Neighbours Spoilers – Terese comes face to face with her son’s killer

Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Terese comes face to face with her son’s killer.

These episodes will air from Monday 27th September.

Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) has made a decision that some people don’t think is a good choice. But in her mind, she has to do it.

After finding out the surprise connection that Jesse Porter (Cameron Robbie) has to her business rival and the killer of her son, Julie Quill (Gail Easdale), Terese has battled her feelings towards the businessman-in-training.

First, there were feelings of anger. She wanted him out of her life as he was just a blatant reminder of what Julie inflicted on her family all those years ago.

Then, slowly, Terese began to develop a connection with Jesse. She took him under her wing and they bonded. But last week, the Lassiters general manager made a slip of the tongue that threatened their entire relationship.

Thanks Josh,” she said before realising what she said.

Jesse was a bit taken aback, but the pair were able to sweep it under the carpet without issue. However, it made Terese realise that she had never truly dealt with the emotional trauma of Josh’s death.

So, when Jesse mentioned that he was planning on going to visit his mother in prison, Terese began to question whether she could use his visit as an opportunity to get closure.

Steeling herself for what she knew was coming, Terese revealed to her husband Paul (Stefan Dennis) that she had made the decision to accompany Jesse on his visit to see Julie.

Paul was livid and, this week, his anger continues.

Confronting Terese, renewed in her mourning of her late son Josh (Harley Bonner), Paul questions whether his wife visiting the ex-Quill Group CEO is conducive to her desire for closure.

What if she doesn’t react the way you hope?” Paul asks Terese.

But Terese doesn’t want a bar of Paul’s opinion. She’s made up her mind, and she’s sticking to it.

However, when she leaves the room, Paul lays into Jesse. Not only does he think that Jesse has done the wrong thing by even bringing up the idea of seeing Julie, he also believes he shouldn’t have reintroduced the Quills into her life.

It’s unfair to involve her,” he tells Jesse.

Knowing that his opinion alone may not be enough to convince Jesse, Paul encourages David (Takaya Honda) to talk to him.

David seems an odd choice, considering he has barely interacted with Jesse to date. However, Paul has an ulterior motive for wanting Jesse to back off, and it affects David in a big way.

Paul told both Terese and Jesse that the plan for Lassiters to buy The Quill Hotel fell through because the Quills had hidden the truth about some bad debts held by their parent company. He’s scared that, if Terese and Jesse visit Julie together, talk will turn to business, and Julie will reveal that no such debts exist.

The real reason for the deal falling through was that Paul had given $1million to Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes), leaving him at a financial loose end. He fears the truth coming out, and assures David that it wouldn’t be good for anybody if it did.

As such, David makes an impassioned plea to Jesse, telling him that he reminds Terese of her son, that it’s bringing back painful memories, and that perhaps he needs to give her some space.

Meanwhile, Terese makes her way to the prison, planning on meeting Jesse there.

As she walked the bleak halls of the prison, she gets flashbacks to the last time she saw Julie.

I know this means nothing, but I’m truly sorry!” she remembers her confessing.

And once she comes face-to-face with Josh’s killer, there’s a moment of stoicism. It’s taking every fibre of her being to hold it together and not rip Julie to shreds.

Just what will the pair have to say to each other? And more importantly, what will Jesse walk in on when he arrives? If he arrives…

Elsewhere, the Erinsborough Film Festival is just around the corner, and it seems there is a late entrant to the competition.


This week, after being very much on the fringe of the entire festival palaver, Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) realises that there is a quick buck to be made. After discussing things with girlfriend Roxy (Zima Anderson), he learns that not only is it not too late to enter, but the prize money is $5000.

Knowing it could be worth his while, Kyle comes up with a genius idea. With Sheila (Colette Mann) signing on as the narrator for the short film, the lovable larrikin straps a camera to Gary the pigeon. The idea? To film a life in the day of a bird.

What could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile, his poor cousin Levi (Richie Morris) is going through a rough time with his girlfriend Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) and her other boyfriend Ned (Ben Hall).

Since his disapproving mother Evelyn (Paula Arundell) arrived in Erinsborough, he hasn’t spent as much time with Amy, for fear of his conservation mother’s beration. Much to his surprise, once she found out the truth and calmed down, Evelyn and Amy gelled quite well.

With Evelyn now out of the picture, and having moved back home, Levi is trying to play catch up, but is worried that he is now too far out of the picture.

Lamenting his worries to his cousin and Roxy, Levi explains that it feels like he is being left by the wayside, while Amy progresses further in her relationship with Ned.

Her and Ned are full pedal to the metal,” he says.

The matter isn’t helped when Amy cuts short her date with Levi to go have lunch with Ned and his family.

Roxy and Kyle do their best to pump Levi up, but when the footage from Gary the pigeon comes in, all the Cannings witness something that he has captured on his camera… and it’s X-rated!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 27th September (8697)

Toadie makes a bold romantic gesture, hoping to remind Melanie of what makes them great as a couple, but it backfires massively.

Levi decides to crash Amy’s sauna session, but Ned’s already there.

Kyle attaches a mini camera to Gary the pigeon, but the footage he captures is a little more risqué than Kyle could have imagined.

Tuesday 28th September (8698)

Terese insists on visiting Julie Quill in prison.

Rose wastes no time comforting Toadie in his heartbreak.

Paul is forced to reveal the full extent of his deception to David.

Wednesday 29th September (8699)

Although dinner with Rose is fun, Toadie makes it clear that nothing is going to happen between them, just yet.

Terese is left feeling bereft when she learns that Jesse has handed in his resignation and is moving to Sydney.

Harlow learns that the Lassiters’ staff receive a free drink at the end of their shift without Paul’s knowledge.

Thursday 30th September (8700)

Harlow decides not to inform Paul and Terese of the free drinks for staff, but quickly regrets her choice.

Toadie is thrown when Nell questions Amy’s relationships after seeing her physically close with both Ned and Levi.

Friday 1st October (8701)

Rose organises a family picnic for Toadie for Father’s Day now that Melanie’s plans for the day are no longer happening.

After her confrontation with Toadie, Amy has a suggestion to keep both her relationships and their friendship intact.

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