Home and Away Spoilers – Chloe and her dad begin to bond

This week on Home and Away in Australia, despite Mia’s threat, Matthew introduces himself to his daughter for the first time. How will she react?

The week has been one of the most stressful weeks of new business owner Mia’s (Anna Samson) life. She had just got her life in order, having bought the gym and embarked on an exciting adoption journey with Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), but things came crashing down when she received an unexpected phonecall from a man she’d left firmly in the past.

Chloe’s father – Matthew (James Sweeny)!

The pair hadn’t spoken in 20 years, since spending one night together at a party. Mia had been too drunk to give consent, woke up dazed and confused, and soon discovered that she was pregnant. When she went to Matthew’s house to tell him, she found his mum, who gave him a wad of cash and demanded that she get an abortion.

Instead, Mia fled, and went ahead with the pregnancy. She told Matthew to stay away from her, and the two haven’t exchanged as much as a text message ever since. Now, two decades later, Matthew has somehow found out that he has a child, and has arrived in Summer Bay looking to meet her.

Last week, Mia bumped into her non-consensual one-night-stand after he came looking for her at the gym. She warned him to stay away, and eventually told him that, if the truth about their night together came out, it wouldn’t look good for his career as a barrister.

“Maybe you should have a think about what your life would look like if that truth came out,” she warned.

Unfortunately, she managed to let slip Chloe’s name during their altercation.

Soon after, as Matthew was walking away, he overheard Irene (Lynne McGranger) call out Chloe’s name, and he realised he had just come face to face with his daughter.

He spoke to her for the first ever time as he asked her if she needed a hand with her food delivery.

Although she turned him down – her car was just meters away – it made him more determined than ever to connect with his daughter, despite Mia’s threats.

He finds her in the Diner this week, and quickly turns on the charm as he enjoys his first ever real conversation with the daughter he never knew he had.

After they make small talk for a while, he gets to the point, and tells her that he’s in Summer Bay to see his daughter.

“Nice, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it,” is her reply, completely clueless of what’s about to happen.

It’s then that he drops the bombshell of a lifetime: “The daughter I’m visiting… it’s you.”

Suddenly, the world that Chloe thought she knew falls apart around her. She leaves the Diner and heads straight back home, demanding that Mia tell her what on earth is going on.

Mia is forced to admit to her that, yes, that was her dad, but that there’s a very good reason she kept him from her for all these years.

She pleads with Chloe to just forget she ever met him, and carry on with her life. She doesn’t need him, he’s bad news.

Yet Chloe can’t help but be angry at her mum for keeping such a big secret. “You are the one who kept him from me,” she shouts, as Mia tries to explain that “you do not know him like I do!”

When Chloe asks, “why don’t you want me to see my dad?”, Mia can’t give her an answer.

Thus, curiosity gets the better of her, and Chloe agrees to meet up with Matthew and get to know him.

He gives her most of the story, telling her that she was the result of a single night he spent with her mum. He also fills her in on the money that his mum gave Mia in exchange for her having an abortion, and how she ended up skipping town, eventually raising Chloe alone.

With Chloe thinking that her father is being honest with her, they begin to bond, leaving Mia distraught as she’s forced to beg her daughter to stay away from him.

Yet Chloe doesn’t know who to believe, and isn’t willing to let her father walk out of her life as quickly as he walked into it.

Of course, Ari also knows the full story of Mia and Matthew’s night together. He’s always considered Chloe to be like a daughter, and he’s not happy that Matthew has suddenly rocked up and barged into her life.

He confronts Matthew, demanding that he leave town right away. However, it looks like the newcomer doesn’t give in easily – as Ari tells him “you stay away from my family”, Matthew simply responds with, “your family?”

Will Mia and Ari be able to stop Chloe from bonding with her dad after 20 years apart, or is he about to become a permanent fixture in her life?

UK viewers will see these scenes in early 2022.

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

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