Home and Away Spoilers – Leah’s too distracted to spot Justin’s addiction

On next week’s Home and Away in the UK, Leah’s insistence on tracking down Susie means she can’t see the danger Justin is in.

Summer Bay is still reeling from Susie McAllister’s (Bridie Carter) actions, but the town’s residents are starting to put themselves back together. Preparations for the surf competition are in full swing, and John has put his house up for sale in search of a fresh start. Yet the one person who can’t move on is Leah, who is determined to hunt down Susie and get justice.

She is putting together a folder of everything she’s managed to dig up on Susie. It’s not much, but it’s a start. Scouring the internet for clues, she’s discovered a number of “real estate consultants” – Imogen Simons, Sue Mac, Susan McAllister – who all appear to be the same person who was posing as Susie.

There is a whole trail of people who were scammed in exactly the same way they were, and Leah is determined to catch “Susie” out the next time she tries the same thing on another unsuspecting homebuyer.

There’s a whole forum full of people – ‘Scam Stop’ – who’ve been through the same thing, and she thinks by connecting with them they can share tips and get to the truth even faster.

Unfortunately for her boyfriend, her focus on justice is taking its toll on the rest of her life. Next week, Justin wants them to make the most of Leah’s day off by doing something together, like going for a walk and getting some fresh air. Yet Leah is so caught up in her investigating that she just brushes off the idea… and also fails to notice Justin popping another painkiller as they chat.

He does his best to talk her out of obsessing over finding Susie, but she’s determined to see Susie behind bars for her crimes. She’s even more determined when she finds out that John is planning to sell his house, not wanting to carry on living there with so many bad memories.

Knowing he could play a big part in finding Susie, Leah wants to get John involved with her search. When Roo and Justin both try to talk her out of it, but she won’t listen to reason. She confronts him soon after, wanting him to swap notes with the other victims to help identify Susan’s patterns.

“This is about getting your power back,” she tries to explain to him. However, John responds badly, telling her to “do whatever you need to do, but please leave me out of this.”

Leah has no choice but to back down, but this definitely doesn’t look like the end of it. Is Leah and John’s shared experience with Susie set to pull them apart, with one wanting to get revenge while the other just wants to put it all behind them?

Meanwhile, Leah can’t see the serious trouble brewing closer to home. Justin has begun taking his pain killers more often, and next week he unexpectedly runs out of tablets and is forced to head into Yabbie Creek to replenish them. Yet when he gets there, the chemist claims they don’t yet have a repeat prescription for him.

He calls his doctor, and when the doc seems surprised that he’s run out already, he has to reassure him that he’s taking the pills as instructed.

Sadly for Justin, the doctor wants him to come back in for an appointment before he’ll give him a new batch of pills, but can’t see him for almost a week. Panicking as the pain from his back starts to spread down his arm, Justin is forced to start searching the internet for other medical centres, looking for a different doctor he can see that day.

As he calls the closest one, he pretends that his usual doctor is overseas. Is he about to start fraudulently obtaining pills to keep his pain under control?

As the day of the surf competition edges closer, Justin decides that he’s going to take part. It’s contrary to his doctors’ advice, but he just wants to feel normal again, and the competition is the perfect way to achieve that.

He heads for a surf the day before and it goes perfectly, no back pain in sight.

Yet on the day itself, his back is playing up. He takes another pill to ease the pain, but as he sits in the Surf Club with Leah, it hasn’t eased up. He’s aware that he’s starting to push things, and when Leah suggests he takes another painkiller, he sensibly tells her that it wouldn’t be a good idea.

Yet when his heat arrives, he’s nowhere to be found. Marilyn, who’s been roped in as a last minute marshal, is drunk with power having been given a whistle, a high-vis jacket and a clipboard, and tells Leah that he needs to turn up in the next few minutes if he doesn’t want to be disqualified. “So chop chop darling, okay?”

“Did she just chop chop you?” jokes an amused Roo to Leah, laughing at how much the power has gone to Marilyn’s head.

However, things are less funny back at the Morgan house.

Justin is at home, having been hit with a new bout of back pain. Desperate to take part in the competition, he gave into temptation and took just one more tablet. Now, as he’s starting to feel worse, he’s sat in front of his laptop, clammy, fuzzy-headed and Googling the side effects of double dosing.

By the time Leah gets back to the house, she finds her boyfriend in a bad way. He’s on the floor in pain, experiencing headaches and double vision, and can’t think clearly.

She can tell something’s wrong and pushes him for info. He claims he’s fine, but she wants to take him to the hospital. He continues to insist that nothing’s wrong, but Leah continues to push. Eventually, Justin snaps.

“Stop, STOP! Stop pushing me…”

“Sorry!” Knowing he’s in the wrong and shouldn’t have gotten angry, he’s eventually forced to confess to Leah what he’s done. He really wanted to compete, the painkillers weren’t even touching the sides, so he took extra!

While she’s concerned, she thinks his double-dosing is just a one off, and just wants him to visit a doctor so they can find a better way of managing his pain. What will it take for her to realise a more serious problem is developing?

Also next week, Bella continues to tease Nikau over his budding modelling career.

A modelling agency have been hounding him with phone calls since Bella won ‘Best Portrait’ at a photography competition last week. She entered it using a photo of him, getting the attention of a talent scout, and the fact that he still hasn’t blocked their number makes her suspect that he’s not completely against the new career.

“Oh you poor thing,” Bella teases. “It must be awful to be offered such a great job opportunity. I forgot that your dream is to scoop bate your entire life!”

Eventually, Nikau gives in. He accepts the modelling agency’s offer to take him out to lunch!

His plan is to meet them face to face, accept their free lunch and tell them to leave him alone. Will he manage to do just that, or is he about to find himself lured into a brand new glitzy career?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 24th May 2021 (Episode 7540)

Mac becomes an unlikely ear to Amber. Ryder’s faced with his greatest challenge. Leah and Justin’s paths begin to fork.

Tuesday 25th May 2021 (Episode 7541)

The fallout from Mac firing Chloe continues. Leah won’t be distracted from chasing Susie. Justin’s pain causes him to make a drastic decision.

Wednesday 26th May 2021 (Episode 7542)

Ryder and Chloe have to go backwards to go forwards. Marilyn comes to the rescue for Roo. Leah is too distracted to notice Justin might need help.

Thursday 27th May 2021 (Episode 7543)

Irene and Marilyn both have to navigate their Surf Comp duties. Leah worries when Justin doesn’t appear for his heat. Amber worries about her relationship with Dean.

Friday 28th May 2021 (Episode 7544)

Ziggy faces a tricky dilemma after Tane questions her break-up with Dean. Bella is horrified when the past rears its ugly head. Tori is perturbed by Christian’s new found perspective.

Also next week, why can’t Dean tell Amber he loves her?

Dean can’t return Amber’x expression of love. Can she cope with feeling second best to Ziggy, and is Dean really over his ex?

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