Neighbours Spoilers – Yashvi decides to leave Ramsay Street

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Yashvi makes a big decision following her car crash. Meanwhile, Nicolette’s baby shower sets the stage for a showdown.

These episodes will air from Monday 2nd August.

Following her car crash last week, Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) is a little worse for wear.

It’s no secret that she’s been through the wringer the last few months. What with the dissolution of her own relationship with ex Ned (Ben Hall), struggling through her parents’ separation and navigating her way through the police force, it’s been difficult.

But it seems that the crash has taken a far greater toll on Yashvi than she would like to admit and it leads her to making a huge decision about her future.

When the young police officer returns home, she notes some baked goods waiting for her on the coffee table. Unfortunately, as she goes to take one, it becomes clear that she is still in pain.

As the gift baskets start rolling in, it seems that the pain runs much deeper than just physical.

When one arrives from the police station, Dipi (Sharon Johal) thinks it’ll help Yashvi to hear the lovely comments from her colleagues. Except, Yashvi doesn’t want to hear it. In fact, when Dipi pushes the issue, Yashvi orders her to stop.

Taken aback, Dipi begins to wonder if her daughter is okay. But Yashvi brushes it off, assuring her mother that while she’s on leave, she doesn’t feel like talking about work.

But Dipi gets the sense that there is something else going on here. She’s noticed that any time Yashvi’s job is discusses, her mood changes. She’s worried that there is something Yashvi isn’t admitting.

Finally, she can’t hold it any longer and she drops a bombshell on her mother.

I don’t think I want to be in the force anymore,” she says, leaving Dipi speechless.

Dipi has no option but to be honest with her daughter. She wants to believe it and she would be thrilled if Yashvi truly wanted to leave the force – it’s a career Dipi was nervous about from day one – but she knows that it’s not what her daughter really wants.

Yashvi takes comfort in Dipi’s assurance that it is completely natural to be fearful of work after a workplace accident. But she believes it is more about her police instincts being off, rather than the accident itself.

She pushed Levi (Richie Morris) to break protocol to chase Mitch (Kevin Hofbauer) and Nelson (Rhys Mitchell). Had she not done that, they wouldn’t have been in the crash.

Unfortunately, Yashvi has thrown everything behind being an officer of the law, and she’s worried that leaving the profession might bring up another issue completely.

If I’m not a cop, what do I do?” she poses to Dipi.

Dipi is worried about her daughter, and, after voicing her concerns to Toadie (Ryan Moloney), the pair decide to call in a favour.

Levi heads straight over to No. 30 and sits down with Yashvi. He takes whole responsibility of the situation that unfolded. It was his vendetta and he put her in an impossible situation.

Despite knowing Levi was putting them in danger by pursuing the two crims, she did what any good cop would do and she decided to stick by her partner.

In an attempt to back this up, Dipi reads an entry on her get well card from her boss, Sergeant Rodwell (David Lamb).

Vi, wishing you a speedy recovery. Already feeling your absence. The team’s missing a major asset. Rest up, come back and smash it like you always do.”

Touched, Yashvi asks for the card and reads it in full.

Her doubts suddenly disappear into thin air, as she is assured by her loved ones and her professional colleagues that she is a good police officer, regardless of what she thinks at the moment.

However, it doesn’t stop Yashvi from making a massive decision about her future.

After a chat with Hendrix (Benny Turland) about the happiness he feels having mended his relationship with his father, Yashvi realises what she has to do.

When Dipi returns home, Yashvi calls her over.

With a smile, Yashvi reveals that she has decided to move to Sydney to be closer to her family! For the first time in years, the whole Rebecchi clan are about to be together in the same city.

Meanwhile, it seems that Nicolette’s (Charlotte Chimes) baby shower is laying the groundwork for a massive rift between multiple relationships.

Firstly, Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) reveals to her brother Aaron (Matt Wilson) that she doesn’t want to be with Nicolette anymore.

Shocked by the announcement, Aaron tells Chloe that he believes she needs therapy. It’s evident she has an ongoing cycle of self-sabotage – starting with fear of commitment, then a meltdown. Chloe can’t believe her brother’s suggestion, but he stands by it.

Secondly, David (Takaya Honda) learns that his brother Leo (Tim Kano) knew about Chloe’s relationship doubts the whole time and calls him out.

Do you have any idea how messy this could get if Chloe ends things?” David urges Leo, reminding him that she is pregnant with his and Aaron’s daughter.

Giving him an ultimatum, David orders Leo to keep his mouth shut. If Leo tells Nicolette the truth about Chloe, he won’t only be destroying their relationship. He’ll be destroying his own relationship with David!

And finally, Chloe and Nicolette’s own relationship is under threat.

Yes, Chloe has revealed her true feelings, but not yet to Nicolette. Knowing how Nic reacts in situations where she doesn’t get her own way, could Chloe breaking things off result in David and Aaron’s surrogate doing something she might live to regret?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 2nd August (8657)

Still angry after being fired, Hendrix tries to warn Chloe that Leo still has feelings for her, but Chloe doesn’t believe him.

Leo apologises to Paul about their blow-up over the vineyard, asking him for help with a dubious business matter.

Roxy’s suspicions about Jesse mount when she discovers him in Terese’s office.

Tuesday 3rd August (8658)

Still hoping to make things work with Amy, Ned’s is left gutted when she shuts him down again.

Harlow and Roxy decide to tell Paul about Jesse being a spy, but Paul has a plan of his own.

An innocent night of roasting marshmallows with Amy by the fire pit quickly turns racy for Levi.

Wednesday 4th August (8659)

Yashvi’s home for hospital but doesn’t seem herself, resulting in her making a life-changing decision.

Amy’s excitement about her night with Levi soon turns into to concern as she realises Levi is the same age as her son.

Thursday 5th August (8660)

When Chloe and Leo arrive late to the baby show, Aaron confronts Chloe wanting know what’s going on.

Confused by Amy’s rejection, Ned quits the Flamingo Bar, wanting space from the situation.

Friday 6th August (8661)

Chloe admits to Aaron and David that she is having doubts about her relationship, leaving the couple shocked and worried about the potential fallout.

Harlow begrudgingly agrees to the next step in Paul’s plan, even though she’s uncomfortable with the deception.

David catches Leo in an unguarded moment of gazing at Chloe, realising that Hendrix might be right.

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