Home and Away Spoilers – Alf seeks vengeance on Theo

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Ryder struggles in the aftermath of his trauma, whilst Alf seeks vengeance on Theo…

The idea of being buried alive would instil fear in most people, but it didn’t phase Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) when he proposed it for his and Theo Poulos’s (Matt Evans) latest online challenge video.

Ryder is sure to be in the taphophobia club now though, after what should have been a five hour challenge turned into a terrifying overnight ordeal which almost proved fatal.

With Theo lying helpless nearby, after getting his leg caught up in some barbed wire, it was only pure luck that Roo (Georgie Parker) and Justin (James Stewart) saw the video and got to the site of the grave in the nick of time.

Ryder was unconscious and severely deprived of oxygen by the time they managed to dig him up, but after a tense waiting game in the hospital, he finally started responding to treatment.

Tensions remain at an all-time high in the Stewart household this week however, with Roo still not talking to her mother Martha (Belinda Giblin), after she refused to accept Roo’s kidney in a much-needed transplant. When Martha finally comes home from the hospital, Roo announces that she’s going to be moving out to a caravan.

It’s only the reminder that Ryder will also be home the next day that convinces Roo to stay in the family home in order to support him.

Alf still remains adamant that Theo is wholly responsible for Ryder’s trauma, despite everyone trying to convince him otherwise. After Alf yells at Theo in the diner to stay away from his family, Justin heads around to Summer Bay House to try and make Alf see sense, insisting that both Ryder and Theo were in it together.

Alf throws Justin out, but not before Justin tells him to at least watch the videos to see for himself.

Alone, Alf watches through all of Theo and Ryder’s online videos—from the chilli challenge, to the firewalk challenge, to Theo stealing the surf club ATV—becoming more and more unimpressed as he clicks through.

In Alf’s eyes the videos don’t exonerate Theo of being the running force behind the challenges, and when Ryder comes home from hospital, he’s barely through the door before he’s met with one of Alf’s flamin’ rants—”That Poulos kid is trouble… and you’re naive and stupid enough to go along with it!

Roo takes Ryder back outside for some fresh air, where he apologises for causing them so much torment with the challenge, and explains that he was only doing the videos to raise enough money to pay back the money he owes them.

But as Roo tries to reassure him that he was under no pressure to come up with the funds, Ryder suddenly starts becoming agitated.

As his chest tightens, a panicked Ryder gasps for air and tells Roo that he can’t breathe.

When Roo calls for help from anyone in the caravan park, Jasmine (Sam Frost) is luckily nearby with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), and they both come running over to assist.

Both Roo and Cash ask if Ryder needs medical assistance, but Jasmine explains that Ryder is having a panic attack, and talks him through a breathing exercise to try and calm him down.

Meanwhile, as Alf gets sick of everyone telling him he’s wrong about Ryder and Theo, he decides to go on the warpath and pays a visit to the garage.

The visit is short, as he tells Justin and Theo that after seeing all the videos, he’s decided that Theo pressured Ryder into taking part.

He knows coercion when he sees it, and coldly tells a stunned Theo that he’s going to pay for what he’s done!

Alf immediately heads over to Cash and asks him to charge Theo…. with attempted murder!


Cash has to explain that the videos show Ryder was fully co-operative and that no criminal activity took place—after all, there’s no law against good old-fashioned stupidity. Alf isn’t best pleased!

When a further argument between Alf and Ryder causes Ryder to have another panic attack, a shaken Alf is determined to come up with another way to punish Theo… and heading to the surf club, he comes up with the perfect plan.

The next day, Theo is shocked when he’s approached by Constables Murray (John-Paul Jory) and Watson, who inform him that he’s under arrest—for the theft of the surf club Polaris!*

Theo’s protests that it was just a joke fall on deaf ears as the officers prepare to take him down to the station.

Has Alf’s vendetta against Theo gone too far?

*we usually refrain from naming the surf club’s ATV as a Polaris—whilst it’s been named as such in dialogue for a few years now, it’s actually a Can-Am Defender.

Unsurprisingly, after Alf witnesses Ryder and Theo’s firewalking video, he chooses to keep quiet about the fact that he’d done the same thing himself over two decades ago!

Back in 1998, Alf and Donald Fisher (Norman Coburn) went on a warrior summit camp—in the hope it would help Alf get in touch with his emotions and open up in his marriage to Ailsa (Judy Nunn). The two were faced with a firewalk as part of a challenge to bring out their inner strength.

Unfortunately the technique they used resulted in the same consequence. Whilst Ryder and Theo were stopped in their tracks by Cash’s interference, Alf and Fisher tried to rush across, and in doing so burnt their feet.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 14th March (Episode 7721)

Mia tries to hold her family together. Logan faces his ex. Mackenzie has an unlikely plan.

Tuesday 15th March (Episode 7722)

Mackenzie keeps her enemies close. Felicity and Tane have a steamy reunion. Mia gets a bad sign from Ari.

Wednesday 16th March (Episode 7723)

Mia is desperate to have her wedding. Cash offers Tane a lifeline. Roo’s still avoiding Martha. Tane leans on Felicity for support. Alf and Justin clash.

Thursday 17th March (Episode 7724)

Ryder struggles on his return home. Theo tries to make amends as Alf goes on the war path against him. Jasmine and Cash are loved up.

Friday 18th March (Episode 7725)

Bella finds a new home. Alf has a vengeful plan for Theo. John gets implicated in revenge.