Neighbours Spoilers – Hendrix’s cancer worries cause him to act out

On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, a health scare causes Hendrix to drown his sorrows, leading to him putting Roxy in danger. Will he see sense and go see a doctor before he self-distructs?

These episodes will air in the UK in mid October.

At the end of last week’s Australian episodes, Hendrix (Benny Turland) paid a visit to the pop-up testicular cancer testing service – ‘TestiTime’ – which arrived in Erinsborough as part of the ‘Shorts and Briefs’ film festival.

The van has the novel addition of a screen so that the staff can quickly test the guys without subjecting them to the embarrassment of a face-to-face test.

It’s a way of encouraging more men to come forward, who would otherwise be too scared or embarrassed. If anything untoward is detected, then get referred to a GP for a further checkup.

Karl (Alan Fletcher) encouraged the teen to visit the van, with Susan sensibly pointing out that he should head over while Karl isn’t on duty.

While Hendrix was initially reluctant, seeing himself as low-risk, Karl informed him that, actually, the cancer is most commonly diagnosed in young males.

Hendrix eventually agreed to pop along on his way to the Shorts and Briefs festival, but got far more than he bargained for.

The doctor told him that he found a lump. He explained that it could just as easily be a benign cyst or blocked tubes, but he encouraged Hendrix to book an appointment with his GP for as soon as possible, to confirm either way.

Hendrix kept the news to himself, but was noticeably quiet at the film festival, with both Karl and Mackenzie surprised at his reluctance to stick around for a celebratory drink afterwards. In reality, he was fraught with worry at what he’d just learnt.

This week, Hendrix begins to freak out.

He decides against seeing his GP. He doesn’t see any need, as he’s already convinced himself that he has cancer.

It isn’t long until paranoia gets the better of him and he begins to think that he’s dying. Keeping his thoughts to himself, he starts to lose his cool and pushes away those closest to him.

Next week, in episodes airing from Monday 27th September, his worry causes him to act out. TV Week reports that he ropes Roxy (Zima Anderson) into a night out, as a way of trying to clear his mind of his health worries, and the party-loving girl is obviously in.

However, the night out doesn’t go as planned. Hendrix hits the booze hard, and keeps drinking long after he should have stopped.

It’s not long until he’s blind drunk and being kicked out of the bar, and it’s on Roxy to lead him outside into the fresh air. Rather than take it as a sign that he should head home, he’s determined to carry on with the night.

Before Roxy can stop him, he runs around the back and tries to sneak straight back inside the club.

She pulls his arm, trying to take him home and stop him doing something stupid. He refuses to listen and shoves her hard, causing her to fall to the ground. In the process, she bangs her head on a beer keg and twists her ankle.

Kyle (Chris Milligan) is livid when he hears what happened. He confronts Hendrix, angry that he put Roxy in danger in an act of drunken stupidity.

The confrontation is the wake-up call that Hendrix needs. Realising he needs to talk to someone, he turns to Kyle friend for support, opening up about what the doctor told him.

He admits that he’s only been thinking about the worst case scenario, but fear is stopping him from getting a test to confirm things. In the meantime, he’s stopped caring about everything else – school no longer matters when he thinks he only has a matter of weeks to live.

He even pushes Mackenzie away, unable to face the thought of telling her he may have cancer. He’s scared of the prospect of saying goodbye to his girlfriend forever.

Will Kyle be able to convince Hendrix to get a further test, and find out the truth of his diagnosis once and for all?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next two weeks in Australia:

Monday 20th September (8704)

All of Ramsay Street pitch in to help find Isla.

Levi finds a desperate Britney and the baby at the community centre where she reveals a shocking piece of information.

Tuesday 21st September (8705)

Three households are thrown into chaos as the truth of what has really been going on over the past few months finally comes to light.

Wednesday 22nd September (8706)

Tensions are high between David, Aaron and Nicolette, with the latter declaring their original parenting arrangement will not go ahead.

Already disgusted by Paul’s actions, the final blow for Terese comes when she learns the truth about Jesse’s departure.

Thursday 23rd September (8707)

Leo and Britney agree to work things out between them, but the cracks in their dynamic quickly begin to show.

David and Aaron struggle to bond with Isla and a different option is laid on the table by David.

Hendrix convinces himself he’s dying of cancer, despite not being tested further.

Monday 27th September (8708)

It’s Amy’s first night in her own apartment, but it turns out to be a disappointing fizzer, rather than a fun celebration with her boyfriends.

Mackenzie brings Karl and Susan up to speed on Hendrix’s decision to leave school.

Melanie expertly deals with an awkward question from Nell, leaving Toadie even more enamoured with her.

Seeking distraction, Hendrix ropes Roxy into a night out that eventually turns ugly.

Tuesday 28th September (8709)

Roxy winds up with a twisted ankle after her night out with Hendrix.

When Karl can’t find the prize money Melanie said she left on his table, he accuses her of pulling a swifty.

Levi and Ned feel terrible about leaving Amy alone on the first night in her new place and decide to throw her a housewarming party.

Wednesday 29th September (8710)

The prospect that there were three in Amy’s bed drives Sheila wild and leads her to gossip about it, leaving Amy deeply uncomfortable.

Aaron and David offer to babysit Abigail while Terese deals with an issue at The Waterhole, but it doesn’t sit well with Leo and Britney when they return home.

Thursday 30th September (8711)

Aaron and David are glad to hear that Nicolette will be moving into No. 32, giving them a small reprieve from the news that Leo and Britney are leaving with Abigail.

After seeing Chloe wearing the engagement ring, Nicolette makes it clear for a final time that she wants to be left alone.

Paul invites Jesse to Melbourne to help win Terese back, but he doesn’t receive the intended response.

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