Neighbours Spoilers – Glen comes to the rescue of a drunk Terese

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Coming up on Neighbours in the UK and Australia, Glen’s reappearance sends shockwaves through Paul and Lucy’s worlds, while Terese hits the bottle!

These episodes air this week in Australia, and from Friday 12th November in the UK.

It’s the moment that Neighbours fans have been waiting for all year!

After 30 years, Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) is set to walk back into the lives of Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Lucy Robinson (Melissa Bell) – ‘walk’ being the operative word.

The drama kicks off when estranged couple Paul and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) are forced to work together on a presentation for the 2021 Lassiters Worldwide Summit.

Although general manager Terese realises its part and parcel of the job, considering Paul is the owner of the franchise, she’s growing increasingly tired of him using it as an excuse to get close to her.

In scenes which aired at the end of last week in Australia, the pair are getting ready to head to the sunshine state of Queensland for the conference, and it’s almost time to leave. Paul’s question of her transportation is met with crickets – she’s organised her own and doesn’t want to discuss it further.

It’s clear that Paul is hurting – his love for her is unmoving. But Terese been stung one time too many by the ruthless businessman. With his tail between his legs, Paul leaves No. 22 and prepares to head to Queensland alone.

No sooner does Paul step out the front door than Terese makes her way to kitchen and takes out a silver flask and a bottle of vodka from the paper bag she had carefully hidden under a cushion. It becomes obvious that the pressure that has been mounting the last few weeks has become too much and Terese is beginning to crumble.

When the pair arrive at the resort in Queensland, in separate cars of course, they are met by Lucy, who is elated to see the both of them. She soon clocks the animosity between them, but is forced to inform them that there’s been a change in the presentation line-up – they are now the first speakers, and their presentation needs some tweaking.

Paul heads to Terese’s room to discuss their battle plan, but she soon makes it clear that they won’t be working on the amends together. They decide the ‘divide and conquer’ and conquer approach is best – she’ll take one half, and he’ll take the other.

However, when Paul mentions that a showcase of the Lassiters terrace is a part of her section, there’s awkwardness – they shared a significant moment in their relationship on that terrace, so he would understand if she wanted to give it up so as not to dredge up painful memories.

Ever the battler, Terese battles on. But when she sets down to make her updates, she’s plagued with a flashback to their moment on the balcony, where they exchanged their vows in March 2020.

The memories are all that is required to push the savvy businesswoman over the edge. She retrieves the bottle of vodka and funnels it into the flask. A few moments later, after a visit from Lucy, she takes the first sip!

It seems that Terese’s conference experience might be about become a little easier. Following the presentation – which went very well by Lucy’s account – Paul books a ticket back to Melbourne to allow his wife time away from him. Spying Terese leaving the hotel for the beach, he calls out to her, but she ignores him.

Suddenly, from his balcony, he glimpses something. A person, sitting at a wooden park bench, just staring at the hotel. The face looks familiar – a blast from the past.

Rushing downstairs, Paul finds the bench he was looking at. Now, it’s unoccupied. With everything ticking over in his head, he begins to wonder whether his eyes have deceived him.

Needing to talk to someone about it, Paul heads straight to his sister Lucy to drop the bombshell of a lifetime – he believes he has just seen their half-brother Glen!

Glen can’t even walk, Paul. He’d be in a wheelchair,” Lucy reminds Paul to justify why she doesn’t believe him.

Although Paul is rational in knowing that, he genuinely thinks that Glen is in Cairns.

The more Paul tries to convince his sister, the more annoyed she becomes. Finding a reason to stay and badger Terese is one thing, but using their paralysed and estranged half-brother to justify his non-departure is too far… even for Paul!

I saw him, I swear,” Paul promises his little sister. “I’m staying here until I’ve found our brother.

While Lucy still struggles to believe her brother, it seems he knows what he was talking about. As she waits for Paul to emerge from Lassiters, Lucy is oblivious to Glen’s presence in the distance, watching her.

Meanwhile down at the beach, it seems Terese is taking her drinking to the next level, in scenes which hit Australian screens on Monday 8th November, and UK screens on Monday 15th November.

Desperate and alone, she finishes her flask of vodka. The sight of her wedding ring, which has remained a firm fixture on her left hand throughout her marital woes, propels her to swig away.

Finally, she plucks up the courage to take the wedding ring off. It’s a big moment for the woman who fought so desperately to be with the man she loved after being hurt time and time again.

But when a knight in shining armour comes along and comforts her, she finally feels the warmth she’s been longing for.

It just so happens that the knight is in the form of her brother-in-law Glen – but at this point, Terese has no idea of his true identity! Neither does Glen realise that Terese is married to Paul, simply believing her to be a colleague attending the conference.

“It’s concerning for a woman to be alone and drunk on the beach,” Richard told TV Week recently. “I think anyone with an ounce of integrity would help someone in trouble. Glen felt sorry for her and, with the best intentions, wanted to get her back to the safety of the hotel room.”

However, when Terese discovers that he’s Paul’s half-brother, she’s furious. She’s trying her best to avoid her husband, and now she has another Robinson to contend with!

It’s not long before Glen makes his way to the beachside Lassiters hotel and confronts the brother who hung him out to dry and the half-sister with whom he once had a fling.

It’s the first time they’ve seen each other in three decades, and countless questions need answering – not least how he’s now able to walk when he was last seen requiring the use of a wheelchair. Plus, just why did he disappear for 30 years, and what has finally prompted him to reconnect with his family?

With no shortage of drama – back then, or now – one thing is for certain: Glen’s reappearance will cause nothing but fireworks right across the lives of the Robinson clan and most likely change the fabric of their relationships forever!

And he doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon…

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

8731 – Friday 12th November (UK) / Thursday 4th November (Aus)

Terese arrives at the conference, turning to her flask when she learns she has to work with Paul on some last-minute adjustments to their presentation.

Chloe confronts Harlow about her hiring Mick, but she brazenly denies, leading Leo to offer a stressed Chloe her job back at the vineyard.

Paul decides to stay in Queensland for the night, but Lucy is less than thrilled.

8732 – Monday 15th November (UK) / Monday 8th November (Aus)

Before Kyle and Roxy know what’s hit them, they’re getting intimacy coaching from Sheila.

Hendrix and Mackenzie are left mortified when Karl and Susan assure them they’re comfortable with them exploring their new relationship freely at No. 28.

Feeling overwhelmed, Terese loses her way drunk and distraught on the beach, when a stranger walks up to her and helps.

8733 – Tuesday 16th November (UK) / Tuesday 9th November (Aus)

Felicity continues to work with Ned to drive a wedge between Levi and Amy.

Glen is shocked when Paul is overjoyed to see him.

8734 – Wednesday 17th November (UK) / Wednesday 10th November (Aus)

With Kyle’s surgery fast approaching, Roxy’s efforts to help keep missing the mark.

Both Levi and Amy are furious about the games Ned and Felicity have been playing.

Domestic bliss is finally on the cards for Aaron, David and Nicolette until Nicolette makes a discovery that could uproot them all over again.

8735 – Thursday 18th November (UK) / Thursday 11th November (Aus)

After waking up to discover some terrible news, Kyle takes his frustration out on Roxy, who doesn’t think she’ll be able to keep things secret much longer.

Aaron insists that the parenting trio work together to figure out who planted the camera in the teddy bear.

Some spicy news from Levi stands to make Amy’s plans to get back to that sweet spot a whole lot trickier.

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