, in a triple episode airing on Monday evening.

As the promo reveals, things begin to fall apart when Dimitri introduces himself to John in the diner. As John reluctantly accepts Dimitri’s handshake, he tells Dimitri that he’s heard a lot about him from Theo, in a way which immediately puts Dimitri at unease.

Whilst Leah and Justin continue to compare notes after talking to Dimitri and Theo respectively, the two become more concerned that something serious is going on, and realise they need to talk to Theo fast, before Dimitri talks to him himself.

Meanwhile Theo’s mood is lightened when he see Chloe (Sam Barrett). As Theo took some time out from his problems the previous day, he had bumped into Chloe—who was also feeling sorry for herself after being asked to leave the farmhouse by Bella (Courtney Miller). The two had gone back to Chloe’s and slept together.

Theo has always had a soft spot for Chloe, and hopes to advance their relationship further by asking her out on a date. In an extended version of the promo, he tells her that he enjoyed their time together and Chloe is in agreement.

But Theo is hurt when Chloe suddenly makes a u-turn and declares that the whole thing was a mistake and to just forget about it.

When a confused Theo heads into the surf club, John checks in to make sure he’s alright. Theo tells him that the sooner Dimitri is gone the better.

But only minutes later, Dimitri storms up to Theo, demanding to know what he’s been saying to people about him.

Theo denies saying anything as Dimitri becomes more aggressive.

Then, as Dimitri grabs Theo, Theo frustration boils over, and he fights back by punching his father in the face in front of everyone!

Having witnessed the attack just as they walked in, Leah rushes to Dimitri as Justin and John hold back Theo.

What is wrong with you?” Leah shouts to Theo, as he struggles to contain his years of resentment towards Dimitri.

This [Chloe’s rejection] is a massive part of Theo punching his father,” Matt explained to TV Week. “All his frustration and hatred comes out when he gets used by Chloe, as he really had feelings for her. It tips him over the edge.

But how will Leah react when the whole truth finally comes out about her brother…?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 11th April (Episodes 7766-7768)

John faces Theo’s tormentor. Chloe’s deception ties her in knots. Theo finally fights back.

Logan suspects Mackenzie’s secrecy. Dimitri’s violent past is exposed. Bella draws a line with Chloe.

Mackenzie and Ryder get the gambling buzz. Mackenzie’s romantic decoy fools Logan. Felicity can’t get Tane alone.

Tuesday 12th April (Episode 7769)

Is Mia losing her mind? Jasmine can’t swallow her jealousy. Felicity and Tane’s rendezvous gets interrupted.

Wednesday 13th April (Episode 7770)

Jasmine can’t accept her new family. Rose and Xander pack their bags. Is Summer Bay too painful for Mia?

Thursday 14th April (Episode 7771)

Mia decides Chloe’s fate. Roo and Irene hit the road. Xander is stuck between hostile sisters.