Back to the Bay launches Neighbours’ Most Popular Character 2021

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Who are your favourite ever Neighbours characters? We want to know, as we open voting for Back to the Bay’s first ever Neighbours Most Popular Character.

For the past 17 years, Back to the Bay has run the Home and Away Most Popular Character poll. Every two years, we ask fans to vote for their favourite characters from the show’s history, and we reveal the winners in the lead up to Christmas.

Now, for the first time, we’re asking Neighbours fans to vote for their favourite characters too.

Ramsay Street has graced Australian screens since 1985 (it started on British screens a year later), meaning you have 36 years of characters to choose from.

Is your favourite one of the 2021 cast, or a golden oldie?

Whether it’s one of the original Ramsay or Robinson clan, the iconic Kennedy family and their 27 years in Erinsborough, or a modern day addition like the Cannings and Brennans, everyone’s in with a chance of being crowned Neighbours’ Most Popular Character of 2021.

Do you prefer the Neighbours cast from years gone by?

Here’s how it works.

Just enter your email address and your top 3 favourite Neighbours characters of all time.

Your favourite character will be assigned 3 points. The character you place in second position will get 2 points. Finally, the character that you place in third position will get 1 point.

Once voting closes on 30th November, we’ll tally up the votes. Then, in December, we’ll announce the results of Back to the Bay’s first ever Neighbours Most Popular Character.

Please be sure to read these few pointers before we get started:

  • Strictly one vote per person, and you need to enter your email address to be able to vote. If you enter more than once, your final entry will be the one we count
  • We’ll only use your email address to make sure your vote is only counted once. If you want to subscribe to our weekly newsletter full of Australian soap spoilers, just tick the box and we’ll add you to the list. Otherwise, you won’t hear anything more from us
  • You need to choose 3 characters, so think hard
  • Both regular and guest characters are allowed
  • Please give a character’s surname, as if you simply write down ‘Amy’ then we won’t know if you mean Amy Williams or Amy Greenwood
  • Please only vote for who you genuinely believe are the best characters from the show’s history – not just the ones you think are the best looking, or your current favourite!

Neighbours fans, get voting!

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