Home and Away Spoilers – Summer Bay reels after the chemical attack

As Home and Away returns to UK screens next week, lives hang in the balance in the wake of the chemical attack at the surf club—will Tane be found in time? Meanwhile, Felicity comes under suspicion…

Several Summer Bay residents were in peril as the show went on its annual winter break in the UK back in November. Whilst Martha Stewart (Belinda Giblin) had managed to pull off a successful fundraising evening at Salt to raise awareness of mental health, which also included an auction of painting she created specially, little did she realise that the whole restaurant was slowly filling up with toxic chemicals.

Martha’s event wasn’t the intended target of the shocking attack though. Downstairs in the gym, Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) had been drugged by his mystery stalker, and was lying helpless on the floor as a chemical sprayer showered him with an unidentified substance.

As we return to Summer Bay next week, with the gym closed up for the evening, Tane’s chances of being discovered in time are growing slim.

As the evening’s proceedings continue upstairs, spirits are high at John Palmer’s (Shane Withington) table as they finish off dessert.

While Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) are occupied with their ardour for one another, Irene (Lynne McGranger) expresses her gratitude to John for inviting her, which John returns with a thanks for helping him actually fill the table he’d bought!

Two seats are temporarily unoccupied though, as Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) have stepped out onto the balcony to continue arguing about the idea of Leah’s nephew Theo (Matt Evans) moving into the house.

When Jasmine goes to check on them, the moment is interrupted by Justin’s sister Tori ringing on his mobile. As Justin comments that Tori doesn’t understand time differences, with her having recently moved to London, he and Jasmine answer the call together as Leah heads back inside.

Meanwhile, sitting directly underneath the air conditioning vent that the chemicals are being expelled through, Martha tells Alf (Ray Meagher) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) that she’s suddenly started to become a bit light-headed. Alf and Marilyn suggest that it’s perhaps a combination of all the excitement plus champagne – but the real reason is about to be uncovered!

Martha’s condition gradually worsens, and soon enough Irene, who has joined them at the table, also begins to feel ill.

As Martha tries to stand up, she falters and knocks over some glasses. Amongst all the commotion, Cash notices a mysterious mist coming out of the vent above.

After further inspection, Cash realises they have a serious problem on their hands!

He immediately orders everyone to cover their faces and move away from the air conditioning vents, as he proceeds to shut all the doors, leaving a confused Justin and Jasmine stranded outside.

Cash asks Mackenzie to call the emergency services, specifically requesting a HAZMAT team, he then tells the stunned gathering that there is a leak of toxic contamination and the building is now quarantined.

Jasmine and Justin can only watch in bewilderment as the emergency services descend on the surf club, and they’re soon rescued.

Meanwhile, Roo (Georgie Parker) and John also find themselves unable to return upstairs after stepping out, with Cash asking them to pass the message to the HAZMAT team that he suspects the chemical is organophosphate, a highly toxic pesticide.

It explains why he’s locking everyone inside the Surf Club – the pesticide spreads easily, so they can’t risk simply letting everyone outside, where they’d be putting even more people at risk.

HAZMAT team leader O’Connell (Damien Strouthos) explains to Roo and John that they are setting up decontamination showers for everyone, and Roo expresses her concern for her mother and father who are trapped upstairs with everyone else.

Logan (Harley Bonner) then passes by, and, explaining that he’s a doctor, offers to help.

The HAZMAT team heads inside to track down the source of the contamination, and their attention quickly turns to the closed gym, where they soon find an unconscious Tane in the office.

While he may have been discovered quickly, he’s in a bad way. He’s unconscious and has born the biggest brunt of the toxic chemicals.

As Tane is quickly moved outside, Logan and Jasmine ignore O’Connell’s warning that they need full PPE to approach the patient, and quickly ascertain that Tane’s about to go into arrest. With his airways too swollen, they have no option but to perform a tracheotomy there and then.

Meanwhile, Martha is the first to be evacuated as her condition continues to deteriorate, and it breaks Alf’s heart when he’s stopped from going with her. Despite undergoing decontamination, Justin forces his way back into the club to find Leah, but is shocked when she then collapses in his arms.

As the HAZMAT team begin to remove evidence, Cash spies the single rose that had been laid on Tane… and soon has his own idea of who could be responsible!

It’s chaos as all the victims are transported to the hospital, and Tane is still in a bad way. As Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Mia (Anna Samson) arrive at the hospital, Jasmine and Logan are forced to perform chest compressions on Tane as he begins to flatline.

There’s still no output after several minutes, and Jasmine tells Logan that he should call it. Thankfully, Logan’s sheer determination means Tane is finally brought back from the brink!

The next morning, as Ari watches his brother from outside the room, he angrily confronts Cash as to what the police are doing to track down the person that attacked his brother.

Meanwhile, despite the dangers, Alf refuses to leave Martha’s side, and is only forced to do so when Martha takes another sudden turn and her sats start dropping.

Whilst Logan manages to stabilise her, he explains to Roo and Alf that the toxins have caused a lot more damage than they first thought.

Alf and Martha are heartbroken when Logan then tells them that they need to prepare for the worst…

Elsewhere, after seeing the rose and knowing the turbulent history between his sister and Tane, Cash decides to confront his sister about the surf club incident. He heads straight over to the Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) that evening, but bottles out at the last minute.

But the next day, when Felicity sees the chaos at the surf club and is told what happened by John, she quickly puts two and two together and realises that Cash thinks that she did it!

Knowing she has no alibi, having been alone in her van, Felicity calls on her friend Anne (Megan Smart) to back her up by saying she was with her.

However, it seems an alibi won’t be enough to get her off. Later in the week, Jasmine finds a receipt for some organophosphate in Felicity’s caravan, which she pockets and takes to show Cash.

The two realise they no choice but to confront Felicity… was she really the attacker, or is she being set up?

Home and Away returns to Channel 5 on Monday 3rd January 2022, in the later timeslot of 2pm, with the episode repeated on sister channel 5STAR at 6pm. The show returns to its usual time of 1:15pm on Tuesday 4th January.

First look viewers on 5STAR can catch the return episode on Friday 31st December, at the earlier time of 6pm.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 3rd January (Episode 7671)

Tane’s life hangs in the balance. Cash can’t believe his eyes. Martha is in grave danger.

Tuesday 4th January (Episode 7672)

Will Tane survive? Martha fights for her life. All roads lead to Felicity.

Wednesday 5th January (Episode 7673)

Chloe and Ryder make a decision. Felicity’s in hot water. Leah and Justin come to an agreement.

Thursday 6th January (Episode 7674)

Nikau and Bella learn Theo’s secret. Ziggy shows Theo who’s boss while working at the Garage. Is Dean’s return to work too soon?

Friday 7th January (Episode 7675)

Jasmine discovers incriminating evidence. Bella realises she’s not over the past. Ziggy makes Dean an offer he can’t refuse.

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