Neighbours Spoilers – Roxy’s volleyball competition sees a surprise return!

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Roxy’s volleyball competition is a success. Has she done enough to secure the position of Flamingo Bar manager? Meanwhile, what is wrong with Kyle’s nose?

These episodes will air from Monday 31st May.

Weeks of careful planning has led the residents of Erinsborough to the inaugural Flamingo Bar volleyball tournament.

The event was organised as a way for Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) to show her aunt and Lassiters general manager Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) what she is made of and prove why she should be the new manager of the lakeside bar.

Finally, the day has arrived and the pairs playing are finally ready to compete against one another. But what ensues is a day of tension, clashes and ultimately, upset.

It all starts when Terese introduces the event. She thanks everyone for coming, admiring their dedication as she praises the weeks of practice matches that have taken place up until now. Handing over to Roxy, Terese is optimistic about the day that lay ahead.

Roxy reveal the prize for the winning pair – a Flamingo statue – and the day gets underway. First team up: troubled couple Levi (Richie Morris) and Bea (Bonnie Anderson).

They are playing against Aaron (Matt Wilson) and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly). However, the spritely mood that Levi and Bea are in is the complete opposite to their opposition. For Aaron and Chloe, the last few weeks have been nothing but torture, with Chloe’s girlfriend Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) acting as their coach.

What should have been a fun time for the pair has been turned into anything but, with Nicolette training them into the ground, chasing up on them when they aren’t following their coaching plan and even sending her mother Jane (Annie Jones) around to check up on them.

Even now that the pair are playing, Nicolette refuses to back down. Like a back-seat driver, she stands on the sidelines and barks words of wisdom at the Brennan siblings.

“Eyes on the ball, hustle, hit, never quit,” she yells, much to the chagrin of Chloe and Aaron.

Having had enough, Aaron decides to play his trump card and fakes a back injury to get out of the competition. Nic can’t believe he’s giving up, but she quickly resolves the situation – she is going to step in.

Concerned, Chloe questions whether that’s a good idea

Short and sharp, the fiery red-head quips back at her girlfriend.

“I’m pregnant, not impaired!”

The couple end up smashing their competition out of the park, and they gain the first place in the final match.

Next up is Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) and David (Takaya Honda) versus Ned (Ben Hall) and Sheila #2 (Shareena Clanton).

Unfortunately, tensions are running high between the pairs as Yashvi and Sheila #2 both struggle with Ned’s recent decision to quit his job as manager of The Hive.

It’s only been 24 hours, but his sudden decision to leave behind a job that he loved has led to questions being asked. His answer to Yashvi, that he needs to take a step back to focus on his artistry. His answer to Sheila #2, however, is completely different.

For weeks, the pair has been battling a mutual attraction. They’ve bonded over their love of all things art, and their shared painting classes have led to a few loaded glances, hands brushing against the other. This week, the tension hit boiling point and, recognising what was going on, Ned realised he could no longer be a part of Sheila #2’s plans for The Hive.

It’s clearly not something he can be honest with Yashvi about, which leave the couple rifting. Yashvi knows how passionate Ned was about The Hive, and Sheila #2’s plans to convert it into a gallery should have been his dream, so why has he quit now? A massive secret is bubbly away at the surface and it’s sure to explode at some point.

After Ned and Sheila #2 win however, she decides to walk away, unable to even face Ned. This move throws off the competition and means that Roxy needs to find another team to play Chloe and Nicolette, otherwise the day could quickly come undone.

Seeing an opportunity, she calls upon her boyfriend Kyle (Chris Milligan), who has been hiding his nose from all and sundry ever since he was belted with a volleyball during a practice match a few weeks back.

Despite Sheila’s (Colette Mann) home remedy of a paste consisting of multiple unusual ingredients, including lavender oil, his nose has gone from bad to worse. The paste initially seemed to work at calming his pain, but suddenly he’s hiding his face behind a bandana.

Realising how self-conscious he is, Levi, Sheila and Roxy all attempt to make him feel better. But when he eventually gives in and removes the face covering, they see exactly what he is worried about. His nose is peeling, red and scabby! They soon realise what has caused it.

Sheila’s home remedy wasn’t working quick enough for him, so he put straight lavender oil on his skin, which has caused a severe reaction.

With a touch of make-up, Kyle agrees to play volleyball with Roxy.

The match is a close one, but realising Nicolette and Chloe are playing a little too well, Roxy begs Kyle to wipe the makeup off.

Reluctantly, he does so, leading to screams of “it’s hideous, try not to look” from Nicolette. With Nic and Chloe unable to fully focus on the tournament in light of Kyle’s face, Kyle and Roxy win the match, and the coveted Flamingo statue.

Knowing just how much of a success the day way, Roxy can’t help but ask Terese when she will be announced as the new manager of the bar.

However, before Terese can say anything, a familiar face approaches.

It’s Amy (Jacinta Stapleton)!

When asked what she’s doing back in Erinsborough, she takes no time revealing her true motive to everyone, including a deflating Roxy.

Amy Greenwood is the new manager of the Flamingo Bar!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 7th June (8617)

Nicolette is thrilled to open a refurbished Harold’s Cafe, but Yashvi is privately struggling with her mother’s legacy looking so different.

After offering a friendly ear, Sheila #2 suggests Bea might be in a ‘rehab’ relationship with Levi.

Ned and Terese are furious over Paul’s visit to Holden and force him to undo their deal.

Tuesday 8th June (8618)

Ned and Sheila #2 think that by keeping a focus on work, they will forget their feelings towards each other.

Levi’s romantic gesture piques Bea’s guilt, preventing her from instigating the serious conversation she needs to have about their relationship.

Wednesday 9th June (8619)

Determined to prove she is the right person for the job, Roxy throws everything into the volleyball tournament.

Ned buries his feelings for Sheila #2 and clings to his love for Yashvi.

Roxy hopes she has done enough to land her dream job, but the rug is pulled from under her when she finds another Ramsay Street legend is also in the running for the role.

Thursday 10th June (8620)

Roxy is furious to find Amy has beaten her for the job and demands answers from Terese.

Toadie confides in Karl and Susan about his uncertainty over how things will progress with Melanie once they go public.

An upset Roxy goes to Chloe for answers, but Chloe suggests that she should view her new boss as a mentor.

Friday 11th June (8621)

Harlow is devastated to learn Brent is joining the army, with the young couple sharing a final heartbreaking goodbye.

When Amy keeps claiming credit for Roxy’s great work at the Flamingo Bar, Roxy is furious and decides to play dirty to sabotage Amy’s bid to remain in charge.

Toadie and Melanie are furious after being dumped from the Carmelo case, believing a scorned Angela is to blame.

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