Neighbours Spoilers – Will Levi leave Amy for Felicity?

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Felicity learns the truth about Levi’s relationship with Amy. Is their relationship about to become four?

These episodes will air in the UK in early November.

It was inevitable that at some point, the polyamorous relationship between Levi Canning (Richie Morris), Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) and Ned Willis (Ben Hall) would be tested. After all, polyamory is new to all of them, and the rules aren’t set in stone.

It seems that the time has come.

Viewers will be aware that a few weeks ago, Levi met attractive newcomer Felicity Higgins (Isabella Giovanozzo). Although their first meeting wasn’t ideal – she ran into him, knocking a Bloody Mary all over his shirt – the pair soon hit it off. They spent the afternoon getting to know one another and she even gave him her phone number.

Unfortunately, as a result, ructions began to form in his relationship with Amy.

Amy only learnt of Levi’s secret rendezvous after a slip of the tongue from Ned. She was furious, not wanting one of her boyfriends to start seeing another woman. When Levi pointed out the hypocrisy – why can happily Amy date two men, but he can’t date two women? – it’s fair to say he was met with a negative reception.

To make matters worse, Amy made the decision to snoop on his text messages. Seething with jealousy when she stumbled across Levi’s conversation with Felicity, she accidentally tossed his phone into Lassiters Lake!

With the truth about Amy’s distrust in her partner now out in the open, Levi is shocked to learn that she’s gone behind his back and spoken to Felicity directly.

Talking to Felicity, Levi learns that Amy found her and tried to explain their situation to her. Learning that he was in fact in a relationship with someone else took Felicity by surprise – from the way he was flirting with her, Felicity assumed he was single, and feels a little deceived.

Levi is quick to fill in the blanks, explaining that he’s genuine, and that he’s been wanting to branch out and explore the possibility of a romance with her.

Felicity is touched by the sentiment and knows there’s a genuine connection between them. However, she explains that, while she is very pro-romance, and is supportive of polyamory, it isn’t for her. She’s a one man type of woman, and is looking for someone who feels the same way.

With her cards on the table, and with things between Levi and Amy more tense than ever, will Levi leave his polyamorous relationship for a chance with Felicity?

However, it seems that Felicity might not be the only threat to Amy’s love life!

With her focus consistently set on Levi, Ned is growing ever jealous of the third party in his relationship.

Faced with the prospect that Amy might indeed want Levi more than him, will Ned decide enough is enough and breaks things off with Amy as well?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next two weeks in Australia:

Monday 18th October (8720)

Both Mackenzie and Hendrix believe the other is ready to take things to the next level, resulting in a very awkward situation.

When Toadie and Roxy invite themselves on Kyle’s impromptu fishing trip to Frankston, Roxy overhears Kyle tell Toadie that he needs to go on the trip alone.

Completely over Amy worrying about if Levi is going to dump her, Ned finds Levi to demand he sort out what he wants.

Tuesday 19th October (8721)

Feeling closer to Isla, Aaron and David want to discuss a new parenting arrangement, but Nicolette refuses to consider giving them more than 50/50 custody, despite their original agreement.

Levi and Amy are back on track, but when Amy spots a text from Felicity on Levi’s phone, she can’t help but snoop.

A guilty Kyle tells Roxy his reason for visiting Frankston, promising that they’ll face whatever comes next together.

Wednesday 20th October (8722)

Mackenzie and Hendrix are roped into Toadie’s lounge-based wrestling match, which only piques their mutual sexual frustrations.

Paul makes inquiries into criminal lawyers, rattling Nicolette and Jane to the point that Jane offers Paul a deal she thinks he can’t refuse.

While wrestling, Melanie slips and fractures her wrist, with the damage suggesting that she may be at risk of osteoporosis.

Thursday 21st October (8723)

When Terese opens up to Harlow about missing Paul, Harlow probes for more information and her next move is one that breaks Terese’s trust completely.

A conflicted Aaron gets advice from Toadie to take up Paul’s offer.

Monday 25th October (8724)

At their first meeting with the lawyers, Aaron becomes nervous when he realises their custody battle will involve a full character assassination of Nicolette.

Paul’s making Terese very shaky and she’s on the edge of a breakdown.

Tuesday 26th October (8725)

Toadie thinks he knows what Kyle’s hiding and when he confronts Kyle with the scenario, he’s shocked by what he finds out.

Chloe finds Terese in the nick of time, pouring the wine down the sink and being there for her as a friend.

Wednesday 27th October (8726)

Things are starting to unravel for Amy and she’s soon on the outer with both her boyfriends.

Kyle’s been keeping his secret quiet, not wanting his family to know before he has a clear idea of what he’s dealing with.

Thursday 28th October (8727)

When Kyle gets the heartbreaking results of his scan, Roxy works hard to be his rock but is left feeling like she’s not doing a good job in the supportive girlfriend role.

Hendrix and Mackenzie finally have the long-anticipated talk about taking the next step in their relationship.

Felicity is not interested in having a poly relationship with Levi, meanwhile Ned is also upset with Amy and her constant focus on Levi.

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