Neighbours Spoilers – Jesse is hiding a dark secret

On Neighbours in Australia over the next two weeks, Harlow and Jesse’s fake relationship hides a dark secret.

Since Brent (Texas Watterston) left for the army a few weeks back, in a deal which allowed him to avoid prison time, Paul (Stefan Dennis) has wanted nothing more than for Harlow (Jemma Donovan) to forget about her criminal boyfriend. Unfortunately for Paul, the two have maintained their long distance relationship, despite the army not giving Brent many opportunities for contact.

This week, Harlow lies to her grandfather to get him off her back, telling him that she and Brent have finally broken up. Unsurprisingly, Paul is delighted.

Rather than suggest that Harlow be single for a little while, Paul thinks he has the perfect man to break Harlow’s track record of dodgy boyfriends. He suggests she go on a date with Jesse, the new employee at the Flamingo Bar. Much to Paul’s surprise, Harlow agrees to go for a drink with him.

As the two share a picnic together, they quickly realise that they could both benefit from a fake relationship. It turns out that Jesse is secretly dating Curtis (Nathan Borg), Erinsborough High’s newest teacher, but the two aren’t ready to make their relationship public.

For Harlow, it’s a way to keep her grandfather off her back while she waits for Brent to complete his army stint. It’s win, win.

“At the beginning, Harlow and Jesse become close,” Donovan told TV Week about the upcoming storyline. “He understands her frustrations and reasonings. It ends up being a plan.”

Paul seems convinced by the fake romance, and it finally gets him off his granddaughter’s back about Brent.

Unfortunately, it isn’t too long until the secret not-lovers’ plan is foiled. Roxy (Zima Anderson) spots Jesse and Curtis kissing, and knows she has no choice but to tell Harlow what’s going on. Harlow is forced to admit the truth, that the relationship is just a ruse to get Paul off her back about Brent.

Will Roxy be able to keep it a secret, or will her penchant for gossip end up revealing all?

Shockingly, the fake relationship isn’t the biggest secret that newcomer Jesse is keeping. While his loveable but dim demeanour may have everyone fooled at the Flamingo Bar, he has an ulterior motive set to send shockwaves through Lassiters. And the secret relationship helps his plan along.

“A ‘showmance’ is a godsend,” Cameron explains in the latest edition of TV Week. “It helps him get close to the inner workings of Lassiters.”

It transpires that he actually works for the Quill family, the owners of Lassiters’ rivals The Quill Hotel.

By getting a job at the bar, he’s trying to gain useful inside info on Lassiters that they can use to advance the rival hotel. So when Roxy catches him and Curtis together, he begins to realise just how interconnected Erinsborough is, and how easily he can get caught out.

“Everyone seems to know everyone,” says Cameron. “It’s beginning to get stressful. He’s worried his plan might completely fall apart if his worlds aren’t kept separate.”

Erinsborough residents start to get wind that something’s wrong in next week’s episodes, when The Quill Hotel wins a pitch by using the exact same idea Lassiters submitted.

This week, Roxy proposes that they film a flirtatious ad with Amy and Ned as their entry to the Shorts and Briefs film festival.

Yet next week, poor Roxy discovers that their rival hotel chain submitted an identical pitch for the festival, and won! How before they work out there’s a mole among the ranks?

The Quill family aren’t to be underestimated. They were the once-owners of the Lassiters hotel, but have been staying out of the limelight in recent years after Julie Quill sabotaged the hotel’s boiler room, resulting in the explosion that killed Josh Willis.

What makes them decide now is the time for a little more Lassiters sabotage?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks in Australia:

Monday 21st June (8647)

Terese is shocked to learn that Paul is trying to match-make Harlow with Jesse.

In the wake of his flashbacks of Sonya at the nursery, Toadie shares his turmoil with Karl and Susan.

Roxy comes up with an idea to help Lassiters win the Shorts and Briefs film festival and suggests they produce a flirtatious ad starring Amy and Ned.

Tuesday 22nd June (8648)

Harlow seems happier with her new job and dating life, but little do Paul and Terese know that she is enacting a secret plan of her own.

Yashvi has undertaken surveillance on Levi’s behalf and it turns out she hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Ned starts to realise the effect he is having on Amy and deliberately ramps up his efforts to tease a hot and bothered Amy.

Wednesday 23rd June (8649)

Sheila fears that someone has been in her house, forcing Kyle and Levi to reveal what has been happening with Mitch and Nelson.

Chloe and Leo continue to bond as they prepare for the vineyard reopening, with Leo trying to get Chloe to open up about her relationship problems.

Nicolette assures Aaron and David that she’s not feeling possessive of the baby and promises not to behave like that again.

Thursday 24th June (8650)

Levi’s at a loss of what to do to protect the people around him and, only seeing more danger looming, has a panic attack.

Convinced that Leo is interested in Chloe, Hendrix is determined to keep an eye on him.

Friday 25th June (8651)

Toadie and Melanie decide to play cupid with another couple in trouble.

Hendrix plans to make Nicolette and Chloe a picnic lunch until something goes terribly wrong.

Toadie finally explains to Melanie how guilty he feels about the thought of replacing Sonya with her, and she reassures him that she is keen to keep Sonya’s memory alive.

Monday 28th June (8652)

By the time Nicolette is found in the vineyard, she is in danger of losing the baby.

Roxy discovers that The Quill Group submitted an identical pitch for the short film festival and won.

Amy sets Ned up on a blind date, but quickly realises how jealous she is when she sees them together.

Tuesday 29th June (8653)

Kyle and Toadie set up a neighbourhood watch and soon get carried away with the comings and goings on the street.

Roxy discovers Jesse making out with Curtis and breaks the news to Harlow.

Levi and Yashvi are thrown when Mitch approaches them to make a deal in return for immunity.

Wednesday 30th June (8654)

Dipi rushes to the hospital where Yasvhi has been admitted with serious injuries as a result of a frightening accident.

Levi hunts down Mitch and Nelson through the bush, which provides a perfect opportunity to enact his revenge.

Ned is tempted when Amy admits that she likes him and is up for a bit of fun, but news of Yashvi’s accident complicates things.

Thursday 1st July (8655)

Amy is doubting whether she and Ned can continue their uncomplicated fun.

Chloe enlists Aaron and David to take over caring for Nicolette, and their overbearing efforts to help drive Nicolette to the point where she’s desperate to escape.

Friday 2nd July (8656)

A protective Hendrix gives Leo a clear warning to back off, only to have it backfire.

Aaron and David’s overbearing concern for Nicolette, eventually causes her to snap.

Sheila decides to come clean to the police about Levi’s childhood attack.

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